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Plants Life
Q1. Answer in one word.

a. Most attractive part of a plant with fragrance. ___________________

b. Which part of the plant bind the soil and prevents soil erosion?
c. Which part of the plant prepares food? __________________
d. Which part of the plant encloses seed or seeds? _________________
e. Name the part of plant that gives out oxygen in the process of
photosynthesis. ___________________
f. Name one fruit with many seeds. ______________
g. Name one fruit with one seed. __________________

Q2. Fill in the blanks.

a. Plant absorbs water and minerals from _________________.

b. Flower such as rose and jasmine are used to make _________________.
c. Root is the __________________ part of the plants body.
d. Shoot is the ____________________ part of the plant body.
e. Stomata can be seen only under ________________.
f. The flat surface of the leaf is called __________________________.

Q3. True or False.

a. Plants are only found in mountains. ______________

b. Tree developing out from seed is called seedling._____________
c. Root fixes the plant within the soil. ______________
d. Tap root consists of one main long thick root growing downwards from
which many thinner roots develop.______________
e. Tiny opening on the surface of the leaves called Lamina. _____________
f. Plants breathe through gills. _______________