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MPR9500 // X-Haul-MPR9500 NOKIA

Wireless Transmission

IMPLEMENTATION Microwave Product

[This document introduces E2E Implementation Process in MEA for

MPR9500 NOKIA Wireless Transmission Microwave product]

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[Product: MPR9500]

What is 9500MPR ?
 NOKIA 9500 MPR Microwave Packet radio (9500 MPR) is a solution for smooth transformation of
backhaul networks from TDM to IP.
 The NOKIA 9500 MPR efficiently transports multimedia traffic by handling packets natively, while
still supporting legacy TDM and ATM traffic.
 It also provides the quality of service needed to satisfy end-users. This solution improves packet
aggregation, increases bandwidth and optimizes Ethernet connectivity.
 With the NOKIA 9500 MPR the network can easily and efficiently absorb rapid growth in multimedia
traffic, because it adapts the transmission of the packets to the air conditions and the quality
required by the different types of services.
 backhauling to Metro Ethernet areas) to accommodate broadband services.

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3.0 E2E X-Haul Process for MPR9500 Transmission Product Customer Delivery

Field Force MPR9500 Link Implementation Process

CR Request by SC Approved CR
PO SMR Submission

Material Delivery
From WH Deliver to Site

SLA : 2 hrs.
Check SMR By

Material Check by SC I&C Reports

in WH submission
by SC to
Inform Nokia
About Missing/ NOT OK Revisit

Modification and
Quality/Tech Visit By Snag Found Snag Clerance


24/48 hrs.
Stability checking

Solve the problem
by SC (HW/SW)

Go for Cut-Over Trouble


Failed Cut-Over Success

MPR Link
Monitoring 24 OK
hrs. Go For

Modify SMR by SC NOKIA/Customer

Packed by SC


Send Dismantled
link to customer
Blue : NOKIA
Orange : Subcontractor

Field Force Process <CONFIDENTIAL> © Nokia 2016

E2E X-Haul Process for MPR9500 Transmission Product Customer Delivery

1. Subcontractor Material Delivery Role

• Material delivery should done by SC technical team not DRIVER!

• Subcontractors should check material with shared SMRs by NOKIA during the delivery time.
• Subcontractors has to avoid receiving material with shortage. If any shortage, delivery must
be postponed and NOKIA must be informed for treatment.
• After delivery (WH Document signed), any missing/shortage/damage is under
subcontractors responsibility  For new material, cost will deducted from Subcontractors

2. MW Link Implementation Roles and Reporting by Subcontractor

• Subcontractors to announce that link aligned,

• RSL values must be shared with NOKIA Rollout Team.
• I&C phase is considered as finished when subcontractors sharing TWO reports with
NOKIA to be validated (Self-Assessment report, pre-filled Test result data sheet).
• Any delay in providing required reports will result B2B warning, imposing penalties
and S/C will be descoped.
• During presence in the site, subcontractors must take care to do not affect existing
live traffic network out of CR outage window. If any outage happened,
subcontractors will receive B2B penalty.
• For any activity in the sites, subcontractor should ensure that a valid CR covers the
activity and Mobily NOC (Access, FO and SOM) informed accordingly.
• Before leaving the site, the subcontractor must be sure about the site status and
close the CR with NOC.
• For each site, Key arrangement should be followed 1 or 2 days before activity with
MS Team (FLM) by Subcontractors.
• The subcontractor must install links according to the ODM file (Especially antenna
height). If there is any mismatching, Nokia supervisor must be informed to find a
• A whatsapp group will be created for each S/C separately to escalate immediately
any dependency , issue or problem faced during roll out

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Installation/Quality General Important Notes


Installation Important Notes:

1. All equipment must be grounded without any bridging
2. All cables must be dressed well without any crossing
3. MW Pole must be fixed well
4. Antenna must be fixed well
5. Antenna must be installed at the exact height mentioned in LBC
6. All Power and Grounding terminals must be isolated by shrink cover
7. Weatherproofing of the Ethernet cable after grounding
8. Metal Tie Wrap must be installed outdoor and plastic Tie wrap indoor
9. All cables & equipment must be labeled as per customer standard
10. All grounding points on bus bar must be labeled
11. No extra materials to be left on site
12. Site must be very clean after finishing installation daily activity
13. Cable tray must be closed after finishing daily activity
14. Roxtec and Site doors must be closed after finishing daily activity
15. Roxtec must be sealed and closed well after finishing the link E2E
16. Evidence Photos that Roxtec closed well and no any light pass from outside to inside
the shelter
17. SWAY Bar for large antennas must be fixed well without any loose
18. Circuit Breakers to be labeled well and clear
19. Antenna heights to be installed like the LBC like what is requested in LBC
20. Antenna TOP SMALL hole must be closed by the provided SMALL COVER
21. All screws coming with the link must be installed Indoor & Outdoor
22. Team to take care well about the materials

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6.0 IDU Specifications

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7.0 Configuration Samples

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---------------------------------------END OF REPORT ---------------------------------

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