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Please put a  in the correct box

Consumer demographic variable % of respondents

Age 15-30



Gender Male


Family Income level Below 30,000


Above 30,000 but below 55,000

Above 55,000

How often do you eat out at restaurants?

 Daily  Twice a week  Once a week

 Every 15 days  Once a month  Every 2-3 months  Once a year

Does brand name affect your decision of restaurant selection?

 Yes  No

Do you check on social media reviews/points before going to a restaurant?

 Never  Sometimes  Often  Usually  Always

Does any restaurant provide you any extra service to keep you as their regular customer?

 Yes  No

If yes, what type of extra service do they provide and does that add positive value for you?

Does ambience of a place affect your selection of a restaurant, even it means compromising a bit on
the food quality?

 Never  Sometimes  Often  Usually  Always

Do you expect floor booking/ reservation offers and incentives from restaurants?

 Yes  No
How important to you are the performances of a restaurant on these attributes:

Does not affect Somewhat Presence Cannot do

me enriches without it

Quick order taking    

Server’s ability to answer all    


Error-free billing    

Proper complaints handling    

Inclusion of VATs and extra charges    

in billing

Approximately how many minutes are you ok with waiting before the food is served?

Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statements that you
consider when evaluating a restaurant

Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly

Disagree Agree

The menu had an excellent     

selection of items

The food was served hot &     


The food was tasty &     


Sauces, utensils, napkins,     

etc., were readily available

Do you suggest any restaurant to your friends and family? If yes, for what reasons

(e.g.: food quality/ambience/family environment/good service etc)?

 Yes  No
Does home delivery service affect your purchase decision from a restaurant?

 Never  Sometimes  Often  Usually  Always

What do you value most to consider that you will come again and again to a particular restaurant?

Is there anything you’d like to suggest to [RESTAURANT] that we haven’t already addressed in the

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