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Ways of cooking
bake vb To cook sth.such as bread or cake in an oven I baked a cake for the party.
boil vb If a liquid boils, or if you boil it, it reaches the Could you boil some water
temperature where bubbles rise up in it and for the pasta?
it produces steam.
fry vb To cook hot oil or fat. Fry the onions for two
grill vb A piece of equipment with a metal frame for Grill the fish for two minutes
cooking food over a fire outdoors. on each side.
roast vb If you roast food, you cook it in an oven or Roast the lamb in a hot oven
over a fire. for 35 minutes.
steam vb The gas that water makes when you heat it. A sauna is a type of steam
Describing food
bitter adj Having a strong unpleasant taste. A type of beer with a bitter
A bitter orange.
bland adj If food is bland, it has no taste. That soup is very bland.
chewy adj Needing to be chewed a lot before it is soft A chewy piece of meat.
enough to swallow. A pack of chewing gum.
creamy adj Like cream or containing cream. The chocolate mousse was
smooth and creamy.
crispy adj Crispy food is hard enough to be broken Crispy bacon
crunchy adj Crunchy food is firm and makes a loud Crunchy vegetables.
noise when it is eaten.
greasy adj A substance such as oil or fat. Greasy food.
mild adj Mild food does not have a strong taste. A mild curry.
salty adj Tasting if or containing salt. Is the soup too salty?
spicy adj Containing strong flavours from spice. Spicy food.
sour adj Having a sharp taste like a lemon, and not These plums are a bit sour.
sweet adj With a taste like sugar. The sauce was too sweet.
Spices & seasoning
basil n A plant whose leaves are used to add Finely chop some basil.
flavour to food.
black pepper n A powder made by crushing whole black
peppercorns, used to give food a hot spicy
cinnamon n A spice that has a hot taste and is used Ground cinnamon.
especially in sweet foods.
chilli n A small, thin, red or green vegetable that Chilli powder.
tastes very hot. Red hot chillies.
coriander n A plant whose leaves or seeds are added to Garnish the curry with
food to give a special flavour. coriander.
garlic n A vegetable like a small onion with a very A clove of garlic.
strong taste and smell.
olive oil n Oil made from olives, used for cooking or
on salads.
soy sauce n A strong-tasting, dark brown liquid made
from fermented soya beans and used
especially in Chinese and Japanese
vanilla n A substance that is used to give flavour to Vanilla ice cream
some sweet foods.
wine vinegar n A sour liquid that is used in cooking, often Mix some oil and vinegar as
made from wine. a dressing for the salad.

brand loyalty n The habit of always buying a product All manufacturers want to
with the same name; made by the encourage brand loyalty to
same company. their own products.
chain n A set of connected or related things. The supermarket chain
announced that it was
cutting the cost of all fresh
and frozen meat.
franchise n A right to sell a company’s products in A fast-food franchise.
a particular area using the company’s He lost the franchise after
name. falling to meet the specified
marketing n A job that involves encouraging Our marketing people have
people to buy a product or service. come up with a great idea for
the launch of the new model.
multinational n Involving several different countries, A major multinational food
or (of a business) producing and company.
selling goods in several different
production-line n A line of machines and workers in a
factory that a product moves along
while it is being built or produced.
Each machine or worker performs a
particular job that must be finished
before the product moves to the next
position in the line.
target market n The group of people that a company If our target market of young
wants to sell its products or services people aged between 18 to
to 25 are buying our clothes. It
is because they like them,
not because of who is on the