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Nicosamide-Mebendazole Complex, that seems to work

on a variety of occult mammalian parasites.

If you have what we think you do, this should cure it."

"Whuahh yun yorra ellihenn?"

"Well, the side effects are generally mild. There are a

couple that might cause some discomfort."

"Arm whoon urr." This was, according to C-4ME-0, an

idiosyncratic phrase structure indicating an affirmation
couched in weary cynicism. The droid translated it
roughly as "Of course there are." Hahrynyar motioned
for Uli to continue.

"Um, sometimes there's an associated diarrhea. And very

rarely, it affects a patient's finger-and toenails."


"Well, the nails sort of . . . fall out."


"Oh, they grow back in a few months, good as new. And,

as I say, it is quite rare."

The next comment was one 4ME-0 seemed reluctant at

first to translate; when it did, Uli had to hide a smile. He
hadn't been aware that members of this species were so