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Atlas Copco Air Compressors

ZH Oil-free centrifugal compressor series

more value for the customer

Each process, each application has its The ZH range is the most advanced
own specific demands. centrifugal compressor series on the
Because Atlas Copco designs and market. It’s a unique combination
manufactures every compressor type on meeting customer expectations for low
the market, it can truly offer the right installation, operating and maintenance
machine for the job. Major industries costs, with high dependability and ease
around the world found the Atlas Copco of use. No other turbo equals its
ZH series centrifugal compressors to be efficiency and economy and no other is
the right and complete solution for the supplied so complete. ZH oil-free turbo
application. power - your guarantee for a consistent
and highly reliable air supply, carrying
the quality label - Atlas Copco.

ZH Pressure/Capacity range

bar(e) psig
10.4 150

ZH 3-stages

7.0 100

4.6 65
ZH 2-stages
3.5 50

2.5 6.5
4.4 11.0
ZH Series
meeting the expectations

ZH Series – facts

two and three stage models

clear capital costs, no surprises ISO 14001

Atlas Copco's
a complete, plug-and-run compressed air system Environmental Management System
forms an integral part
easy and low cost installation, no foundations of each business process.

low energy consumption – at full and partial load

high reliability and peace-of-mind

low maintenance cost and service friendly

Caring for the environment

completely oil-free without seal air consumption -

ISO 9001
From design to
no risk of oil-contaminated air production and delivery of
compressors, Atlas Copco
supersilenced version (optional) adheres to the ISO 9001
quality standard

The oil-free ZH centrifugal compressor range gives you

all this, and much more. The back-up of an organisation
that truly understands what air compression is about.
After all, we have over a century of learning behind us.
Close interaction, innovation and commitment –
the benchmarks that earned Atlas Copco the industry
leadership and a high customer loyalty.

103 cfm
103 m3/h
ZH Turbo – A complete solution
Clear capital costs without compromises

ZH Series - As standard included

air intake filter and silencer
inlet guide vanes
check valve and flexible discharge compensator
cooling water manifold
drain traps on all coolers
compensators on air and water in and outlet
main motor
complete lubrication system
control and safety system
integrated modulating blow-off valve and silencer

ZH Series - Major standard options

PLC based control system
silencing canopy
duplex oil filter
hot air version
electronic drains
Ansi flanges for air and water terminals
MODBUS interface
PROFIBUS interface
Complete and low cost installation
COM1 interface (Elektronikon® only) Both, standard non-silenced version and the
DH+ (PLC control only) optional silenced package come as complete,
IP 55 / TEFC enclosure for M.V. motors fully integrated and tested units.
PT100 motor winding protection • no special foundation
PT100 motor bearing protection • no anchor bolts
Anti-condensation heater for motor • no additional vibration dampening
• minimal floorspace - complete mounting
on single baseframe
• only connections to the air, water and
electrical system
Caring for energy
Designed for lowest energy consumption at any
operating conditions.
• optimum number of stages
• high performance backward lean impeller for maximum
efficiency with unrivalled turndown capability
• efficient inter and aftercooler with enhanced heat exchange
and reduced pressure loss
• carbon ring air seal for minimal air losses
• inlet guide vanes realize up to 9% energy savings at part load

Energy saving inlet guide vanes

Pressure % bar(e)
The inlet guide vanes are highly effective at
reduced load, e.g. when air demand
decreases, or when the ambient temperature
is lower than the design temperature. Plant demand

Inlet throttle valve

at 100 % pressure

Inlet guide vanes

at 100 % pressure
Energy savings

Power % kW
Capacity %

Caring for the environment

Built to match global environmental regulations
• oil-free air
• no use of silicones in the air circuit
• motor driven oil demister to eliminate oil fumes
• super silenced version available 70 to 72 dB(A) -
depending on model
• condensate separation efficiency up to 99 %
Interactive control

Integration into plant control systems PLC control system

Multiple compressor installations and centralized As an alternative to the Elektronikon®
plant systems require an additional level of control controller, a PLC based control system can
and integration. be offered as an option.
• ES control systems allow for parallel operation of
combined ZH and ZR compressors
• possible integration into plant control systems

Air/oil/cooling flows 2- or 3-stage


Flow diagram of the 2-stage ZH series

Configuration of impellers,
seals, bearing and gear in
Flow diagram of the 3-stage ZH series a 2-stage and a 3-stage model
Innovative design...
High efficiency motor
• Electric motor pre-mounted
• IP23 / ODP medium voltage motor or
Standard Elektronikon® for auto-dual IP55 / TEFC low voltage motor
control and/or constant pressure control up to 450 kW / 590 Hp
• Proven microcomputer system
for monitoring and control
• adjustable unloading point R

• integrated surge anticipation

• optional Modbus, Profibus
and COM1 communication

Regulating blow-off for

constant pressure applications






Auto-Dual Control for
% Flow cost-effective response to
m3/h variable air demands

Highly efficient
operation Surge limit Control line
% discharge pressure

Maximum efficiency and

excellent response to plant % flow
load variations
• exclusive backward lean By-pass Turn-down range
impeller design
• highest efficiency at full load Integrated inter and aftercoolers
• large turndown capability • Corrosion/erosion resistant stainless
steel tubes and end plates
• Enhanced water separation
• drain traps standard on every cooler
... for highest reliability and efficiency

