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Merck Database Licensing Model for Oracle and SQL

Server Databases on Amazon Web Services

New Database in
AWS Glossary
AWS – Amazon Web Services
EC2- Elastic Compute Cloud
RDS – Relational Database Service
BYOL – Bring your own License
ULA – Merck License Agreement with Oracle
EC2 EC2 or RDS?


Oracle or SQL Oracle or SQL

Server? Server?

Oracle SQL Server SQL Server

BYOL – Using Merck ULA. BYOL – using Merck ULA.

For features not included in For features not included in
BYOL –Procure Licenses from
ULA (e.g. Oracle Partitioning, ULA (e.g. Oracle Partitioning, Standard or Enterprise
preferred vendor for required
Oracle Secure Backup, etc.), Oracle Secure Backup, etc.), Edition?
procure licenses from preferred procure licenses from preferred
vendor. vendor.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

BYOL –Procure Licenses from

Use AWS License Included RDS
preferred vendor for Enterprise

Licenses Procured