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About Us 3 Supplier Review 10
Comprehensive Supplier Reviews 11
Why Choose InTouch 4
Compliance Auditing and Consulting 12
Our Clients 5
QC Document Development 13
Product Inspection 6
Early and DUPRO Inspection 6 Product Certification and Testing 14
Final Inspection 7
Production Monitoring 7 Supplier Identification
Loading and Transportation Monitoring 8 and Product Sourcing Support 15

Industrial Inspection Services 9 Travel and Supplier Visit Services 16


InTouch has grown its capabilities and expanded from

inspecting only in Mainland China, to now offering
quality control services in many other countries in Asia,
including: Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the
Philippines, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan.
“Every day we go to the heart of the issue, be it on the production line, in the testing
lab or in the factory boardroom, so our clients can rest assured that they have the
finest QA support in Asia.”

InTouch Mission
To be an invaluable part of our customers’ Furthermore, we live and breathe by our Code
supply chain and to foster better relationships of Ethics and maintain a level of integrity
between buyers and suppliers by that our customers will attest is the highest
providing solutions to quality and overseas in the industry. Our team consists of locals
manufacturing issues through product and Westerners who live throughout Asia and
inspection and related quality control services. speak the local languages. As an employer,
InTouch strives to offer its team members
Our focus as a company is simple: to function the very best working conditions in a growth-
as your “eyes and ears” in Asia-based factories focused environment with competitive
and support you with product inspection, compensation and benefits.
factory audit, lab testing and our expertise
in controlling the quality of your overseas Thank you for taking the time to review this
manufactured goods. InTouch is also sensitive service guide. Please contact us anytime
to your factory and vendor relationships. We to learn how we can start to improve your
understand how to work with suppliers so that quality control and overseas manufacturing.
they are quite comfortable with independent
inspections and even feel empowered by the
idea of working with an unbiased firm that – Andrew Reich,
can help them communicate with their clients Founder
and better understand their requirements. and Managing Director

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You’ll be protected
by high integrity practices
Bribery, confidentiality breaches and other integrity issues are major concerns for
most importers, which can lead to inaccurate reporting, quality problems, and even
brand liability. InTouch protects you from these problems with specific practices and
documentation, including:

Our strict Code of Ethics, which all of our Regularly rotating inspectors to prevent
staff are trained to follow inappropriately close relationships from
forming between inspectors and factory
Our Factory Integrity Declaration Form, staff
which we require inspectors and facto-
ry representatives to sign after every Inspection data obtained on-site is
service to provide clarity with regard to carefully reviewed by our technical team
any gifts, meals, transportation or other and your client manager
favors the factory may have provided

You’ll receive personalized service

from a dedicated, bilingual contact
You’ll be assigned an experienced client manager who acts as your full-time contact person in
Asia. Our client managers are all bilingual and readily available to answer any of your questions
or review reports by email, phone and Skype. Your CM can also accompany you on visits to your
supplier’s facility and discuss your expectations in person.

You’ll receive
swift, detailed reporting
A faster response helps you get a reliable presence in your supplier’s factory as soon as
possible. In as little as 24 hours from the time you request a booking, our professional
inspectors or auditors can be on-site and report back to you with data gathered firsthand.
You can quickly address any issues found without delaying production or shipping.
Following inspection, we’ll email you a detailed report promptly—for Mainland China,
generally within six hours of service completion—all at no additional cost.
Your audit or inspection report will contain high-resolution photos of any issues found and
other points of interest, so you have a clear understanding of the true situation at your
supplier’s factory and the quality and status of your shipment.

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“As a result of our partnership with InTouch, we no longer experience the delivery
of defective product in the U.S., late shipments from our suppliers, or the numerous
other problems that had troubled our overseas manufacturing.”
– Henry Lodge, President, Lodge Manufacturing

“InTouch worked hand-in- As a supplier of medical

hand with both our factories in components and packag-
China and our staff in the U.S., ing for pharmaceutical and
developing detailed QC checklists food use, MJS needs 100
and ensuring production was being completed percent assurance that the specifications of materi-
according to both our specifications and FDA and als and products purchased from overseas are met
CPSC standards. InTouch has proved itself invaluable without any deviation. Since 2009, MJS has relied on
to Lodge with its constant attention to quality issues in InTouch as its QA partner in China. InTouch product
the housewares industry.” inspections subject MJS products to a rigorous
– Henry Lodge, quality check that includes a full performance testing
President, Lodge Manufacturing regimen and materials verification.

