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Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 1 of 39 PageID #:71

wit,h city
impending meeting
he has an
CAI,DER. was advising So],Is that ordinance
for an exemption from an
concerning his
3:55 p'm'
"" ""::1' ::""o:::"1.,n"=' 2oL5' at approximatelv
:: "' t""ll---'.r:rt'n the call' the men
(session +17073) ' CAI'DERO SOI'1S' Specif ically'
contributions to
discussed monetary Commissioner went
well' 1 think
ttre meeting withthe Water
said: "Ah,
t.4?t'"[IbelieveSOLISwastellingCALDEROLhatSOLIShopedChris the water
assistance "t1
remember soT'rs's
cacciatore would sol'Is ' I CAI'DERO
when iL came time to give money Danny'
Commissioner look Iisten
r!o' Chris [unint'elligibIel '
"Yea!r, well '
personal check' and
he wroLe me a
You know'
redacted'sl campaign' you don' L trave to
be personal
for you '
a corporate check ..Right.,, CALDER. said:
he, 11 write me said:
right?,, S.LIS
for your fundraiser
& Co' ReaI Estate reflects that
Jos' CacciaLore
; The websiLe for

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 2 of 39 PageID #:72

peter and these guys don'L want to do it
for your fundraiser. And
I know you don't' but I just' want you to realize what the
know You,
but they do, so, You know' like'
situat.ion is, because, you know, so,
1' lr, r, 11 figure it out. But IeL's get together and tark tomorrow'"

You should caII Philip' who's
the head of the bank
guy a list.
should caII, dh, Peter. He,11 definitely Come to t'he fun_Ali
so they arr, you know like'
of them own the properties over there,
just very reluctant
you know, but they're very' yol know' they're
Lhereafter, SOLIS said": "WeII' You know' Joe should'
trying t'o tell you' He won't
said.: "He, yes, but that's what I'm
a check' I doubt it' Maybe he wiII now' I don't know'
talk later'
he had to go, and the men agreed t'o

property management, d.evelopment, and

companYis invorved in rear
ia"rit-i"r'i""-Ji" il1i iwrro io. Are" portion of
sales. Two individuar" Joseph P' CacciaLore'
the website are Peter C. c"""i"l"ia and

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 3 of 39 PageID #:73

87. on or about August 21, 20L5, at approximatery 11:19 a.m.

(Session #t7226) , Sol,rs called CALDERO. During the caII, SoLrS
advised of his efforts to obtain money from members of the

Cacciatore family. specif ica11y, solrs said: ..Hey, r met with .Toe
last night . " CALDERO said: "Good . ,, SOLf S said: ..He said he, s in
to be a 'chairman' at 5400 lwhich r understand to mean Joseph
caeciatore agreed to make a monetary contribution to sol,rs of
$5,4001. r didn't tell him r knew that he was trying to hit up his
brother to do it, though." CALDERO said: '.The 5400 is from the rear
estate company. They called me yesterday and they don, t want it under
it, but-" sol,rs said: .'wer1,
rToe' s name. You do whatever you wanL wiLh

ilm calling, r called peter lcacciatore] and phir [cacciatore].

what's the other brother?" CALDERO said: ,.uh. peter, phir, and
chris." shortly thereafter, CALDERO said: "Terr him, t.ell him to
write you a check because the real esLate company, they, re gonna write
you. rn fact, they mentioned specifically 5400, but they,re not,
writing it on Joe' s behalf . " short,ly t.hereaf ter, GALDERS added: ..And

t.hey want to, you know, they want to meet with you. can you set up
a meet,ing with Thompson and Peter nexL week?'{ SOLIS asked: ..Thompson
who?" CALDERO said: "The alderman." solrs said: ..yeah, yeah. on
what?" said: "uh, the property they have. They want to do

some retail. They want a lzoningJ cha4ge. " sol,rs instructed GALDERo

to remind him on Monday about his desire to set up the meeting.

CAIJDERO invited SOLIS for a massage and lunch, which SOLIS accepted.

ir:.::;-a : :.
j .. ;. r-- .va
: .

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 4 of 39 PageID #:74

discussed arranging a massage for SOLIS'

the older lady'"
correct?' SOLIS saidt "1 dorl'L know'
redactedl, name was lname
said.: ..yeah lname redacted] ' r believe her

over there by one'"
told CALDERO he would "be
surveil'lance in the area of Subject
89. FBI established
onJuly2,2o')'5'andJu1y10'20L5'Atapproximat'ely1:00p'm'' 5 ' At
observed SOLIS enter Subject Location
was seen Subject Location 5' At
approximatel-y 1:07 p'm"

5 at approximatery 1:10 p 'm' Both solrs
returned Lo subject r.ocation

and Co' the real estate company owned by
show that Jos' Cacciatore '
91-' FREDERICK LATSKO is a local real estate developer

with StrucLure
reflects that LATSKO is associated

-,".,'i t"i.:.i4!t:r:.: i:. :.!?ai].i-: *r:r_-,.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 5 of 39 PageID #:75

gave soLIS a $5'000 campaign
Board of Elections reflect that LATSKO
and that Stucture
contribution on or about January 30' 2AL3'
LATSKO's involvement with multlple real
estate devel0pment projecLs
zoning approval
in the chicago area, including projects that required
property t'hat" would
filed July 24 for a zoning change for the
more than twice the 155
accommodaLe a tower of up to 335 feet,
with the City.,, In
currently allowed, according to documents filed
recently. discussed
addition, as noted herein, LATSKO has noted he
- business.
a. LATSKO Provides SOLIS with Benefits'
(1) LATSKO Provid'es SOLIS with the Use of His
tl"iii-MiLlion Dollar Farm for a Weekend
Graduation Part'Y'
],ATSK. purchased a farm from oprah Winfrey
for $3.25 mitlion' one


Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 6 of 39 PageID #:76

select occasions at a rate of $20,000 a d"y (the story, dated March

5, 203-L, is entitled "Fred Latsko to rent out Dewes Mansion and oprah, s
f ormer vacation home.,, )
93. on or about May 29, 2015, dt approximately L2:23 p.m.
(session #1-2024) , soI,rs made an out,going call on Target phone 2 to
PATRTCTAsol,rs DoyLE, his sister and. a business partner of BRrAN
HYNES. During the cal-I, soI,fs and DoyLE discussed a family party
at LATSKo's farm to celebrate his son,s graduation. specificarly,
solrs asked DOYLE when she would be in town, and told her: ..okay,
'cause f've got Fred,s ILATSKO,s] farm in Indiana uh, for Daniel,s
uhm, graduation party."" said.: ',wow!,, soIJrs advised DoyLE
she could stay at the farm overnight. soIJrs advised DoyLE t.hat ,r
can get it. the whole time you are here, or a couple of days, whatever.,,
DOYLE concl-uded the calr by telring solrs not. to invite LATSKo or
BRIAN HYNES to the graduation party on LATSK6, s f arm: .And don, t

t7 As noted earlier, the government has obtained. bank records from

several financiar institut,ions during the course of the
investigation, including financial instijutions where SoLIs holds
accounus. The records obtained to date do not reflect any piy*ents
made by sol,rs to LATSKo on account of the use.of the farm.' i{oir.r"r,
in order not to compromise the investigation, th. gor"rnment has not
yet issued subpoenas for arl known bJnk accounts of
have been no int-erceptions between and r,ATSKo sol,rs.
Lhat SOLIS paid for the use of the farm (other t.han, as noted herein,
payment for staff acting as decorator(s) and server(s) for the
party) . During the course of the j_nvest.igation ana' uasea ori
intercepted conversat.ions (Session #j"L43 7 , LL456) , SOLIS also
borrowed 9160,000 from businessman GARy FEARS to ret.ire a debt on
a property in a 19?" 1lr3nged by BRrAN HYNES. rndeed, given sOiiS,"
lged Lo borrow gr-G0,000 from FEARS, sol,rs,s poor creaif rri"i".v,-i"a
his stated inability to pay an outsrandfng debt of gtz,11'4, as
discussed above, r believe- it is unlikel/ that. soI,rs
financial resources to rent a property that LATSKO sought had to
at the rate of g2O,O00 a day.

