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; wy Metal|DoorFrame&\Window)Frame) HAI KANG STEEL (M) SDN. BHD. (our company manufactures 2 comprehensiveange of high aly metal door & window frames, Mates used are cerned Hectro-Galanised Stee UPS conforming to all metal frames. State-of the-art Rol Forming machinery and up-to-date technology ore employed in the manufacturing processcerbined with professional workmanship ‘comprehensive technial and stringent quality contra, very metal fame built trly a craftsman of superior quay SPECIFICATIONS JIS G 3313 SECC-P Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized Sted. {INC PHOSPHATE PRIMER ZINC COATING Profile Head & jam exclusive 140d (1300, 140, 150A, 1S6WA)/ STEEL SUBSTRATE ‘fold rlformed profile (10st) zNceonne & yj Corners ZINC coaTING Tagaee, mtd, welded & rated / Patented Knacked-Down{KD-116) Sytem 2 25 pr . |» = _|:|__ a - 130" 7 — ci | "The weight and height tolerance within (2) rn METAL DOOR FRAME [AIHAIKANG STEEL metal frames; bearing allthe following economical envio | Higher cost effectiveness or mote economical than timber frames Pei Pa ee) © Environment rendly, 10% recyclable © Witt war, shrink, distr rotor be damaged by pet attacks step1 Fast simpleinstaation Fixupthejambewith'L" brackets ght weight ensy transportation Serewthe brackets ontothejambs = menenaeglle Saran 7 + cone wine ese nner bch Femi on eg part of evades Puc ~ hac ani rn Nowe aris pan ti ae (A) HALKANG STEEL KD-118 Metal Door Frame Knocked-Down System. (Patent Registration No. PI 9700638) HAI KANG STEEL KD-118 Knock Down System Metal Door Fame isa patented innovation with advantages ‘ot found inthe conventional bult-up ystem to fll the spec needs ofboth the retalers and Dulles. The befits of HAL KANG STEEL HAI KANG STEEL KD-118 Knock-Down Systm are: © Door Frame members (Head &Jambs) and accesories (hinges brick tes, screws sve plate lack pocket, shock absorbing burfers an spreader bars ae propety packed for economical and ‘convenient vansportation tothe store or construction st Step2 Fixupthehead with'L"brackets Screwthe'L’bracketsontothe head 1 Neatand ight weight packing f 95 kg persst. toferm the doce frame 1 Remarkable savingsin storage and workspace. 1 Welding ie not necesary done tothe frame and hence no damages caused othe protective costing "| ‘onthe frame 1 Simple fast assembly process that doesnot require special tools or sil (6) HAI KANG STEEL BU-118 Metal Door Frame Built-Up System. BU-1 18 Bult: Up System Metal Door Frame isan alternative system availabe for the choice of builders or any other users to suit their constructional needs. Albeit being | without the advantageous features ofthe Knocked-Down System, BU-118 Built-Up | ‘system has the following functional benefits: | © Door frame members and acessories re fly iil ssembled by welding festering to become complete stuctre © Nosssembling work isnecesary atsite by {© ematkable avingsin labour cost and time ex Fixupthe spreaderbare with ORDERING PROCEDURES Apetoortiame To specify Right or Left Hand Opening door “To advise frame size & quantity «To provide fll delivery addrass Wann

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