Air intake silencer

• machine mounted
• attenuation of sound level

Efficient air intake filtration

• machine mounted, easy to maintain
• minimal intake losses

Precision balanced impeller assembly

Smooth running, low noise and low vibration
• balancing of individual rotating components
• balancing of assembled rotor
• stainless steel impellers
with precision
micro-spline mounting

Integrated discharge check valve High precision gears for increased lifetime
• high quality corrosion resistant check Horizontally split gearbox with high precision gears
valve internals • gears according to AGMA Q13 / DIN class 5
• mounted discharge compensator • low transmission losses, low noise, low vibration
for stress-free connection to the • easy maintenance
compressed air net
Maintenance friendly

Superior seals and durable bearings

For minimal air leakage and uncontaminated
air supply, combined with improved ease of
• carbon ring air seals combined with labyrinth
oil seal ensure 100 % oil-free air compression
without buffer air (patent pending).
• horizontally split low speed shaft sleeve bearings
• horizontally split high speed flexible pad pinion bearings

Global Presence
Global Service
Easily accessible gear box
Ruggedness and precision
combined with ease of maintenance
• horizontally split gearbox
• easy access to gears and low/high speed bearings
• minimal downtime for inspection / maintenance
• maintenance-free flexible disk coupling
High quality dry air – Many low pressure air applications rely on high
quality dry air, free from moisture, to help avoid the

tailored to the need risk of product contamination and to eliminate damage

to the compressed air system. Along the application
and air purification criteria, Atlas Copco offers a wide
selection of air dryers for an optimal air treatment


Example: 27 l/h DRYER
Water entering and - END PRODUCT SPOILAGE
leaving the compressor: - HIGH MAINTENANCE COST
74 litres / hour;
47 litres / hour removed by
at reference conditions *


74 l/h 27 l/h 4 l/h INSTALLATIONS,

47 l/h
* Reference conditions
Compressor flow 1500 l/s FAD
Pressure 7 bar(e)
Compressed air temp. 35 °C AS STANDARD, THE BD DRYER
Ambient air temp. 25 °C 27 l/h 0.08 l/h DELIVERS AIR WITH A
Ambient relative humidity 60% DEWPOINT OF -40°C.



27 l/h 0.002 l/h DEWPOINT OF -70°C,

With an Atlas Copco compressor/dryer

combination, you'll have...
• high quality compressed air at low running cost
• a quality end product
• an undisturbed production process
• an environment friendly investment
• an overall efficient compressed air system
• a simple, low cost installation
• low maintenance costs
• reliability from one supplier
Technical data
ZH 7000 - 10000 (50 Hz) & ZH 4000 - 6000 (60 Hz)

50 Hz - three-stage, watercooled ZH 7000 & ZH 10000

Free Air Delivery (1) Installed Motor (2) Weight (3) Dimensions in mm (4)
m3/h kW kg Length Width Height
ZH 7000 4400 to 7200 400 to 800 8000 4060 2120 2400
ZH 10000 6800 to 11000 630 to 1120 12000 5250 2120 2400

50 Hz - two-stage, watercooled ZH 7000 & ZH 10000

Free Air Delivery (1) Installed Motor (2) Weight (3) Dimensions in mm (4)
m3/h kW kg Length Width Height
ZH 7000 4400 to 7200 315 to 500 6500 4060 2120 2400
ZH 10000 6800 to 11000 450 to 800 10500 5250 2120 2400

60 Hz - three-stage, watercooled ZH 4000 & ZH 6000

Free Air Delivery (1) Installed Motor (2) Weight (3) Dimensions in inches (4)
cfm hp lbs Length Width Height
ZH 4000 2550 to 4200 500 to 1000 17600 162 85 96
ZH 6000 4000 to 6500 800 to 1500 26500 207 85 96

60 Hz - two-stage, watercooled ZH 4000 & ZH 6000

Free Air Delivery (1) Installed Motor (2) Weight (3) Dimensions in inches (4)
cfm hp lbs Length Width Height
ZH 4000 2550 to 4200 400 to 700 14300 162 85 96
ZH 6000 4000 to 6500 600 to 1000 23000 207 85 96

(1) at reference conditions: (2) depending on pressure variant Sound pressure level:
• barometric pressure: 1 bar(e) / 14.5 psia ± 3 dB(A) acc. to Pneurop PN8 NTC 2.2 test code,
• air intake temperature: 35°C / 95°F (3) With silencing canopy and standard M.V. motor measured at 1 m distance, machine operating
• relative humidity: 60% at full load
• cooling water inlet temperature: 26.7°C / 80°F (4) With silencing canopy Depending on model:
• 81 to 83 dB(A) without silencing canopy
• 70 to 72 dB(A) with silencing canopy
The face of innovation
What sets Atlas Copco apart as a company is our
conviction that we can only excel in what we do if we
provide the best possible know-how and technology to
really help our customers produce, grow and succeed.
There is a unique way of achieving that - we simply
call it the Atlas Copco way. It builds on interaction, on
long-term relationships and involvement in the customers’
process, needs and objectives. It means having the
flexibility to adapt to the diverse demands of the people
we cater for.
It’s the commitment to our customers’ business that
drives our effort towards increasing their productivity
through better solutions. It starts with fully supporting
existing products and continuously doing things better, but
it goes much further, creating advances in technology
through innovation. Not for the sake of technology, but for
the sake of our customer’s bottom line and peace-of-mind.
That is how Atlas Copco will strive to remain the first
choice, to succeed in attracting new business and to
maintain our position as the industry leader.
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Never use compressed air as

breathing air without prior
purification in accordance
with local legislation and