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1. Please be mindful of the format provided above.

CREDIT TRANSACTIONS will make all our lives easier if you all follow the format.
For the Title, ALL CAPS, Montserrat size 10. For the G.R.
Number, Date and Subtopic, Montserrat size 9. For the
digest proper, Lora size 8.
G.R. No. 204672 | 18 February 2015
2. Separate each digest with the horizontal border. If
Subtopic multiple cases fall under the same topic, arrange it
DOCTRINE: One-liner doctrine. Do not directly copy-paste from the 3. Use a page break in between every subject (Persons,
SCRA syllabus. Oblicon, Torts etc)
4. Arrange the digests based on the Bar Syllabus which will
FACTS: be sent to you as well.
 Sps. Guevarra obtained a loan from TCLC secured by a 5. As for content, try to make the digests short and easy to
Real Estate Mortgage read. Remove unnecessary words and phrases. Take
 Sps. Guevarra defaulted in payment note the bar takers will read close to 700 digests.
 TCLC extra-judicially foreclosed the mortgage in 6. Deadline for this set of digests is on March 30, 2019,
accordance with Act. 3135 9:00pm. You may set your internal deadlines as you
 TCLC emerged the highest bidder in the public deem necessary.
 Sps Guevarra failed to redeem the property within the 7. Please send it via e-mail to File
1 year reglementary period name and subject title should be *BAR SUBJECT*
 The OCT in the name of Sps. Guevarra was cancelled and PERLAS-BERNABE DIGESTS. Please use the full name of
was demanded to vacate but to no avail. the subject (check sidebar)
 TCLC filed with the RTC a writ of possession. Rule of thumb: If you are already having a hard time
 Guevarra opposed in the ground that TCLC failed to comprehending it, what more the bar takers who don’t have the
comply with the notice, posting and publication luxury of time?
requirements, and the lack of authority, as a
corporation, to acquire the said property

ISSUE: Whether or not…

RULING: Yes/No. [Important to answer the question first] Ratio

ratio ratio ratio

G.R. No. 179267 | 25 June 2013
Rights and Obligations between Husband and Wife


 A is assailing the constitutionality of RA blablabla
 He is blablabla
 But they said nananananan

ISSUE: Whether or not RA XXXX is unconstitutional for violating the

Equal Protection Clause.

RULING: Yes, RA XXXX is unconstitutional. The law provides this and

that and this and that.

Notes from Rod: