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Dato 'Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin was born on 4 June 1956 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and
is the Managing Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd. With strong and continuous
support from family members and staff, he makes Mydin the largest wholesaler and retailer in
the country, which operates more than 95 branches throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The
MYDIN business chain has expanded into business types from emporium, hypermarket,
convenience store, mini market and bazaar, and MYDIN's turnover now exceeds RM1.6 billion
a year.

He attributes his success to disciplined leadership features such as timeliness, discipline,

honesty, and simplicity. "If you arrive on time you are late!" This motto has been embraced by
workers and family members.

Dato 'Haji Ameer Ali has devoted energy and expertise to the Malaysian economy of well-
being. He made great contributions to the development of the Malaysian retail industry not
only actively supporting and promoting local products and SMEs / SMEs but also conducting
a healthy way of business by practicing Halal products and services.

In recognition of Dato 'Haji Ameer Ali's contribution to the aspirations of the Malaysian Retail
Industry and bumiputera entrepreneurs, he was conferred with several awards:

• Malaysia Business Leadership Awards 2009 under the category of Master CEO of the year
2009 by Kuala Lumpur Chamber of Commerce

• Brand Laureate SMEs Chapter Awards 2009 under the category of Personality Award

• 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2009 under the Leadership of
Excellence category

• Entrepreneur Award for the Year by Ernst & Young under the 2007 Master Entrepreneur

• Excellencent Leadership Year Award (2007) awarded by the Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber
of Commerce Malaysia (DPMMKL) Presented by His Majesty the King of the Worlds His
Majesty Al-Wathiqubillah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Sultan Sultan Mahmud Al-
Muktafibillah Shah

• The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) for Malaysia Region Entrepreneurship
Award under the Excellent Entrepreneur category 2007

• Awarded Dato '(DIMP) by the Sultan of Pahang in 1999

Dato 'Haji Ameer Ali is a person who is very concerned about the efficiency of time. That is
one of the features that he has brought to succeed. He has taken over his family business, Mydin
Mohamed Holding Berhad, founded by his father, Mydin Mohamed Bin Ghulam Hussein.
Efficiency is a key principle for its employees, for example "If you arrive on time, you are
late". He always fills his time with activities so there is no time wastage. For example, he will
help his father in the store after school.

After Dato 'Haji Ameer Ali joined his father's business, Mydin expanded more rapidly in the
Malay Peninsula until now with more than 90 stores including supermarkets and emporium.
He has launched the Retail Store Transformation program where the program will modernize
the traditional retail outlets. He is also a person who saves money and practices simplicity. He
always motivated others to succeed in life as he did not continue to work with his family
business but he worked and took his first experience at Arab Malaysian Merchant Bank, where
he started from below to succeed without expecting other people's help.

Introduction to Market Structure

1. Perfect Competition Market (PPS)

- A form of market that has many sellers and buyers and conduct transactions on homogeneous

2. Competitive market competition

i. Monopoly Market (PM)

- A market form that contains only one firm that issues a product that has no near replacement

ii. Monopoly Market (PB)

- A marketplace that contains many firms that produce different patterns of goods but are
substitutes for one another

The concept of revenue in the market structure

1. Number of results (TR)

- Total revenue earned from quantity of products sold.

- TR = AR x Q

- TR = P x Q
2. Average yield (AR)

- The revenue per unit of a sale

- AR = TR / Q

3. Suit yield (MR)

- Change in total revenue due to an additional unit per unit sold

Competitive market competition
PPS features
1. Number of seller and buyer (compared to PB)
2. Homogeneous goods (have a perfect replacement)
3. Firms have the freedom of market entry (no restrictions)
4. The price of the goods is determined by the market
5. Not competing instead of price

6. Buyers and sellers have the perfect knowledge of the market

Short-term USP firms balance

- PPS firms balance is reached at point E when MR = MC

- At the level of equilibrium, the PPS firm will issue Q as much as the price of P.
- The firm will get the maximum profit either
i. Profit is more normal
ii. Good luck
iii. Profit is less normal

Benefits of short term USP firms

1. Profit is more normal (TR> TC) @ (P> AC)

- PPS firm balance is reached at point E when MR = MC at price and output level ie P and Q.
- Total revenue (TR) is PEQ0
- Total cost (TC) is CaQ0
- Due to TR> TC, firms enjoy more profit than PEaC

2. Normal profit (TR = TC) @ (P = AC)

- PPS firm balance is reached at point E when MR = MC at price and output level ie P and Q.
- Total revenue (TR) is PEQ0
- Total cost (TC) is PEQ0
- Due to TR = TC the firm enjoys normal profit

among the other traits that a successful entrepreneur must have is the desire to help the
community around. A wise and successful entrepreneur always ensures that the sociable
community also benefits from its business. For example, with the establishment of mydin Food
Indstries Sdn Bhd's food processing plant, the community can use the opportunity to upgrade
their living standards by working with the company. Every entrepreneur needs labor to produce
their products. Furthermore, the products produced can also speed up the cooking process for
those who are inadequate or difficult to find halal food when abroad.

