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Self-Assessment of Teacher Leader Qualities

Directions: For each element, rate yourself in one of the following three categories. Then provide examples of your experiences in the
leadership domain. Finally, identify areas within each domain where you are interested in growing as a teacher leader. On the last page,
summarize your strengths and areas of possible growth. Boxes will expand as needed.
• Exploring/Emerging (E/E) - a level of practice in which the teacher leader relies on ongoing assistance from more experienced
colleagues for support, guidance, and survival. The teacher leader is moving toward becoming more self-directed and independent in
her/his practice.
• Applying (A) - a level of practice in which the teacher leader is able to provide independent leadership and easily applies what s/he
has learned about leadership.
• Integrating/Innovating (I/I) - a level of development in which the teacher leader is fully skilled and confident. The
Integrating/Innovating teacher leader contributing to the broader educational community through staff development, research, or
publication in professional journals.

Domain 1: Fosters a Collaborative Culture to Support Educator Development and Student Learning E/E A I/I
a) Utilizes group processes to help colleagues work collaboratively to solve problems, make decisions,
manage conflict, and promote meaningful change.
b) Models effective skills in listening, presenting ideas, leading discussions, clarifying, mediating, and x
identifying the needs of self and others in order to advance shared goals and professional learning.
c) Employs facilitation skills to create trust among colleagues, develop collective wisdom, build ownership x
and action that supports student learning.
d) Strives to create an inclusive culture where diverse perspectives are welcomed in addressing challenges. x

e) Uses knowledge and understanding of different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and languages to x
promote effective interactions among colleagues.
Three Examples of Domain 1 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
I fell proud to be part of a world language team that meets at I will like to keep the good community that so far we have
least once a week to discuss curriculum and help each other created, and also keep working together with future projects
with classroom management and any other concern. We that we have been developing in our last meetings.
have created a trustworthy culture between us where
everyone feels safe to discuss anything or ask any question.

Domain 2: Accesses and Uses Research to Improve Practice and Student Learning E/E A I/I
a) Assists colleagues in accessing and using research in order to select appropriate strategies to improve x
student learning.
b) Facilitates the analysis of student learning data, collaborative interpretation of results, and application x
of findings to improve teaching and learning.
c) Supports colleagues in collaborating with the higher education institutions and other organizations x
engaged in researching critical educational issues.
d) Teaches and supports colleagues to collect, analyze, and communicate data from their classrooms to x
improve teaching and learning.
Three Examples of Domain 2 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
I like read and be updated with any new language For next school year I am planning to create a collaborative
researches. Also, I like to be approachable and accessible to blog, just for our WL colleagues in order to collect, analyze,
my colleagues in order to offer them support with any and communicate data from their classrooms to improve
educational issues. Honestly, during this past year , I have teaching and learning.
read little to no research outside of induction. I feel like I am
always drowning in work and do not have time to venture
out and find new strategies. I just read some languages

Domain 3: Promotes Professional Learning for Continuous Improvement E/E A I/I

a) Collaborates with colleagues and school administrators to plan professional learning that is team-based, x
job-embedded, sustained over time, aligned with content standards, and linked to school/district
improvement goals.

Self-Assessment of Teacher Leader Qualities (adapted from Teacher Leader Model Standards ( 1
b) Uses information about adult learning to respond to the diverse learning needs of colleagues by x
identifying, promoting, and facilitating varied and differentiated professional learning.
c) Facilitates professional learning among colleagues. x
d) Identifies and uses appropriate technologies to promote collaborative and differentiated professional x
e) Works with colleagues to collect, analyze, and disseminate data related to the quality of professional x
learning and its effect on teaching and student learning.
f) Advocates for sufficient preparation, time, and support for colleagues to work in teams to engage in job- x
embedded professional learning.
g) Provides constructive feedback to colleagues to strengthen teaching practice and improve student x
h) Uses information about emerging education, economic, and social trends in planning and facilitating x
professional learning.
Three Examples of Domain 3 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
Our WL department meets on a weekly basis to look at I have never investigated economic or social trends as a
student data (assessment scores). We also created a Google means of planning. To be honest, I do not even know what
Spreadsheet as a means of tracking student data over the this looks like in a Spanish class.
years. The data focuses on specific language skills within that
year of Spanish/Mandarin.

Domain 4: Facilitates Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning E/E A I/I

a) Facilitates the collection, analysis, and use of classroom and school-based data to identify opportunities x
to improve curriculum, instruction, assessment, school organization, and school culture.
b) Engages in reflective dialog with colleagues based on observation of instruction, student work, and x
assessment data and helps make connections to research-based effective practices.
c) Supports colleagues’ individual and collective reflection and professional growth by serving in roles such x
as mentor, coach, and content facilitator.
d) Serves as a team leader to harness the skills, expertise, and knowledge of colleagues to address x
curricular expectations and student learning needs.
e) Uses knowledge of existing and emerging technologies to guide colleagues in helping students skillfully x
and appropriately navigate the universe of knowledge available on the Internet, use social media to
promote collaborative learning, and connect with people and resources around the globe.
f) Promotes instructional strategies that address issues of diversity and equity in the classroom and x
ensures that individual student learning needs remain the central focus of instruction.
Three Examples of Domain 4 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
We meet once a month as a school to identify trends and I wish our approaches were more researched based. I
individual students who are struggling. Our goal is to put in understand that not all research applies to our school, but it
support systems as soon as possible. Although I formally would be nice to try to incorporate more research into the
meet with my mentor as part of the induction program, I go classroom and see how it goes. Also, our math department
into her room daily as a means assessing how my lessons uses little to no tech in the classroom. We are at an S in the
went. SAMR model. We substitute notes for PDFs and project
lessons on the whiteboard. This is partially because of the
curriculum we use, but it would be nice to try to incorporate
tech meaningfully in the classroom.

Domain 5: Promotes the Use of Assessments and Data for School and District Improvement E/E A I/I
a) Increases the capacity of colleagues to identify and use multiple assessment tools aligned to state and x
local standards.
b) Collaborates with colleagues in the design, implementation, scoring, and interpretation of student data x
to improve educational practice and student learning.
c) Creates a climate of trust and critical reflection in order to engage colleagues in challenging x
conversations about student learning data that lead to solutions to identified issues.
d) Works with colleagues to use assessment and data findings to promote changes in instructional x
practices or organizational structures to improve student learning.
Three Examples of Domain 5 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth

Self-Assessment of Teacher Leader Qualities (adapted from Teacher Leader Model Standards ( 2
As a department we have created some assessment I am unsure how we will be using assessment and data
together. We also calibrate our grading to ensure that our findings. Currently, we are only collecting data. I would like
classes are holding students to the same standards. to see how we use it to influence teaching in the coming

Domain 6: Improves Outreach and Collaboration with Families and Community E/E A I/I
a) Uses knowledge and understanding of the different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and languages in x
the school community to promote effective interactions among colleagues, families, and the larger
b) Models and teaches effective communication and collaboration skills with families and other x
stakeholders focused on attaining equitable achievement for students of all backgrounds and
c) Facilitates colleagues’ self-examination of their own understandings of community culture and diversity x
and how they can develop culturally responsive strategies to enrich the educational experiences of
students and achieve high levels of learning for all students.
d) Develops a shared understanding among colleagues of the diverse educational needs of families and the x
e) Collaborates with families, communities, and colleagues to develop comprehensive strategies to address x
the diverse educational needs of families and the community.
Three Examples of Domain 6 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
I am continuously in contact with the families of many of my I have yet to analyze community culture this year. Last year, I
students. Through Student Support Teams (SST’s), I have was much better at getting guest speakers into the
created weekly communications with my most struggling classroom. I managed to contact parents who worked in
students. I get parent and student input on learning industry and had them come in as guest speakers. I would
strategies before I implement them in the class. I have met like to bring that back in year 3.
with several families in person to discuss in depth support
systems that could help my students.

Domain 7: Advocates for Student Learning and the Profession E/E A I/I
a) Shares information with colleagues within and/or beyond the district regarding how local, state, and x
national trends and policies can impact classroom practices and expectations for student learning.
b) Works with colleagues to identify and use research to advocate for teaching and learning processes that x
meet the needs of all students.
c) Collaborates with colleagues to select appropriate opportunities to advocate for the rights and/or needs x
of students, to secure additional resources within the building or district that support student learning,
and to communicate effectively with targeted audiences such as parents and community members.
d) Advocates for access to professional resources, including financial support and human and other x
material resources, that allow colleagues to spend significant time learning about effective practices and
developing a professional learning community focused on school improvement goals.
e) Represents and advocates for the profession in contexts outside of the classroom. x
Three Examples of Domain 7 Experiences Areas of Interest in Growth
My WL department shares everything on a Google drive and I am hoping that next year I will have more time to get
Schoology. We are all able to access one another’s data, connected with the larger Spanish community.
curriculum, etc. This folder also contains school, local, and
state data on how students are performing relative to those
around them.

Summary of Strengths and Areas of Possible Growth

Self-Assessment of Teacher Leader Qualities (adapted from Teacher Leader Model Standards ( 3
I have come to realize that I am very comfortable collaborating and working with colleagues. I love my colleagues and I
strongly believe we have the best department ever. It is so easy to discuss any difficult issue and we are always available to
help each other. My hope is to transition into a role as a leader in the coming years. Currently, I give input and contribute
only during discussions. I would like to do this on a more tangible level with resources. This also ties into my areas of growth.
In the future, I am hoping to go back to reading research more. My hope is that I can bring current research into the
discussion with my WL department.

Self-Assessment of Teacher Leader Qualities (adapted from Teacher Leader Model Standards ( 4