' .-'-'-1
, t-:i.7"2!-:. :_+ ...*::a* ,'!"a;;,.:l

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 7 of 39 PageID #:77

a family event"'
invite, te1l Fred and Brian Lo stay home' This is
SOLIS said,: "Alright ' "
on or about June 8' 2015' at approximately l-0:43 a'm'
DoYLE.Duringthecal},SoI,lsandDoYl,Ediscussedthepartytobe go',
the call' DoYLE asked: "cartwe
held at LATSKo's farm. During
spendthenighttherelatthefarm]onFridaynight?"SoLISreplied: goL'
can' But they've
.'yeah, uh, th-, Lh-, not, not' noL everybody
bedrooms' so I told him five to ten people would
he's got. about five
Awesome"' SOLIS said: "WeI1' w€ got a big
said: "Holy moley'
family,don'twe?"DOYI'Ereplied:"Yeah'wehavea'yeah'ahugefor fo-'
like' whaL' whaL are you doing
family. WeIl-, who's gonna'
said: "Wow' " SOLIS said:
"But thaL's
them. And, um '"
planning on doing ' T'11 work' I'11 figure t'hat out this
what I'm
Today or tomorrow'""
week. The next day or two'
at approximately 10:01 a'm'
95. on or about June 9' 2oL5'
anemployeeofLATSKOwhoworkedatLATSKO'sfarm'Basedonthe the "219"
number used by the farm employee, which includ'ed
wherein soLIS inviLesplace
MultiPle call-s have been intercepted p"tty will take at a
and notes that the
;;;a; to Lhe Party
if riend, s,, f arm.

,:.1 i)>;;::--tr:4 r-,-' ' --.'.'+r-. -f+,.' ,

:' I r.'-.1:. :r.-:--r:j-:'L

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 8 of 39 PageID #:78

area code for northwest Indiana, and the content of Lhe conversation,
I beliewe that t.he farm employee was in Indiana during this telephone
call while SOLIS was in f11inois. During the call, the two discussed
the plans for the graduation festivities to be held aL LATSKO's farm.
Specifically, SOLIS asked if there wou1d be enough sleeping
accommod.ations for his family: "I've got, I had just one of my sisters,
and her family, and. me and my family going, but there might be at
least one or two more families on Friday night and I'm just trying
to figure out if there are enough bedrooms for that many peopIe."
The farm employee assured him t,here would be enough space for his
extended family: "You know whaL, I think for four families,
. we have, in the guest house, we have two kings, two queens,
one full, one, two, Lhree, three twins. I think there will be plenty
of room.,, The farmemployee discussed the catering options available
for lunch on Saturday, including using a resLaurant owned by LATSKO:
'.Or we can do Chicago Q, which we, we go pick it up or I just have
somebody from Chicago bring it out for us and then we would set that
aII up." SOLIS decid.ed. to use t.hiS catering option: "Q. Good.
Let, s do that. And and you can get, somebody to pick that up and bring
it, I don,t have to pick it up and bring it?" The farm employee
responded: ,'No, rro, Oo, we'11 take, we'11 definitely take care of
it. " SOLIS specified that the catered meal would be for "at leasL
t.hirty, possibly forty" people. The farm employee noted thal "maybe
Fred is out here this weekend too." SOLfS said: "I^le could say hi
and thank him for his v€rlr his generosity. " The farm employee

:!- - ' -i+-1-.rii+r:d,;--i

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 9 of 39 PageID #:79

advised SOLf S Lhat. there would be a "huge variety of 1iquor,, avail_able

and said "then t.hat.'s up bet.ween you and Fred." SOLIS said: .yeah.,,
The farm employee reiterat.ed: "What you do there is, is between you
two " SOLIS said: "Uh huh. " The f arm employee asked: '.And um, would

you like a variety of liquor and beer?" SOLIS answered: *yeah.

We're mostly beer and wine." The farm employee replied: ..Oh, beer
and wine, okay great, no problem." SOLIS added: *But you know some
of us, me in parLicular, I just have some vodka. But it,s mostly
beer and wine pecip1e. " solrs and the farm employee arso discussed
who would act as a server during the event.. During the caII, the
farm employee asked if SOLIS wanted the pool house "decorated a little
bit" for Lhe party. said: ,'That would be nice.,, The farm
employee noted that she had a "friend that comes in to decorate the
farm, " and SOLIS responded that "I'II pay, f,II pay anybody that is
going to be helpful. So whatever.,," f believe SOLIS indicated, he
woul-d pay for the decorator and possibly other servers at the
function. However, because t,here were no intercept.ed conversations
about SOLIS's payment. of for (i) the use of the farm for the

weekend, (ii) the catered meal for up to forty people from LATSKO's
restaurant, Chicago Q, and (iii) the liquor provided for the weekend,
and because of SOLIS's relative financial condition and the absence
of any bank records to such payment (based on the records

19 Towards the end of the conversation, SOLIS instructed Lhe farm

employee to teI1 him "how much I'm paying each person and I,11 make
sure I get either a check or cash, whichever they prefer.',

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 10 of 39 PageID #:80

cause to believe that SOLIS

obtained to date), Lhere is reasonable
did not pay LATSKO for any of these
approximately f0:06 p'm'
96. on or about June 12' 2O:-5' at
call on Target Phone 2
(Session #12890), SOLIS placed an outgoing
Later in the conversation'
said: "Wait tiII you see it in daylight ' "
DO'LE said: "I think the [farm
employee] is asleep at' the mansion'

lat.e. They just Left the guest house open for us and
It,s prett.y
waiL. "
conducted air
g7- On or about June 13' 2015' the FBI
in the pool' and aL the pond' Surveillance was unable to
or vehicles '
distinguish particular individuals
a Lease for a Danee
(2) T,ATSKO Agrees to Enter into Direction in order
Stud'io Property at SofiS's Businese Partners
to Take;;-""gJon the Former
of SOLIS'e Daugihter'
98 - The government has
intercept'ed multiple conversations

.'.1 '.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 11 of 39 PageID #:81

partners concerning the operation and control of a dance studio' The

interceptions reflect that Marisol SoIis was ousted by her
interceptions reflect that. SOLIS planned to retaliate against