They also need to have 'Copy the best practice from the best' because they can continue to learn
about business insights even if they are successful. Learning about entrepreneurial knowledge
is a constant and it does not have a finishing line. This is because in the field of business, there
are always new things that will change in the era of circulation such as the use of the latest
technologies to accelerate the production process and save costs, creating new ideas to meet

the changing needs of consumers and the growing ways of marketing become more effective.
To ensure that an entrepreneur is always aware of the above mentioned matters, learning by
courses, training or seminars related to the field or product produced must be attended to
strengthen the skills and exposure to entrepreneurs. This training or course is not only subject
to market trends taking place in the country alone, but should be as broad as studying the
entrepreneurial pattern of more developed countries.

A successful entrepreneur must also have a plan for what they are doing. By conducting a
market study, an entrepreneur can make a sound and precise business plan to ensure that the
company is able to meet the needs of today's and future customers. Business planning is also
important in determining the direction and future of the company. Every successful large
company will have a specific strategic plan in ensuring their objectives are met. The planning
is divided into two, which is a short-term plan that defines what needs to be done in the present
and long-term planning that defines what needs to be done in the future. This long - term plan
includes planning on expanding or enlarging existing businesses, the creation of new products
in the era of circulation, the use of the latest technologies and the need to learn new things
related to the products produced.

Aspects of self-motivation, appearance, way of communication and thought are among the
factors that help entrepreneurs succeed in their business. Self motivation is essential in all kinds
of fields, not just in business but in everyday life. Those with high motivation are more likely
to succeed in what they do because in this motivation they are involved in important qualities
such as diligent, disciplined and sincere in doing a job. For personal appearance, an
entrepreneur needs to keep their skills clean and tidy so that entrepreneurs can convince
consumers or people who are buying their products.

The balance occurs when demand curve (DD) intersects with supply curve (SS) at point E with
equilibrium value P2 and quantity Q2.

At higher prices than P2, for example P3, quantities are offered by 0Q3 while the quantity
demanded is 0Q1. The excess Q1Q3 offers on the market and prices tend to decrease. Price
drops prompted consumers to add quantities requested. The manufacturer reduces the quantity
offered. Price decreased until market equilibrium was reached again.

At a lower price than P2, for example P1, the quantity demanded is 0Q3 while the quantity is
offered by 0Q1. The surplus Q1Q3 demand in the market and the price tends to rise. The price
hike causes the user to reduce the quantity demanded. Producers are encouraged to increase the
quantity offered. The price goes up until the market is recovered.

caterer paribus, the drop in labor prices in the mydin industry will cause the level of equilibrium
prices for labour to fall and its quantity of equilibrium rises.

• For example, the diagram below shows an original balance when the original supply curve S
intersects with the demand curve D at a level of equilibrium price of RM3 and a quantity of 5

• The fall in labor price reduces the cost of oil palm production, hence the supply increases at
any price level and shifts the curve of the original S to the right into the curve of Sl.

• As a result, a new balance occurs with lower prices from RM3 to RM2 and the quantity of
equilibrium increases from 5 units to 7 units.

on the effects on the market balance of wet market the following in mydin

Campaigns are conducted by consumer associations that excessive chicken poisons will cause
health problems.

When consumers know that excessive chicken intake will cause health problems, the demand
for chicken meat will decrease. Reduced demand for chicken meat causes price and quantity
of chicken meat to decrease.

The diagram above shows demand curves and supply curves for chicken meat. When demand
for chicken meat decreases, the demand curve will shift left from DoDo to D1D1. As a result,
the price of chicken meat will fall from dad to P1 and the quantity of chicken meat will decrease
from Qo to Q1.

There is a new discovery in chicken breeding technology that can increase the production
capacity of the national chicken industry.

The increase in production capacity in the country's chicken industry will lead to increased
supply of chicken meat in the market. When the supply of chicken meat increases, the price of
chicken meat will fall while the quantity of chicken meat will increase.

The diagram above shows demand curves and supply curves for chicken meat. When the supply
of chicken meat in the market increases, the bid curve will shift right from SoSo to S1S1. As a
result, the price of chicken meat will fall from Po to P1 while the quantity of chicken meat will
increase from Qo to Q1.

Balanced economic conditions can be disturbed by exogenous factors, such as changing user
preferences. This can cause a decline in demand and, consequently, the supply side of the
market. In this case, the temporary imbalance will occur until a new balance is identified.
Balance can also be disturbed by certain mass events. These include economic changes related
to events such as the financial crisis in 2008, resulting in significant imbalances in the housing
market, or may include changes in response to large-scale natural disasters. For example, if the
production facility is destroyed in the fire, the remaining supply may be insufficient to meet
long-term demand. On the other hand, consumers who manage losses caused by floods may
choose to reallocate their expenses based on new priorities, such as replacement of damaged
goods. In addition, if the disasters result in temporary unemployment, consumer spending on
demand should not decrease, resulting in excess supply.

Equilibrium is a condition that indicates whether both Consumer and Producer have agreed to
the price of a goods, ie the price that the Consumers are willing to buy for a number of items
equal to the price that the Manufacturer is willing to sell for such goods.

The price of equilibrium is determined by the strength of demand and supply. Sellers and
buyers will usually always take action aimed at achieving the balance between demand and
supply. The situation where the amount of bidding is greater than the demand is called a
surplus. On the other hand, the situation in which demand is greater than the price is called

Once the market reaches the point of equilibrium, the seller and the buyer are equally satisfied
and the price will not change anymore. Usually the surplus or deficient situation is temporary,
as the market will always move towards the equilibrium point. This condition is called the law
of supply and demand.




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