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Volunteer training: March 12-16, 2019

Location: Saung Kakao, Bin Raji Farm, Landi Kanusuang

Date/time Activity Teacher Comments
March 11, 2019 Depart Swiss Bel Merrilyn Walton David and Merrilyn
Hotel 9:30 am for David Guest travel from SwissBel
UNHAS, Lectures at Hotel to UNHAS and
UNHAS FKM; Lunch Polewali with
continue to Sudirman Nasir.
Polewali Booked into Ratih
Tuesday 12 March Refresher sessions Merrilyn Walton, At Ratih Hotel,
9.00am for trainers David Guest, refresher sessions
Trainers to go over Sudirman Nasir with expert trainers
their sessions with Peter McMahon Discussion about the
team Dian Sidik training
NB Lunch at hotel
March 13 Introduction Merrilyn Walton At Saung Kakao,
Wednesday Sudirman Nasir Mapilli; Observers
08:30 – 10:30 Dian Sidik from Dinas Kesehatan,
Coffee/Tea break Dinas Pertanian
11 am – 1 pm Preventive Health Hasnawaty Amqam Observers:
and Waste
Lunch 1 – 2 pm
2 – 4 pm Planting, replanting Burhanuddin Observers:
Conclusion close cocoa and shade
(4:30 pm) trees
March 14 Thursday Antenatal and Jumriani Ansar Observers:
08:30 – 10:30 prenatal care
Coffee/Tea break
11 am – 1 pm Tree management Saharan Observers:

Lunch 1 – 2 pm
2 – 4 pm Infectious disease Arman Abbas Observers:
Conclusion close and immunisation
(4:30 pm)
March 15 Friday Diversification Pasenanggi Observers:
09:00 – 11
Coffee/Tea break
Break, Lunch Friday prayers
2 – 4 pm Nutrition and UNHAS staff Observers:
Conclusion close Health Promotion (replace Rachma)
(4:30 pm)
March 16 Saturday Farmer Rauf Training opportunities
08:30 – 10:30 cooperatives for farmers
Coffee/Tea break
11am – 12 noon Conclusion Merrilyn Walton
David Guest
Dian Sidik
2 pm Team departs for Arrive Makassar Sat
Makassar night
David and Merrilyn Leave on Sunday 17 March