As a family owned business, Anderman Industrial Ceramics is a

Wine Enthusiast Companies leading distributor of refractory and
has provided accessories technical ceramics. As a family-owned
and solutions for the wine business established in the UK in
lifestyle since 1979. To ensure their customers 1947, Anderman has built its success
receive the highest quality wine refrigerators, racks on high quality products. Since 2015,
and cooling units, Wine Enthusiast has relied on InTouch has helped Anderman manage product
InTouch’s inspections in China since 2013. InTouch quality through conducting post-manufacture, pre-
inspectors regularly report on product appearance, shipment inspections in China and India. Critical
assembly and temperature readings, as well as on-site checks include function testing, measuring
perform crucial on-site tests related to safety, product dimensions, and verifying packaging
current leakage and functionality. methods and materials.

“The QA services we received Z Gallerie offers the latest in

were truly a cut above those furniture, art and home decor
of inspection companies we at their 68 stores across
had worked with before. Andrew ensured that our the United States and online. Since 2013, InTouch
manufacturing was closely monitored, production has verified product requirements and quality on-site
schedules were accurate, and when there were issues in at Z Gallerie’s suppliers in China and Vietnam. From
the factory that they were clearly communicated to us in highly detailed wooden sanctuaries to painted and
a timely manner. The level of service we received from laminated tables and chairs, Z Gallerie relies on InTouch
the InTouch team was first-rate, and I look forward to inspections to ensure production meets their quality
working with them again.” standards. InTouch inspectors measure dimensions,
– Simon Golledge, check for irregularities in surface coating and structure
Procurement Director, The Continuity Company and perform on-site testing to identify quality defects.

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The most effective way of preventing last minute quality related delays is to inspect and
monitor the product early in the manufacturing process. By initiating a rigorous inspection
weeks or even months before your shipment is due, we can ensure that the quality and
timely delivery of your merchandise is never in jeopardy.

Early and DUPRO Inspection

During production (DUPRO) and early flow, equipment use, production capacity,
production inspections not only check and any potential issues or bottlenecks —
the initial products coming off the line in all in an easy-to-understand format. After
a manner consistent with our final pre- reviewing the findings with you, we will
shipment inspection techniques, but help you take any necessary corrective or
also check and document the status of preventative actions, ensuring that next-
raw materials, components, and partially steps are understood and implemented
finished goods. You will receive a report by factory management. Key elements of
containing information about production DUPRO and early production inspection are:

Feature Check
Early knowledge of potential issues
and correction of a minor problem
before it turns into a major one — the
most effective way of ensuring prod-
uct quality and preventing last minute
Rigorous inspection of the initial
finished product AND raw materials,
components, and partially finished
Clear presentation of production
flow, equipment use and production
Assurance that necessary corrective
actions are well understood and will
be implemented by the factory
Reporting that gives you an in-depth
understanding of the manufacturing
process and increases the knowledge
base within your organization

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Final Inspection
Final, pre-shipment inspection lets you rest If you are unsure about which specifications
assured that the goods you’re receiving should be met, senior InTouch QA staff will
meet your expectations and that there will develop standards and documentation on
be no unexpected quality issues once they your behalf. Final inspections generally
reach their destination. InTouch’s expert occur when 80–100 percent of the goods are
team of local QC inspectors is dispatched finished at the factory, just prior to shipment.
to the factory to inspect your merchandise You’ll receive a detailed inspection report
based on internationally recognized AQL with photos, generally within 2-6 hours of
(ANSI / ASQ Z1.4-2003) standards. We inspection, giving you an in-depth look at the
review your goods on-site through a variety product, packaging, and testing performed.
of industry standard tests and measures At every step in the process, InTouch staff
in order to ensure that the material, are standing by to answer your questions
performance, function, and overall quality and engage the factory on your behalf to help
meet your specifications. manage any quality or production issues. Key
elements of final inspection are:

