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Natalin Pertiwi Siahaan

Bilingual Chemistry 18
Education Profession

1. Explain according to your understanding of management education

Education management is a tool used to achieve national education goals optimally. Management functions
to control and organize the national education process.

2. What are the benefits and objectives of education management?

- reviewing weaknesses, strengths and threats
- improve the quality of the performance of workers
- evaluate the strategies used and improve the strategy for better
- Growing the attitude of cooperation between workers
- Achieving effective and efficient education goals

3. Explain the form and type of education management

The forms and types of education management include:
1. Production management
Production management is a branch of management science that has a function to coordinate all activities
to achieve goals.

2. Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a branch of management science that studies how to regulate
relationships and the role of labor (resources) that individuals have effectively and efficiently and are used
optimally to achieve goals.

3. Marketing management
Marketing is a company activity that is the spearhead of the company to survive and also develop and
Marketing management can be defined as the process of determining the marketing objectives of an
organization by considering available resources and market opportunities.

4. Financial management
Financial management can be interpreted as activities of planning, auditing, budgeting, managing,
searching, controlling and also storing funds owned by a company or organization.

5. Information management
Information management can be interpreted as planning part of internal control of a business consisting of
documents, technology, human and accounting procedures for solving problems such as services, product
costs and business strategies.

6. Management strategy
Strategic management is the art or science of preparing, implementing, implementing and evaluating cross-
functional decisions so as to enable organizations to achieve goals (David, 2011: 6).

7. Management operations
Operations management is a business area that only has a focus on the production process and ensures that
maintenance and development can take place efficiently and effectively.

4. Explain the application of education management in the Unimed MIPA Faculty

The application of education management in the MIPA faculty in the application of curriculum and teaching
programs as applied in the form of a revised KKNI curriculum and a program designed by the faculty,
educational staff who can teach in the form of people who have been selected and have the rights and
obligations that have been determined and staff has the assigned task, student management that regulates
regulations for all students, there are also facilities and infrastructure that support the learning process such
as faculty libraries, internet connections and others.

5. Describe the strengths and weaknesses that you feel and experience in implementing education
management in the Faculty.
Advantages :
- Management programs that are systematically designed
- Having workers who have certain skills or tasks so that all are able to be managed
- Having several facilities that are managed so as to increase learning motivation
- The expertise and care of employees are still classified as low, for example on cleanliness
- Lack of comfort in class due to inadequate facilities such as a broken fan or AC