Marisol Solis's business partners by having LATSKOacquire a lease

to the real property that the dance studio operates on by paying

months of rent up front, and then causing LATSKO to take

acts to
potentially evict Marisol solis's adversaries' LATSKO agreed that'
he wouLd renL the property at soLIS',s direction, although LATSKO
ultimat,ely did not rent t.he properLy because soLIs's daughter was
unable to decide if she wished to run the dance studio'
Representative intercepLions are detailed below'
(session #8814), SOLIS received an incoming call on Target Phone 2
fromLATSKO. During the ca1l, SOLIS askedLATSKO to take retaliatory
action against Marisol sotis's business partners' soLIS said: "Did
the dance studio?" LATSKO said: "Yes." SOi,IS said: "A[YwaYs' they
meL today and they removed her from the board of
direcLors and they
f ired her as an employee.ilm hoping thaL, uhm, we might be able

to do something." LATSKO said: "I just askedhimto get me aname

andnumber of the guy. That's aI1. Not you tsoLISl, have

it to me, have Brian IHYNES] get me that name and that number' He's
supposed. Lo get mg a name and number and I'II make
the call right

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 12 of 39 PageID #:82

100. On or about April 15, 201,5, at. approximalely 2:49 p.m.

(Session #8935), SOLIS received an incoming call on Target Phone 2

from LATSKO. During the caII, LATSKO reported on his efforts to

obtain a lease for the property that housed the dance st.udio.
Specif icall-y, LATSKO reported that he had called \him/' Ithe landlord]
and informed the l-andl-ord that LATSKO wished to rent the property.
LATSKO advised SOLIS that he had informed the landlord that he
(LATSKO) would provide 12 months of rent up front. LATSKO added:

"I basically said to him, I want to make sure that she [Marisol Solis]
keeps the space, that month-to-month is gone. He said: 'Let me figure
out a number and whatever I come up wit.h that is markel, I'm going
to take something off because of her, her dad II believe the landlord
was indicating to LATSKO that he would discount. t.he rent because SOLIS
wasMarisol SoIis's fatherl . ' I said: 'That's up to you, maybe you'11
have a conversation with him, f don'L know, but. whatever it is, f 'ITI
the one that's going to sign the lease and I'm the one that's going
to rent the space, so be assured that uh, nobody asked me to call.'
I just heard the situation and I just calIed you on my own and I know
that t.his is what t.hey want. " [I believe that LATSKO lied to the
Iandlord and informed the landlord he was calling on his own accord
about the property, and not at SOLIS's behest.l SOLIS shortly
thereafter said; "That's fantastic Fred. That is great. That is
fantastic, uh." LATSKO added: "And Danny, the guy, he knows who I
am. He asked me about my developments. He kept. me on the phone for
an hour."

. ' I ,":. -lr; ,'."' Ia'::'>rr1.'.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 13 of 39 PageID #:83

].0]-. on or about Apri} 15, 20].5, at approximat,ely 2:55
2 to
(Session #8937), SOLIS placed an outgoing call on Target Phone
solis to advise her sister, Marisor soris, about LATSKo's
but to keep soLIS's involvement concealed. specifically'
the propertyJ
said: ..f want to communicate t.hat [],ATSKO's plan to rent
I don't want
to So1, 'cause that's going to be her leverage' But
1,02.0n or about April 15, 2015, aL approximately 3:05

(session #8943) , soLIS received an incoming call on Target

Phone 2

.'NoL to worry, llh, you don, t, need to talk
Specif icaIIy, LATSKo said:
Lo anybody. He [the landlord] did want to raise
the rent anlruuay'"

LATSKO added that the landl0rd would offer a concession on the rent:
indicaled he
something off because of my relationship.,, LATsKo
wanLed the landlord to deal with him, not
Marisol solis: "well' I
t want him dealing with her. I want him dealing with me.,'
said: '.Good, good, good." LATSKO added: "Because I think if you deal

I'ATSKO advised
would have a problem against her for interference ' "
the property:
that he would evict Marisol solis's adversaries from
,.welr, bad guys are going to get a notice that. they have
to move
out ,, SoLIS replied:
..ExCe11ent . That, s excellent . ExceIlent . ,,

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 14 of 39 PageID #:84

103. On or about April 15, 2A15, at approximately 5:15 p.m.

(Session #8969), sol,rs received an incoming call on Target phone 2
from Marisol So1is. During the ca1l, SOLIS provided Marisol Solis
with a cover story to use concerni-ng LATSKO, s involvement, in t.he pran
to rent the dance studio property. specificarry, sol,rs said: ..rt,s
very important sot, that, you know nothing. okay, so whatever
r told you in your mind is f orgotten about. you d.on, t. know any of
the parties. You may, you may know, [uninterligibreJ : . r think he, s
ILATSKo's] a family friend, you know, r don't know anything e1se.,
You don't know anything. This is the same thing Brian tHyNESl was
telling us last week [unint'elligibleJ ten days ago.,, SOLIS advised
Marisor solis to only confide in her attorney: .'Just l_isten to
whatever redacted] is telling you because he, s your att,orney.
You don't talk to Maya, or Lo me, just. tell- everybody just t.o shut.
up and not say anyt,hing." sol,rs added.: "The only person you talk
to is [name redacted] . That's a lawyer-client privilege you know.,,'o
1-04. on or about April 30, zoLs, at approximat.ely 5:52 p.m.
(session #10075), solTs placed an outgoing calr on Target phone 2

20 solrs has indicated that he had an interest in Marisol solis,s

business when it was first purchased, and that BRrAN HYNES acted as
solrs's attorney in connection with the purchase of the business.
However, sol,rs has indicated that he no longer has a financial_
interest in the business. specifically, on or ibout April 1,4, 2a15,
at approximately 5:23 p.m. (Session #ggG3),, SOf,tS received an
incoming cal-1 on Target Phone 2 from LATSKO. During the car1, sol,rs
explained his previous ownership interest in the business:
"Actua11y, r'rl the one that invested the first money in it, Brian
waq [y attorney, so r had control. Then r gave it all to my daughter
and Ifirst name of Marisol,s former business parLner].,, How6ver,
during recent interceptions, no statement,s have been made indicating
Lhat HYNES is acting as an attorney for solrs in connection with the
business dispute involving Mari_so1 So1is.

-:1..:.t'. '_:i:i-+;. irj a.::- ..lrii :ii^:,b1:1:_ tl
i"., r..:, .,,.r_ li..
l. i
I -3 :t
I Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 15 of 39 PageID #:85

candoa}lkind'sofstuffthattheywanLbutassoonasyouhit'em and
a studio' they're gonna come back crawling
wherethey don'L have

business: .'Let,s say you negoLiate' sol' rnstead
to operat,e t.heir
your amount is' you cuL it in half' Or you
of or whatever
once you get Lhat-and even if it's only for like $20'000'
on: "So
she,s won. You know, well stre's won almosL 1-00?'
then she thinks
she goes ah, t.o Lhe ah, the owner and she finds ouL
. And, then
thatshedoesn,thavethat,studio,okay?Putyourselfinher to explain
is she going to d'o then?" SOLIS conLinued
shoes. What'

whaLMarisolsoliscoulddoat,thatt,ime:..Yeah,she,Sgonnareach you' re
\ Oh yeah' you know whaL? WeIl '
and you' re gonna s31,:
out to you
Then you put her on the
to pay me this''