Feature Check
Inspection initiated when 80–100
percent of the merchandise is complete
Goods inspected based on industry
Thorough on-site testing of material,
performance and function as relates to
your product
Assurance, prior to shipment, that
goods meet quality expectations and
other requirements

Production Monitoring
If your supplier has failed multiple pre- packaging. When defects are identified, the
shipment inspections for the same recurring affected products are removed from the
defects, you may want to consider production line and separated in order to be reworked
monitoring services from InTouch. Unlike in accordance with your quality standards.
final inspections, production monitoring Production monitoring allows you to
does not take a random sample of a finished drastically reduce the amount of defective
order. Instead, your products are inspected at items that are packaged and shipped–saving
multiple points on the assembly line before you both time and money.

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Feature Check
InTouch technical team examines an Whether you decide to accept shipment,
approved sample of your product and re- request that certain defects be rectified,
cords all dimensions, product markings, or require reworking, InTouch will moni-
shipper carton markings, and functions tor and follow up on the factory’s imple-
Our technical team creates a comprehen- mentation of your decision
sive QC Checklist with your quality stan-
dards so that the critical aspects of your
product are inspected at the appropriate
points during each stage of production
We train our inspectors to identify and
communicate all defects found to your
supplier. These staff can be reporting
from the factory floor any time produc-
tion is running
Inspectors issue daily reports to you so
that you know the type and quantity of
defects found in your items before the
shipment ever leaves the factory

Loading and Transportation Monitoring

You may need added assurance that gas tanks for use in the petroleum industry
your goods are protected from theft, to cookware en route to Sweden. This
mishandling, and incorrect loading. InTouch service is particularly valuable for those
QA teams can go on-site at the factory, port, shipping a product for the first time, or
or other third-party logistics areas to ensure when there are detailed loading criteria,
that your goods are properly loaded before which, if not met, could result in serious
shipping. You receive detailed reporting of financial loss or damage to your reputation.
the process with photos. We have monitored Key elements of loading and transportation
the transport of everything from oversized monitoring include:

Feature Check
Protection from theft, mishandling
or incorrect loading of goods
Assurance of proper loading and
packing assortment when goods are
being shipped directly to your own

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Industrial projects present their own set for the job and that your industrial products are
of unique quality challenges in the form of carefully and thoroughly evaluated.
scale, complexity, and strict time frames.
Industrial products often have a much greater In addition to professional oversight of your
need to resist wear and tear than consumer industrial goods via QC inspection, you might
goods. They also often rely on highly precise also benefit from InTouch’s experience with the
specifications in order to operate properly. following:
Whether your product is a wind turbine that Supplier identification
stands 100 feet tall or a steel propeller moving
a freighter along the ocean from 30 feet below Loading and transportation monitoring
the surface, industrial products require quality
Product testing, including function,
control inspection by skilled engineers.
diagnostic, coating thickness, material
InTouch’s industrial division teams are composition and others
composed of experienced professionals,
Our technical specialists can also work with
often with an engineering background, trained
you to develop new testing procedures and
to inspect a specific category of industrial
quality standards to check your product based
products. We’ll ensure you have the right team
on different conditions for operation.

Product Categories
Maritime equipment Industrial equipment
• Intermodal freight containers • Storage vessels
• Gantry cranes • Cranes
• Reach stackers • Metallurgical equipment
• Marine vessels
• Advanced corrosion services
Power & utilities Asia oil & gas
• Wind, hydro and nuclear turbines • Oil platforms
• Wind turbine blades • Drill pipes
• Steam generators • OCTG tubular systems
• Reactor vessels

One of our customers had been through multiple suppliers year after year
and had been let down with returns and rejections. With InTouch as our eyes
and ears on the ground, we retained that business for 5 years without one
single rejection or complaint.
– Nick Rivera,
Director of Operations, MMI Textiles

