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Leni Ramos –Cabarollo

Foundations of Guidance

 Shetzer and Stone

Early 1900s - based on the social conditions, the efforts of spirited men and
women who tried to solve numerous social problems that gave birth to organized
guidance services
 2 themes that contributed to the rapid development of guidance(1958-
 Quest for identity
 Alienation from self and society

 United States (early part of the 20th century)

 Frank Parson – a civic minded leader, started the first organized guidance
movement, was called the “father of the vocational guidance movement”
 Started as a volunteer worker in the Civic Service House in Boston to
observe maladjusted young men and women. Most of them were out of
school youth and performed work for which they were not qualified that led
Parson organized Breadwinners’ Institute with a planned program for
vocational guidance.

 Philippines
 Guidance is said to have both accidental and incidental. As teachers and
principals have assisted pupils to make choices and to make self
adjustment. Teachers also treat problems of misbehaviour among pupils in
the classroom and on the playground, including the cutting classes or low
or inconsistent grades
 1932-Pychological clinic was started by Dr. Sinfroso Padilla and which
concerned itself with cases of student discipline, as well as emotional,
academic and vocational problems. The clinic was in operation until 1941.
 1934 Counselling tests were administered to the convicts in Bilibid prison
 1939 inmates in Welfareville
 Psychological tests were also used for guidance purposes in private
 1945 the first Guidance Institute was opened. The Bureau of Public
Schools started to send teachers as pensionados for observation and
study of guidance services abroad.
 1951 Congress proposed the establishment of a functional guidance and
counselling program to help students select their course, activities,
occupation, friends etc. and to help them solve their personality problems.
 1952division of superintendent of schools recommended the
establishment of guidance services in the public schools.
 1945 the NTC was chosen by educators to be the site of the first
Guidance Institutes. Since then the Guidance Association of the
Philippines has been organized.
 1953 the Philippine Association of Guidance Counselors was organized in
order to study the needs, interests and potentials of young people and to
establish a Testing Bureau.

As I read the different history of guidance and counselling, the development of

guidance lies on one certain aspect and that is understanding of one’s self and self
direction where the individual is in quest for remedy to his problem, confuse in making
decision on his own and making choices of who the person he wants to be. Thus, for
me, guidance is a concept as well as process, concerned with the optimal development
of individual. In education, guidance and counselling helps educators assist students
achieve his or her own potentials as to foster all aspects of individual’s personality.

In my life, I have done mistakes that made me a person I am right now. Just like
in the development of guidance, individual yearns for his belongingness and disposition
in life. I have been to pleasant and unpleasant journey/s in life. Those unpleasant
journeys I had strengthened my faith and my character as a person. God allowed it for
me to see how beautiful and meaningful life is, without it life is boring and meaningless.
I have fought a lot of battles in my life and I have succeed I guess.

My parents raised and taught us the value of perseverance “if you want
something, make it happen through your effort to achieve it despite difficulties”. I have
imbued the thought of getting into problems or flaws you made and learning to deal with
it. If there was a mistake in my life that I have made it right, it is my son. Being a solo
parent is not a superficial thing rather it is “demanding and laboured thing”. I described it
demanding and laboured because, whether I like it or I may not like it I have to work and
strive harder because my son’s future depends on me. Without that mistake I would not
have become a better individual I am now, my life has no direction, and the word
responsibility is not even included in my vocabulary.

God is so good that he let me went through all of these. Through my parents’ and
God’s guidance I was able to surpass everything in life. I lift everything up to Him and I
let him manage my life. He wanted me to be an educator and I loathe it. Eventually I
realized it is really a noble profession and “I love it na “. I had realized that it was not just
me who educate my pupils, they also educate me instead. I also learned the value of
acceptance, accepting His plan for me, letting Him lead my journey. I learned how faith
works in my life and my son’s life, believing without seeing. Hence, He was and He is
my forever counsellor.

Some Guidance Principles and Objectives

 Recognition of individual differences and dignity

 Each person is unique from every other individual

 Each person is the combination of characteristics that provides
uniqueness to each person.

 Guidance involves using skills to communicate love, regard and respect for

 using kind and encouraging words

 exercise empathy