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Complete the sentences using the past participle of the Complete the sentences. Use the present
verbs in brackets. perfect – positive or negative.

The train has ___________. We can go out now. (stop) My mum isn’t at home now. She ___________ (go)
She isn’t ready. She hasn’t __________ her cases yet. (pack) to the supermarket.
She has ___________ some photos. (take)
So far this month I ______________ (see) three
Sally hasn’t ___________ yet. Where can she be? (arrive)
I’ve never ____________ to your mother. (speak)
I haven’t ____________ which shoes to buy yet. (decide) I’m hungry. I _____________ (have) my lunch yet.
My father has ___________ to Rome. (drive) I _________________ (see) Helen yet today. Is
she at school?
Our football team ________________ (win) all its
Choose the correct verb from the box and complete the matches so far this year.
sentences using the present perfect form. I don’t know your boy-friend. I ____________
(meet) him yet.

answer break buy clean empty

Complete what Susan says. Use the PPT and
leave lose finish walk
Tom _________________ the rubbish.
for or since.
Claire ________________ all the questions.
a) I’m from France, but I live in London now.
I ___________________ ten kilometres.
I ____________ (live) here _________1992.
They ________________ their car keys.
b) I’m a journalist. I work for a sports magazine in
John ________________ a new jacket.
London. I ___________(work) there _________
Diana ________________ her arm.
two years.
Bill and Tim _________________ the kitchen.
c) I’m married. My husband’s name is Jonathan.
The train __________________ the station.
We _____________(be) married _________1993.
Karen _____________________ her violin practice.
d) Jonathan works in a bank.
He ___________(work) there _________ three
e) We have a flat in south London.
We ________ (have) the flat ________ last May.
Put the words in the right order.

a) I/homework/yet/finished/ haven’t/my Complete. Use just, already or yet.

b) I/homework/my/done/have/already Have you bought a new bike _______________?
______________________________ Great! Sean has _____________ broken the world record!
c) I/homework/my/finished/have/just Don’t shout! He hasn’t finished his homework __________.
______________________________ Can I go to Jane’s party? I’ve ______________ asked you
d) He/home/gone/has/already three times.
Mark can’t win the race now. He’s __________ fallen off his
e) Mark/come back/France/just/has/from
f) They/bought/new/a/just/have/house Have you cleaned your room ____________? I’ve __________
______________________________ asked you twice.
g) We/had/lunch/haven’t/yet Adam is very clever. He’s ____________ passed all his
______________________________ university exams.
h) The train/the station/already/left/has I haven’t sent the email to Amy _______________.
Joe has _________ gone. If you hurry you can catch him.
i) left/the train/yet/has/?