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Often considered the last step in the sourcing process, a supplier review audit is vital to helping
you narrow your list of potential suppliers or ensure you’re working with the right one. An InTouch
supplier review will give you an up-close look into a manufacturer’s capabilities, organization,
management, and quality controls. Supplier reviews are audits based on internationally
recognized ISO 9001 standards, evaluating and rating the facility in accordance with nine
individual criteria and assessing such things as production equipment, capacity, quality control,
testing, social compliance, safety, material supply chain, infrastructure, organization, cleanliness,
business registration, and management.
We can customize evaluations to answer specific concerns you may have and look more closely
at areas of the factory that are particularly relevant to your project. A supplier review may also
include meetings with factory management to explain ideas or product concepts and obtain
feedback. Our reporting covers exactly what you need to know in order to make an informed
decision about using a particular supplier. InTouch staff review the findings in detail with your
team and assist you with any follow-up questions you may have. Supplier reviews include the
following key elements:

Feature Check
A detailed yet easy-to-understand
overview of your supplier’s
Factory evaluation on the basis of
internationally accepted ISO 9001
standards and rated on a variety of
key criteria
Fully customizable evaluations
designed to answer specific
questions about a facility
InTouch findings reviewed in detail
with your team and assistance with
follow-up provided if needed

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Comprehensive Supplier Reviews
A basic supplier review can be a lower- Review of each production process
cost solution for importers that just want
a broad overview of their supplier’s facility. Review of quality management systems
Basic supplier reviews cover several areas, (QMS)
including general supplier information, Review of quality control at each
necessary licenses, review of employee production process
relations and organizational structure, and
basic facilities and production equipment. Review of lab testing process

When you’re choosing among multiple poten- Review of HR recruitment and training
tial suppliers to work with and need a more
Review of engineering and design functions
in-depth report of a supplier’s true capabilities,
you’ll benefit more from InTouch’s comprehen- A comprehensive review also includes
sive supplier review. A comprehensive review objective scoring and an overall facility
includes checks of several areas not included rating in the report to make it easy for you to
in a basic review, including: interpret results and any trouble areas.

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InTouch can help ensure that your suppliers’ practices, facilities, and paperwork meet the
requirements of governing bodies, major retailers, and other compliance frameworks. To
determine adherence to social compliance, quality, security, or environmental standards,
InTouch can go on-site to report on current conditions, and uncover any issues and
deficiencies. We also offer follow-up consulting to support the manufacturer with their
remediation efforts. InTouch employs auditors certified in a number of compliance
frameworks who can work on your behalf to:

Service Overview
Access the level of compliance at the Regularly call, email and communicate
facility with factory staff to ensure that
corrective actions are underway
Identify specific areas of concern and
deficiencies that need corrective action Follow-up with future site visits to
reassess the level of compliance and
Train factory management and staff to report on progress
ensure the proper implementation of
corrective action plans

Throughout the entire process, InTouch staff will be readily available to report back to you on
the status at the factory and to address your questions and concerns. Key auditing frame-
works of our compliance programs include:

Feature Check
Social compliance to meet
standards of major brands/retailers
or SA8000
Quality management system (QMS)
compliance with ISO 9001
Customs-Trade Partnership Against
Terrorism (C-TPAT)
Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
Environmental management system
(EMS) compliance with ISO 14001
British Retail Consortium (BRC)

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Do you feel like your sourcing operation is lacking identifiable and clearly communicated
quality requirements and testing standards? InTouch can provide you with the same
competitive advantage that we’ve been providing to major brands and importers for years
through detailed, yet easy-to-understand, product quality checklists. QC checklists are
integral to the sourcing process for companies that are focused on quality. Checklists
document the requirements and expectations for your merchandise in terms of product
materials, performance, safety, potential defects, and packaging. In addition, by creating
product specifications, you empower the factories you work with by clarifying your
Having such documentation gives you the freedom to switch factories quickly, if
necessary, without feeling beholden to, or overly invested in any one manufacturing
partner. InTouch QC checklists also allow you to clearly communicate your product’s
strengths and capabilities within your organization with a high level of professionalism.
They also provide sales staff with a powerful tool for demonstrating your commitment to
quality to potential clients.

