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Create 1-5 free gifts for each offer on your customer

Develop the third row of your customer journey and consider expanding into new verticals

Create premium offers and experiences that allow people to work with you at a high-level ($20k-200k)

SEO, video marketing, contests, press releases, Groupons, email drops, purchased media, Google Hangouts and livestreaming

Add an additional 2-3 1:Many marketing channels such as product launches, podcasts, social media,

Build a sales team to handle live event enrollment,

Start getting “celebrity” clients who increase your authority and credibility

Become the “it” guy or girl and appear to be everywhere through multicasting and syndicating

Fully align your offers with your ultimate promise

and brand voice so everything you do reinforces your authority positioning

Form high-level jv partnerships and mastermind

Build out the front of your customer journey with low-ticket offers that allow more people to experience your work ($7-500)

Scale your marketing and create new channels

journey and develop funnels into each offer

field requests and actively call customers

with your top peers


your content



Continue with high-end 1:1 work ($5-10K+) as necessary to cover your team, product development and marketing expenses as you grow

Always have a clearly defined “next step” for customers to take to continue their journey with you

Create a compelling “list build” gift that converts visitors into subscribers and subscribers into buyers

Add 2-3 1:Many marketing channels such as email marketing, jv partners, webinars, summits, Facebook ads, Facebook groups, challenges, blogs,

Expand your offers and build out the second row of your customer journey

Focus on leveraging your time and scaling your business through developing products, trainings or group programs

Get comfortable expressing what you do that you can inspire anyone anywhere in any medium

Start introducing lower pricepoint programs and products ($200-2000) that are an easy yes for people meeting you for the first time

Do 1-2 significant list build events each year and

Build your tribe of subscribers and buyers while turning lesser fans into true fans

guest speaking, live events and earned media

start building relationships with JV partners




$50K mark and can go all the way up to $250K or more. In this stage,

(NOTE: Early Call Me runs from $20-50K and is focused exclusively

most people begin to offer some kind of leveraged offers, products

Break the income ceiling and increase your prices by

Create a compelling “call me” gift that inspires more

Continue to expand your value network, get into regular conversation with your prospects, and fine- tune your content and offers in direct collaboration with your audience

Consistently implement 2-3 1:1 or small group marketing channels such as referrals, surveys, local

Once you’re consistently getting paid and your schedule is full, begin to create leveraged or group

evolving from time or commodity-based pricing to value-based pricing

on serving 1:1 Customers and Clients. Late Call Me begins at the

speaking, MeetUp Groups, guest blogs and books

Focus on increasing your value and refining your offers in direct collaboration with your customers

Create 1-2 offers that you can consistently enroll your customers into

Learn how to express what you do in a way that

Build strong case studies and testimonials to

Ask for referrals from existing customers

people to get on the phone with you

instantly attracts your ideal clients

increase your credibility


or group programs.)




Get expert guidance and support to help you define

Speak with potential customers 1-5 times/week and

Prioritize gaining experience over getting paid what

Focus exclusively on 1:1 client or customer work if you have a service, advice or training business (if you sell a physical product, prioritize talking to your customers)

Define a specific problem you can solve for your potential customers that they’d be willing to pay for

Get into active conversation as quickly as possible

Focus exclusively on direct marketing tactics such

Connect directly with your prospects to find your unique value and define your profitable niche

Be willing to adapt your offers to your customer’s

Avoid coming out with fixed products or 1:Many

Be in conversation with your prospects and customers to understand the value they want to receive and are willing to pay for

as networking, personal introductions and 1:1 conversations

marketing before you’ve found your value in collaboration with your audience

Develop your 1:1 conscious selling skills

your priorities and strategy

practice making offers


you’re worth




The 4 Stages of Business Growth Blue Sky Call Me Build AuthorityList $0 - $20,000
The 4 Stages of Business Growth
Blue Sky
Call Me
Build AuthorityList
$0 - $20,000
$20,000 - $250,000
- $1M $500,000 - $5M+$100,000
Understand what you do and which of the 4 mega-
niches you want to play in
Clearly and specifically define your niche, tribe,
value and the ultimate result you offer
Understand how to clearly convey your niche, tribe
and value through your content and copy
Relaunch your message and brand to position you as
an authority in the marketplace
Clearly identify at least one group of potential
customers that you’re able to reach
Start building your brand and differentiating
yourself from others who share a similar niche
Start infusing all your material with your unique
brand voice and personality
Master expressing your message and brand in
writing, speaking and marketing



Build AuthorityList


Where Are You & Where Are You Going?

Circle which stage you’d like to reach 12 months from now:

Circle the stage of business growth you’re currently in:

Circle the stage you’d ultimately like to be in:

Session 1:

Day 2 Strategy Master Key
Day 2
Master Key

Call Me

Blue Sky


Call Me

Blue Sky


Call Me

Blue Sky