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 16 of 39 PageID #:86

105. On or about August 4, 201,5, at approximately 9:09 p.m.

(Session #15790), SoLIs received an incoming catl on Target phone
2 from LATSKO. During the caII, LATSKO asked SOLfS whether he should
rent a piece of rear estate in connection with sol,rs,s daught,er,s
business and solrs confirmed thaL he shourd. specifically, LATsKo
said: "Quick question, Ah, that l-andlord [the owner of the space where
Marisol Solis and her partners operat.ed a dance studiol called me
from over in that area, over in your area. shourd r carr him back
and rent the space?" sol,rs instructed LATSKo to rent the space:
"Yeah, yeah. Cause, dh, they, they ah, they [Mariso1 Solis and her
former partnersl settled and they're breaking apart and r think it,d
be a good idea." LATSKOsaid: "okay. He ca1ledme so r just wanna
make sure ilm still going forward. okay." As t.he carl continued,
LATSKO asked, "oh, Bri-an's telling you, Brian,s working wiLh
you on the idea of mine about Lhe, ah, charging for the encroachment.s?,,

II believe LATSKO is referring to an idea he has had that will result

in the generation of revenue for t,he City from real estate holders
("charging for the encroachments,,) .l SOLIS said: .,ieah, yeah. He
toldme abouL it 1ast, week. rs he still in London or did he get back?,,
LATSKOsaid: "No, he got back. He's in, oh that's what r mean to ask
him. r didn'L know how that went. He's in New york right now.,,
105. On or about August 5, 20L5, at approximately t0:12 p.m.
(session #15931-), soFrs received an incoming call on Target phone
2 from Marisor solis. During the calI, so],rs and Marisol soris
discussed the settlement of a lawsuit between Marisol Solis and her

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 17 of 39 PageID #:87

former partners, and SOLIS informed Marisol Solis that LATSKO was
going to rent the property that held the dance studio. Specifically,
Marisol Solis asked: ')What's going on?" SOLIS said, "What happened
with the, um, did you give, dh, lMarisol's attorney), the, the okay
to go ahead and deal with lMarisol's former business partner] on the,
ah ." Marisol Solis said: "We officially, finalty tod'ay, Pa,
uffi, I settled lthe lawsuit] today. Got my check." SOLIS said: "Oh,
good,. Cause, cause Fred. [LATSKOI called yesterday cause, um Lhe
landlord had called him and he asked me:'Shou]d I call him?' I said:
'Yeah, goaheadanddo it.. They're-' So, goaheadandgive [Marisol's
former business partnerl the information because sh-Lhey'11 deal
with you.,, Marisol solis said: "You said give-who did you say to
give lMarisol's former business partner] information?" SOLIS said:
..Wasn,t [Marisol's former business partner] holding back with you
in terms of the, &h, the landlord and dealing with him, or something?
she wanted to . .,, Marisol Solis confirmed: "Yeah. Yeah, she-"
SOLIS asked: ',Was it? Did she do that?" Marisol Solis said: "No,
not yet. We literally just set.t.led today, and we just, I wanted to
get her and that's what happened today, finaIly, and
my money from
settled. " SOLIS said: "Well-, cash the lsettlement] check before you
do anything because it might bounce." Marisol Solis said: "Ah, no.
I did. I cashed it today.'SOLIS said: "Drop, I meandrop a t off in
the bank." Marisol Solis said: "Yeah, f did that Loday-" SOLIS
said: ..A1right, then, ah, okay, so then without you knowing anything
lI und.ersLand this to be SOLIS directing Marisol Solis Lo pretend


Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 18 of 39 PageID #:88

that she was unaware of SOLIS taking retaliatory action againsL

Marisol Solis's former business partnersl , Iet's sLart doing work. "
Marisol Solis said: "lfm, alright. What else have you? Vfhat
has Fred said to you?" SOLIS said: "Nothing. That he's gonna return
his call and he's gonna renl it for a year." Marisol Solis said:
"Okay. So then-" SOLIS said: 'lJust tell, just tell lfirst name of
Marisol's attorneyl to deal with him. Don't, you don't get involved
with him." Marisol Solis said: "okay, okay. I'Il call everybody
tomorrow morning, then. " SOLIS said:
"Alright, Mijo.
Congratulat.ions ongettingyourmoney." Marisol SoIis said: "I know.
Thank you."
107. On or about August 13, 2015, at approximately 5:04 p.m.
(Session #16595), SOLIS received an incoming call on Target, Phone

2 from Marisol Solis. During the ca1l, SOLIS discussed an impending

meeting with LATSKO. Specifically, SOLIS advised Marisol Solis that
he was going to meet with LATSKO. Marisol Solis said: "okay, meet
with him first. I stilI want the space. " SOLIS advised
hope he does
that he was going to discuss other matters with LATSKO as well: "I'm
also talking to him about, not just about you, but some other stuff
too."" Marisol Solis reiterated her hope that LATSKO was still
interested in renting the dance studio space: "Okay, alright, well
I hope he's stil1 inLerested in the space." SOLIS replied: "Oh,
yeah." I believe that SoLIS planned to meeL with LATSKo on or about
August L3, 2015, to discuss his direction to LATSKO to rent the space

2t See paragraphs 1L0 through 11,2 below, in which SOLIS discussed

inwolving LATSKO in a development plan involving the CiLy of Chicago.

',t . lr'r;\\. .!t.! . t... }.ia >:+{:\_,\
I " .. .

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 19 of 39 PageID #:89

paragraPhs 110-l-12 below) '
Target Phone 2 reflect that
108. Interceptions over
fromthepropert,yinquestioninatimelyfashion.specifically, (Session
x ,L' 2AL5' at approximateLy 5:39 p'm'
on orabout Septembe
call' Marisol Solis reported that her former
Solis. During the
'his lease with [Marisol's f ormer
sooner that' Peter did um renew

forbeingind"ecisiveaboutherbusinessdecisions:*Th,thatit'S r mean
you, Mija, is that you gotta be more definitive
a criticism of
and that's something that lMariso]'s former business
. and
gonna do you know and and and you have
that and that' s what Irm

would have got in it as
an investor I would
because 'fuan IGAYTANI

: _ -._:,:: I !1';,-?:.-._., -:t:. :_ :r.?-./^, _*+/ ,, 1-

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 20 of 39 PageID #:90

of probably Fred [LATSKO] but you gotta pull the plug you know you
. just, 'We1I maybe I shouldn't be, bad, it's bad karma and this
this and that,' what the helI are you talking abouL? ." Later,
Marisol Solis expressed her doubt that Fred was interested in renting
the property for her,. SOLIS assured her that if she hadbeen prepared
to run the dance studio business, LATSKO would have rented the
property, and the landlord would have rented the property in order
to gain favor with SOLIS: "If um, Fred would have done it for you,
right, but t.he other player in this is the owner of the property
. Now, the the owner of the property would have dropped, dropped
t.his thing whether it had to d.o with Fred" or not because he has other
properties that are in my ward. that he's interested in doing stuff
for, and at some point, he might be call- calling me to to do some
stuff so, on twb Levels, one, is he could probably geL somebody else
to come to that. place and maybe even pay more than what lMarisol's
former business partnerl's paying with l-ess headache alright, and

number two, he would do it because it somehow iL's like a, a, an

indirect favor that I you know, um. "

' "- |
l:+-.}:i.i'j -l

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 21 of 39 PageID #:91

b. SOLIS Plans to InvoLve LATSKO in a Potential-

City o".'"iop*"t't Project -1t'd
LATsxo's !h"
Committee APProves
Proj ects -

10:51 a'm'
l-09. On or about June 25' 2Ol-5' at approximately
was favorable to LATSKo,s interests. SoLIS
said.: ''I met. with Judy