1. Section 5: On-site Tests

Check- Sample
No. Checkpoint Instruction Tolerance Result
point size

Apply a force to the item as shown in the below tables.

For thin flexible blades, always apply a force of 25N ± 1N
regardless of their length.
• A thin flexible blade e.g. slicing knife, is defined as a blade,
No crack,
which when each side in turn is forced down at an angle
break or
Knife of 45° on a plane until flat over 50% of its length, remains
1. Strength 2* undamaged and does not acquire a permanent set in
Test excess of 3°
of more than
Blade length Blade test force 50% of blade 3°
mm N strength

Up to 100 20±1
Figure 2:
> 100 30±1 Screening test for thin flexible blades

Blade Apply bending force in vertical position No evidence

2. Tip 2* (10 degree arc each side of vertical position, N/A to heavy of permanent
Check knives). deformation

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InTouch’s lab testing solutions provide due diligence to limit your company’s liability
risk and ensure that your products meet all legal and safety requirements. The result is
tangible documentation proving that your product has undergone comprehensive testing,
performs as expected, and is safe for the end user. We work exclusively with ISO-certified
labs and also perform in-house testing, covering a wide range of certifications and
standards, including ASTM, ANSI, UL, ETL, FDA, and CSA. The following are examples of
the kind of product testing we perform:

Service Overview
Food-grade material testing Kitchenware, housewares, and
cookware testing
Product performance and endurance
testing Product lifecycle and benchmark
Shock and transport testing testing

Product safety testing FCC, UL, CSA, CE, ISO, and other
product certifications
Textile and fabric testing
Testing protocols are customized based
Toy and child safety testing
on your product. Contact us for more
Electrical testing information.

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The ability to find the best suppliers and access them directly is what has distinguished
the global sourcing process for successful brands, importers and retailers. InTouch
gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace by helping you identify suitable and
professional manufacturers in China and Vietnam. The key to successful sourcing is
finding a supplier that is a good fit for your product category, volumes, R&D needs, price
structure, and logistical requirements.
On a project-by-project basis, InTouch assists you in identifying manufacturers in China or
Vietnam that match your needs. Our knowledgeable staff organize factory quotes, review
samples, check product specifications, and review factory-provided testing reports. Our
QA teams initiate product testing, develop quality guidelines (bilingual and signed off by
the factory) and visit the factory.

Service Overview
Search for qualified suppliers from on- Request and review product samples
line databases, such as Global Sources from potential suppliers to check
and Alibaba. We can also attend local adherence to you quality standards
tradeshows on your behalf
Audit potential suppliers’ facilities
Qualify potential suppliers by contacting based on ISO 9001 to assess quality
them directly with your product management systems, production
requirements capacity and other areas

Submit a report of potential suppliers

and their price quotes, rating suppliers
based on communication, reliability and
overall professionalism

Whether you’re a newcomer to sourcing

from Asia or an experienced buyer looking
to cut costs while improving quality, InTouch
provides you with a highly effective, low-
cost alternative to managing your own
local office and gives you the security of
knowing that experienced manufacturing
professionals are looking out for you 24/7.

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If you travel abroad with your trading agent, your trip might be organized according to their
preferences, rather than your own priorities. If you’d rather travel comfortably and eat on
your own terms, InTouch’s travel and supplier visit services can help. You’ll receive the
highest level of service and support for all your travel needs in Asia, including transportation,
accommodation, translators, personal assistants and more. A dedicated client manager
from InTouch can accompany you on factory visits to provide assistance and discuss quality
concerns in real-time. We arrange trips like these both for ourselves and for our clients on a
daily basis, so there’s no one more qualified than us to do it for you.

When I got your reports I was impressed with the level of detail—the point-by-
point breakdown with all the photos. We definitely saw a lower defect rate, lower
product returns and improved customer satisfaction.
– Victoria Brewer,
Director of Product Development, Betabrand

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USA Contact:
PH: 443-485-6415
PH: 888-650-5020 (Toll-Free)

China Headquarters:
13T, 13th Floor, LvHua Building, No. 2 HuanLin St.
ShangMeiLin Area, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, 518049
PH: +86-755-89821413
FAX: +86-755-82860483