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"I understand this is distressing, but you can't leave the unit until you're better, and you can't go back to work until we are sure what you have isn't contagious."

The Wookiee scowled.

"Hey, I don't make the rules, I just work here. You have a complaint, take it up with the Emperor."

Hahrynyar snarled an offensive remark concerning Palpatine's personal hygiene that Uli was ready to swear brought a blush to 4ME-0's durasteel skin. Then the big Wook reluctantly conceded to the treatment.

After finishing his rounds, Uli went back to his office and looked at his calendar. Barring an emergency, he had nothing on his surgical schedule until tomorrow, and that was a routine triple bypass on a naval officer who was too fond of fats in his diet. The man was just a hair short of clinically obese; a kilo more, and he'd have to be put on medical waivers to continue serving. Given the nature of the war, that wouldn't surprise Uli-the Empire's need for warm bodies in some arenas was critical, as he well knew. Short, tall, thin, fat, it didn't matter; they always needed more blaster fodder.

He shrugged. Every time he thought about it, it made him angry, but his anger didn't matter. The war kept going. There were times when he thought he'd never get home