,.she,s the new commissioner for buildings and r realry like her'"
[LATSKO] '" soLIS said:
HYNES said: "Right, the is friendlywithFred'
she brought up, remember
..Yeah, 7 , l , I mentioned that to her and then
..And. she goes: .Well, would
..Yeah, right. Right., yeah.,, soLIS said:
Kehoe project in my
you have any-' and I said': 'Cause they did the
I said' and she said:
ward. "' HYNES said': "Right'" SOLIS said: "And'
.Wef1, I,IIIwrit,ing this but, uh, what kind of Iimitations do you think
HYNES said: "Right''
we should-' I says: 'None' We need revenue""
know' and she
right." SOLIS said: "Artd' she liked my response' You
commissionl ''
commissioner of the city, s planning and Development

.-.I r^. i]: . ji: ir.+-rjj-

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 22 of 39 PageID #:92

wit.h t.he ProPertY that he owns ' " HYNES said: OkaY.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect ' "

l-l-0. on or about August 12, 2015, at approximately 2:57
(session #1-641-7) , SOLIS received an incoming call on Target

(787) 51-0-8005'"
2 from BRIAN HYNES, who was using telephone numbet
During t,he call, SoLIS advised HYNES t'hat, he wished
to meet with HYNES

HYNES: .'WelI, when you get in, cause I got' an interesting
that I wanr you to look over. Maybe you and Fred ILATSKO] '"

where You, urt, you would trade off' uh' river
PMD [planned
more inland
manufacluring districtl property, lffiI, fat, uh, maybe,
property. And' there's a formula for how the city gets t'he

t.he industrial thengets, r1o, the guy came

in to see me today'

to you and Fred about it first. " II believe soLIS is
inviting LATSKO

and HYNES to meet with him to discuss a

potential development project'
over Target
22 During tfre course of the investigation' 11t-:T:-?ptions
Phone 2 revealed two telephone "'*ttt" for BRIAN HYIY-ry.'-i3-**f. il:ll
510-BOO5 and (312) g52-8067. According
to publicly .aya1lable
Illinois. Based on the contenL and context of the intercepted
I believe Lhat SoLIS' who
was located in Puerto Rico' eccoiaingly'- conversation described
was located in iffirroi" at the time it'tft"
above, caused tfr.E.""mission of an inLersLate wire communication
ir-"orrrr..tion with his conversation with HYNES'

r^:=-;-1-. '',-- . +-r-lar-rvi'i-I
Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 23 of 39 PageID #:93

zoned for industrial use. l HYNES said: "Yeah, no, we'd love to talk
about that. Yeah, dh, erh, again hoping tomorrow. uh, and this is
very exciLing.,' HYNES add.ed later: "I know Fred and I spoke before'
HewanLs, we ,re lookingtodostuff . I'dlovetodothat." IIbelieve
HYNES is telling soLIS that both HYNES and LATSKO want to become

involved in a project involving the Cit.y of Chicago.J SOLIS said:

"AlrighL, alright. Let' s talk Iater. "
1l-1. On or about August 13, 20L5, at approximately 11:21 a.m.
to LATSKO. During the caII, SOLIS made arrangements to meet LATSKO.
specifically, solIs left a voicemail message for LATSKO, in which
he asked LATSKO available for dinner. SOLIS added that
if LATSKO was

if HYNES returned from PuerLo Rico, all three of them could meet.
SOLIS noted: "I want to show you something that you might find
LL2. On or about August 14, 20t5, at approximately 5:55 p.m.
(session #1-6578) , SOLIS received an incoming call on Target Phone
2 from HYNES. During the ca11, SOLIS discussed assisting LATSKO in
identifying business opportunities within his ward. specifically,
SOLIS said: "Yeah, and t,hen the other issue, llfl, Fred brought up
yesterday. He ah, he was trying to ah, you know, You know' he was
asking me what I,m going to do, if I'm going to run again [stand in
another electionl, blah, blah, btah. And then he says, whY don't
you get into real estate. I says, well, I don't know' And then'
um, then he was saying you might be interested in getting into som-,

i,;"-nar:_ .. :.: :_
.-a ?ai.t
1 ,,''l.e:{.. !

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 24 of 39 PageID #:94

the real estate. And I said, weI1, I, I',1I help Brian if he wants
to do that, whaLever I should do. But Lhat's anoLher-" FIYNES
interjected: '.I have no, I have no interest in getting into real
estate. I might, well, we can sit down and talk about it , if it works '
it works.,, SOLIS said.: ..yeah. So, he ILATSKO] was interested in
my ward and I told him, um, when you get back, maybe he'
you' I' and

lsol]s,s staff memberl can drive throughmywardl and I can showyou

where I think things are going to be, You know, developing and
popping.,, HYNES said: "And, and that's a great ide-, I mean', you
know, the thing about Fred, just so you know, Ye-' ye-' yeah' he's'
he has been paying attention t,o t.hings, and so, when I t.alked to him
about a week ago, he was like livid. He, he was reading about aII
these properties a1I these guys are buying and [unintetligiblel
sitting on hundreds of millions in cash and he hasn't bought anything '
So yeah, so he, he, he wants to start doing stuff ' So' tha-'
that, s perfect timing with him. " II believe HYNES advised SOLIS that
LATSKO was ready to make a subsLantial investment in a real estate
project and that soLIS',s idea to take steps to assist LATSKO in Such
an investment was a good idea.l solls said-: "Yeah. AlrighL, well
then ah, I t Ll-,t HYNES said: "PerfeCL. " SOLIS said: "-Lalk when
get back."
1-13 . Because he is a real estate d.eveloper, LATSKO has regularly
had business before the CitY Council and the Zoning, Landmarks &

Building standards committee, which soLIS chairs. For example:

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 25 of 39 PageID #:95

i,ATSKo was listed as th:-*11'9:-1:f .?*'-t":: :H:

::ilil :9";i;; Jt *-.', f:*.1, ?:1"::i:::'ff.:t?:
f"' ;i;;I'i;' ; 3}X3 ; ;; ;-" ;^;*" "q : d : : : *5 :l:
iffi !i7;: j:'1, "t3J"Tf;1't:
;:ffir3:ifi?.;:: aF"11111{ ^':: ng to
affi"to"un.'ir "P -:;{'
i;;il move d r r and voL d e
5; ; :: f ?fj :11y'J
?" o
i""ir""t this zoning change'
manager of- ' a 'Iimited
LATSKO was listed as t'he application to
riabirity a.o*JJ"? tit"t liltd at an
ffS+ West- Belmont
esLablish day care center that
Avenue. sor,rsl's zo"i"g Commit'tee recommended20L4
on December '9
the zoning change be approved
cliv council on December
and the *.r",,tJ1=';#i'h"
10, 20L4.
was t.he project developer for i 98 unit
residential u"ifEi"6 at Ntrth Clark Street' on
":}- the-citY{ouncil
This development was-appto'"Jtry
29t5' a'""otding to records
or about .fanuary 2aorr' the f ice of
website ot the -ofin
oublicly ,,*ii'rir" favor
l.rre citv .t.toltdli-s- *tt'"a ior
and voted
of this zoning change'
contributions fromins Mult'ip1e
soLrs, s calls to solicit Mon-etary Be f o re
wi t]r b*it1. i" i n t" ine s s P end
rndivi duar s ani-s;;; ; i ; " to t"["-oiiicial Action Benefitting
Him and His ait""*""t
'd"ta"f" of the-se Contributors '
below' SOLIS has activelY
1l-4. As discussed in greater detail
monetary contributions in calls over Target Phone 2 that'
beIow, sol,rs carred numerous individuals over
As further described.
a neighborhood
imPlies .it may be that
23 Although the name of this evenL led
'i?1".r..Pt1""" here in reflect Lhis event
the det a i


Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 26 of 39 PageID #:96

whom SOLIS sought contributions were tlrpically associated with real

estate development companies-entities that had. business before
SOLfS in his official capacity as the Chairman of the City Council, s
Zoning Committee or.were Iikely to appear before him-as opposed to
constituents from within his own Ward who do not regularly have
business before him in his official capacity on the Zoning Committee.
In addition, with respect to certain of these contribuLors, SOLIS
agreed to take official action for them at or near the time they
pledged their financial support. fndeed, SOLIS explicitly promised
to steer legal business to one contri-butor, an attorney, in return
for the attorney's pledge to raise money for SOLIS's September 10,
20L5 fundraiser.
i. Real Estate Att,orney VICTOR REYES
115. or about August 4, 20L5, at approximately 1l_:25 a.m.
(Session #1571-9) , SOLIS received an j-ncoming call on Target Phone
2 from VICTOR REYES.'4 During the cal-I, SOLIS asked REYES for a

campaign contribution, and REYES in return asked SOLIS to send him

business. Specifically, said: "Alright, here, here, here,
the, t,his is the other reason I calted. September tOt.h, Taste of
the 25th Ward. Can you raise me some money please?" REYES responded,
"Yeah Danny, can I ever, can f, are you ever gonna send me-" SOLIS

was designed to be a fundraiser for SOLIS.

According to the interneL website,, REYES is the majority owner
of ReyesKurson, a boutigue lobbying and 1egaI practice firm.
According to news reports, REYES was a political advisor to former
mayor Richard M. Daley and the founder and chairman of the now defunct
Hispanic Democratic OrganizaLion.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 27 of 39 PageID #:97

interrupted: "Te11 me, te1l, we1l, look, Iook. The big one you're
talking about, is the 53 acres Ithe Roosevelt Road project] . '2s REYES
conLinued: "How 'bout anything? How 'bout anyt.hing, Danny? How 'bout
anything? Not just the big one. How about one fucking thing. You know,
lZAtn WardAlderman Robertol Maldonado, Maldonado sends me business.
[1st Ward Alderman Proco .J-oe"] Moreno sends me business, um .
." SOLIS said: "f wi1l, I will-" REYES said: " [22nd Ward Alderman
Ricardo Munozl Rick Munoz sends me business-" SOLIS said: "f will
send you business t.his month." [I believe SOLIS promised to direct
individuals with business before the City t.o REYES as clients in
reLurn for REYES's financial support..l REYES continued: "You
haven't sent me any. I don't know why." said: "You got it."
REYES asked: "Are you sending it aII to Brian IHYNES] ?" SOLIS
responded: "No, he d.oesn't do t.hat kind of shit." REYES said: "T'm
just kidding you buddy. Fuckl" SOLIS said: "People that do that
are a lot-yeah, yeah." said: "BuL here's, but here's, but

Danny, I'm telling you, I gave you, I, everymonLh, every, at least

once a month, they're not,, they're small matLers but at least. once
a monLh George is sending me somet.hing.
MaI-, Maldonado has sent

me three c1ients for shit in the 26th Ward in just the last three
months. The Chairman of the fucking Zoning Commit.tee hasn't sent

The RooseveLt Road project is a multi-million doll-ar development

project that concerns a 63 acre parcel of land owned by Nadhmi Auchi,
a client of SOLIS's associate, BRIAN HyNES. Publicly available
information reflect.s that this parcel was purchased in 2005 for
approximately $131 million. Int,erceptions over Target Phone 2
(including session #15250) reflect that the mayor of Chicago, Rahm
Emmanuel, considers this parcel of property to be one of the most
valuable pieces of property in the country.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 28 of 39 PageID #:98

REYES continued: "f'ttl'
Today's August 4th'' SOLIS said: "Yeah'"
SOLIS said': "Before' before
I'm, I'mgonna, look I'1I teI1youwhaL "'
2a' 2ol5 ' The
6n April 8' 201-4' and $1'500 on September
arso conLributed $1' 500 to t'he
co-founder according Lo its websiLe,
201,5 .

Real Estate Broker

7' 2015' at approximately 2:09 p'm'
1,L7 . On or about AugusL
SOLIS received an incoming call on Target Phone
(Session #16001),
During the call' SOLIS solicited
2 from a real estate broker'"
real estaLe broker' who provided SOLIS a donation
donation from the

reflects thaL the real estate broker

PubIiclY available information
-U"".a business.
operates a Chicago real estate brokerage

1i.. I i,.:l_ii!a..:ij;:.: -;i:'t:a._:.s.i:? r.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 29 of 39 PageID #:99

he was in need
Iarger than requested and then reminded soLIS that
referenced his
of solls,s official assistance. specifically, SOLIS
of mine in the
fundraiser, and said:,ve been a good supporter
..Ah, if you
estate broker asked: .'How much you need?,, SoLIs said:
I cannot give
broker said: '.No, I cannot. Danny, I',IIlveryvery sorry'
SoLIs said:
you fifteen hundred but I can give you two thousand.,,
*ohhh, well thank you very much. You,re the besL!,, The real estate
great for the
broker said: ..No, don,t be silly. You,ve, you,ve been
Lo get my sign
city. you,ve been great for me . T'm stirr trying
you,ve been
permiL.,, I think we,re at the five yard line and I know
bit of ways to
in the background helping me. I stiIl have a little
go but , dh-" SOLIS said: "Yeah, I'I1-" The real estate broker said:

..You know what,? Let me give you my
check right now.,, solls said:
broker said: "My pleasure to help you anytime'"
for Danny solis
the rear estate broker contributed $500 to cit,izens
6 201-5 ' The real estaLe
on December 19 , 20L4, and' $1' 000 on FebruatY '

records' an order vlas filed for a
According to publicly avaitable
permit for a sign at a parLicur"= in chicago associated,wit'h
Lhe real estate broker' one"g"sCii ' and iuildine
::";:"i"*::*i1?=.i on zonine, La_ndmlikson September standards,
24' 20L5' SoLrS
recommended to fil"-;q'ora-er' Citi/ Council, which approved
motioned to pr"=T6e oraer before the
tkre order.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 30 of 39 PageID #:100

broker contributed $2,000 to the 25iln Ward Regular DemocraLic

Organization on or about August !7 , 2015 '
iii. The Pizzuti ComPanies
119. On or about August 13, 20a5, at approximately 10:49 a.m.
(Session #15511), SOLIS placed an outgoing call on Target Phone 2
to a legislative aide, who was using a telephone located within
soLIS's City HaII office (subject Location 1). During the call,
soLIS asked about an update concerning a development project'
associated with The Pizzuti companies and MICHAEL CHIVINI ' "
Specifically, SOLIS said: " [firsL name of legislative aide
redactedl, what,s Lhe story with Mike Chivini and the PizzutJ-
Company? where are we at with that, cause I',m gonna call him right
now.,, The legislative aide said: "we're.working on that, we're
supporting t,hem, um, cDoT-" soLIS interrupted the conversat'ion to
take another call
LzO. On or about August l-3, 20L5, aL approximately l-0:57 a.m.
(Session #1551-6), SOLIS ptaced an outgoing call on Target Phone 2
to a legislative aide, who was using a telephone located within
SOLIS,s City HaIl office (Subject Location 1) ' During the call,
soIJIs received additional information concerning The Ptzzuti
Companies, business before the City. Specifically, the legislative

28 Records maintained by the City of Chicago reflect that on or about

submitted an applicaLion to
July 3 O , 201-4, plzzui,- Development, LLC permit
amend chi-cago, s Zoning ordi-nance to Lhe developmenL of
residential and commerclaf space at, lOStWest Van Buren. According
ro the website foi ttre p1zziti Companies, MICHAEL A. CHIVINI is an
company's devel-opment
executive vice president and Leads EheColumbus'
opet" in Chlcago, Indianapolis, and

1 -,;. .I i,'a:;-+1i::::,.;.
.i,'r-11.:':-iff-. .;-
. i,

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 31 of 39 PageID #:101

Planning Departmentl so
worked everything out with planning [the
on is, 1f[1, aIl t'hat, s really
that, s gonna go. A1I that., s rea}Iy going
1-2L. on or abouL August 17' 2oL5'
at approximately 3:40 p'm'
phone cal1s for my annual
solrs said: "r am working' making
fundraiser, um, nexl month' r'm hoping' uh' you can help out'
I already have the check
said; "fl.rld , uh, we absolutely wilI ' In f act '
1'500 dollars this yeaY'"
for uh, we actually were gonna go to
SOLIS said: ..Right , Zacrl."" CHIVINI
said: ."Yeah, sure' yeah' no

r believe "Zach" is Zach Martin' According to Martin's Linked-In


Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 32 of 39 PageID #:102

problem. Yeah, we'I1 get, I,ve got the check." SOLIS said: ,'f ,d also
appreciat.e if you could raise me a little bit more from some of the
people that you have. You know, some of the contacts that you have.,,
CHIVINI said: "Okay. " SOLIS said: \,I, d appreciate it. Okay? If you
courd try to raise rike 5,000 that'd be fantastic." cHrvrNr said:
"Yeah, you know what Danny? r'11- go ahead and I11 make some phone
carrs. we'11 do everything that we can." solrs said: ..r appreciate
iL. " CHIVINI said: "IJh, but I can assure you certainly that our check
will probably be over there with Zacn this week.,, SOLIS said:
"Alright." CHfVTNI then said: .'Okay, and then uh, hey, by t.he way,
I d be remiss if r didn't say r spoke to [first name of solrs
legislative aidel this morning, and uh, she was just kind of
confirming that the same information that we were getLing that the
folks at DPD [the city's Department of planning and Development] ,
we've come to an agreement. on t,he, on the Dx-7 zoning with them.,,
sol,rs said: " cHrvrNr said: "And. so r think we're good with

them. And then, ufr, ufl, BiIl Higgins, I think, ot f forgot Lhe
gentleman's name, but steve Prowsh lphonetic] and,s another
gentleman over at CDor [chicago Department of Transportation] got
back to us last week and they let us know that, uh, they have no more
commenLs on our site pIan, um, and we've done, r think, r wanna say

profile and the websj-te for New chicago consulting, LLC, Martin is
employed by New chicago consulting, LLC, as a Finance Associate.
Based on cal-1s intercepEed over Target Phone 2- Martin assisted SOLIS
with soliciting campaign contributions, inctirding for Lhe Taste of
Lhe 25''' ward-

I ier':l'-l' :.- ;:.:i: t.-j+:+.;;1. >r..*':i
ttaa...;:.t:- -.:_::,

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 33 of 39 PageID #:103

four out of t.he f ive things that, the Related'o folks had asked us to
do. And I don,t know that we're ever really gonna be abl-e to
completely satisfy those guys, but the CDOT folks, uhm, and you guys
will have Lo confirm, I think, they feel comfortable with what it
is that. we want to do by way of the relocation." soLIS said: "Yeah,
I got the same message." CHIVINI said.: "Oh, you did? Okay." SOLIS
said.: ..yeah. f mean, I got it last week, actua11y, that t.he cDoT
people were okay. sor 1reah, I anticipate t.his thing will get done,
and we'11 just put the other stuff aside in terms of Related. Cause
I think they've got too many other issues that they'11 never be happy
with." CHIVINI said: "Yeah, I t.hink [f irst name of SOLIS legislative
aidel t.old" me last time around. we had shot you guys some drafts of
just two quick letters Lo both DPD and CDOT. So I know that Ed Cuss
[phonetic] is sending those over to her. And she said that she would
put those on your letterhead and talk to you about signing those,
you know, whenever you get back into the office. " [I understand this
to mean CHIVINI had provided SOLIS's sLaff member with Lwo leLters
of support CHIVINI wanted SOLIS to send in support of his project.l
SOLIS said: "Okay, nd problem." [I underst.and t.his to mean SOL]S
agreed to provide letters of support to CHIVINI in connection with
his pending development, proj ecL . J CHIVINI said: "So, llfiI, if we could
go that route, that would be greaL then. Okay." SOLfS said: "Okay.

30 Based on the investigation to daLe and news reporLs, I believe

.,Related folks" is in reference to Related Midwest, a real estat,e
d.eweloper that is working with Nadhmi Auchi- and General
Mediterranean Holding to develop the 63-acre Roosevelt Road property
referenced above.

i: ' -1+ 1i.1i: ,>j:r,,z

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 34 of 39 PageID #:104

out with Some of your associates, that would be helpful.,,
Uh, try
said: .'We,}I certainly do everything we can, Danny. And,
to get some t.ime off t.his week." soLIS said: "Alright, thank
to the 25th Ward Regular Democratic Organization' The same
..pizzuti kLs 1033 LLC ," d Limited Iiabilit'y company associated with
Pizzuti companies, also made a $500 contribution to the 25th
Regular Democratic Organization'
iv- TSAPARAS and the Nobu Project
the Nobu Ho1el (*the Nobu project") went. before the City Council

was passed. Details for the city Council meeting

indicate that the
projectwaspassedonamotionbySoLlS.So],lsisalsorecordedas in favor of the Project'
(session #l-5733), soLIS placed an ouLgoing call on Target Phone 2
to SPIRO TSAPARAS, Lhe chief Excutive officer of
Construction." During the caII, SOLIS and TSAPARAS discussed
Nobu project, SOLIS asked TSAPARAS for a monetary
contribution, and

31 Publicly availabLe documents on the internet reflect that TSAPARAS

is the cEo of centaur construction. centaur construction maintains
construction owns l-and in chicago
the interneL state that centaur and restauranL ' These reports
that wili-U" J.r.:-oped into a hotel is involved wiuh Lhe projecL'
al_so stare that soru uospilirirv Group
For s ch1;;;; published a- storv on Lhe
internet dated ,June r-1, :2otq , no.ting Centaur -Construction' s
ownership ot tr," property and Nobu, s invo]vement with the

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 35 of 39 PageID #:105

solrs agreed to assist TSAPARAS's brother-in-law in finding a job

with the City. SpecificalIy, SOLIS said: "Hi Spiro. How ya doin, ?
This is Danny Solj-s." TSAPARAS said: ..He1lo Danny, how are you?,,
SOLIS said: "I'm good, f'm good, uh, how,s it going with the, uh,
hotel [the Uobu project]?,' TSAPARAS said: '.Uh, it was good Lo see
you the other day there. r had never, uh, seen that process go t.hrough
and r was feeling proud of you. uh, pretty cool. rL's uh it, s a rearly
[s:c] thing. I didn't know exactly what that. means to have that
position, and uh, it was good to see you in acLion. I was 1ike, yup,
that's Danny." tf believe TSAPARAS was indicating that he was
present at the zoning committee hearing on ,J:ul-y 22, 20]5, when the
Nobu proj ect I solrrs said: "r'm surprised you haven, t
was considered.
been, to, through that committee before. With all of the developments
that you do." TSAPARAS said: *Never. Never. Nope, iL,s always the
attorneys and the architects and. so on, and uh, me as the deveropment,
manager is never in. This is the first time that I have ownership
of someLhing of that caliber. uh, previously r never did. r was
always the service provider, and uh, now it,s one, f,m kind of one
of the first times f'm breaking into the ownership aspect of it.,,
sol,rs said: "welI that's great, thaL's, congratul-ations on that.. r
didn't, realize t.hat. This was the f irst one-,, TSAPARAS said: '.yeah,
it's the first big one like that. uh, r was there and r was l-ike
ooh, wow, that's cool. This is uh, I mean it, s really fantastic. It, s

wonderful. " SOLIS said: "WeI1, iL, s, it, s been realIy good the last
three or four years because development in the city is starLing to

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 36 of 39 PageID #:106

pick up. so we've been really busy in the committee, buL, dh, r,m
so glad Lo see you t'oo there at the event because it means that you
finally got that, uh, hotel underway.,, TSAPARAS said: ..yeah, yeah,
it's uh, it's rike half of what it was but at least it,s being done
and at least stirl is, it can make sense and. that Nobu said okay.
So, that was good . ,, SOLIS said: .,Good , good. Anway Spiro, the
reason f'm calling is ilm having my annuar Taste of the 25th l{ard
lfundraiserl in september. r, m hoping you might be abre to herp out . ,,
TSAPARAS said: ..f wilI definitelybe there. As a1ways.,,
II be]_ieve
TSAPARAS meant that he would support SOLIS.I SOLfS said: ..Good,
good. Alright, r'mgonna email yot).,, TsApARAs said: ..rf ymnot
r wi1r, r wi1I, r wirl send my, ah, my support, but ah, r always try
to be there - Last year r cour-dn' L, but r did send my support . ,, sol,rs
said: "f know, f know. . I very much appreciate it ....,, As the
call continued, TSAPARAS said: '.Danny, since r got you on the phone,
and r don't want, tobotheryou otherwise, were youable to rook
a1l- at that job position for my brother-in-1aw? Like r told you,
super-qualified. Ph.D. He's worked in the corporate world,
He has a

large corporate worId", in whirlpoor, and wargreens-,, soI,rs said:

"Yeah, you know what., saulr gdVer gav€ me the information, uh, r,ve
got his resume and r think there,s other opportunities as the mayor
is naming new commissioners for different departments. r,m gonna
give it not only t.o the one that you told me about but r,m arso going
to open it up to the other commissioners as r meet, with them.
Especially ones that are under my committee [the Zoning Committee]

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 37 of 39 PageID #:107

now the commissioner

for example, ultr, utr[, uh, Judy Frydland who's
it to her' And I'lI do
of, um, uh, buildings' I'm also gonna give
gonna replace'uh' which
and zoning. And as you know' lllll' they're
you and I-I'm very happy
I,m, privately between
t,hat would be great .
said.: ''You know what , if that happened under Judy
it is' she wouldbe
But, T, I don't think that's gonna happen' If
.'You know, we,ve had, reaIly good meetings,
f antastic.,, So],IS said:

But I st'il1 have uh'
development. And I'm realty happy about her'
and I,11 let you know. " lI believe SOLIS
indicated he would atLempt'

on or about December
solis with the Illinois staLe Board of Elections'
solis. on september aL, 20L2, Tsaparas made a $1,500
on March 23 ' 20]-2 '
Lo the 25'n ward Regular Democralic organization'
Ward' Regular Democralic
Tsaparas made a $500 contribution to the 25'h

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 38 of 39 PageID #:108

Organization. 30, 20L3, September 23, 2013, and October T,

On March
20L3, Tsaparas made 95,000 contributions on each date to the 25th
Ward Regular Democratic Organization.
v. McHugh Construction
126. On September 27, 20L4, at approximately 4:04 p.m. (CaII
#89), sol,rs made an ouLgoing calr on Target phone 2 t.o,]UAN GAyrAN.
In this caII, SOLIS and GAYTAN discussed a
construction projecl being
undertaken by McHugh conslruction. " specificarry, GAYTAN asked
sol,rs what the "Mayor's people" had told solrs about Lhat. *p.o. from
McHugh Construction about that hotel and sLuff. " SoLIS replied that.
"they" want,ed him to "hold iL, lthe approval process for McHugh
Construction, q hotel project] because .they want t.o help me out with
the that's running against me." GAYTAN replied: ',These people

[McHugh Construction] really want to help you. . These guys

really want t.o help you, t.hey,re tired of all this 8.S., and I told

32 Based on records by the city of chicago, r berieve this

project concerned_mainE,ained
the development of holel and daCa center by McHugh
Construction that requifed a zoning change to the l_and t.o be used
for the project before it couldmoveEorwar-d. on or about May zo!4,
McHugh constructi-on agreed to pay gl_2 million to the unitLd ,states

and the state of r1l-inois to resbrve allegations of disadvantaged

business enterprise fraud in connection wi[h specific united
Depart.ment of _ Transport.ation and rrrinbis Department of
Transportation funded projects. McHugh construction aiso agreed to
the appointment of a moniEor for a pefiod of three years andto take
other remedial act.ion in to prevent the company from being
barred from entry into future government conLracts. Based on records
supplied by McHugh constructi-on and interviews with ruicnugh
construction's s_uppliers during the course of this invest.igation,
I know t,hat McHugh construction regularly purchases goot" and
services in interstat.e commerce. Addit1onally, -according t"o a ieview
of McHugh const,ruction's website, McHugh cohstruction is invol_ved
in construct,ion projects in rlrj-nois, 6alifolnia and rexas.
on this int.erstate activity, r have further reason to believeeaseothat
McHugh construction is engaged in the purchase of goods and seivices
in interstate commerce.

Case: 1:16-mc-00261 Document #: 1-1 Filed: 05/27/16 Page 39 of 39 PageID #:109

("back this guy big time") in reLurn for his
support to Sor'IS
agreed to talk later'
made an ouLgoing call on Target Phone 2 Lo GAYTAId'
#2L9), SOLIS
Duringthisca}l,SoLISandGAYTANd.iscussedMcHughConstruction,s l
guy" lwhich
specifically' GAYTAN advised Lhat "the
believetobeareferencetoanindividualassociatedwithMcHugh get ahofd
texted him (GAYTAN) and was trying to
ConsLructionl had
GAYTAN Lo text "the
guy" back and teI1
of GAYTAN. SOLIS instructed
ifanagreemenLwasreachedconcerningtheproject'.GAYTANrepliedguy who's
would make it appear that SOLIS was "Lhe
that he (GAYTAN)

Construction and his non-specific references to
with McHugh being
backing in a prior call and the support
receiving "big 'time"
together with the investigation to date' f
"very aggressiv€"'