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Kozhichal is a small hillside town in the

north eastern region of the district of
Kannur in the Kerala state. Kozhichal
shares its boundaries with Kodagu district
of Karnataka state towards the east, rest
of the Kannur district towards west and
south and the district of Kasaragod
towards north.
Chathamangalam Theruvamala

Kozhichal came into existence during the
Malabar migration, a large scale influx of
mainly Syrian Christians from the early
decades of 20th century through the end
of 20th century to the northern districts of
Kasaragod,Kannur, Kozhikode and
Wayanad, most parts of which were
uninhabited at that time. Kozhichal served
as a hub for those migrated to the north
eastern parts of Kannur district, with the
towns of Pulingome Rajagiri(a near
village) and Cherupuzha. The name of the
town is credited (though still a matter of
dispute among villagers) to the abundance
of Chickens in the region and a river that
passes through the town.

Kozhichal today
Today the town houses a lower primary
school(St. Augustine's LP School), a
branch of the Kerala Gramin Bank,an office
of the Indian postal department,a Roman
Catholic church(St. Sebastien's Church) of
the Arch Diocese of Tellicherry and a
number of shops that cater to the various
day-today needs of the villagers.The
population of Kozhichal is mainly
constituted by Christians and . The
language spoken is Malayalam despite the
town's close proximity to the Kannada
speaking district of Kodagu in the State of
Karnataka. This is due to the situation that
the border areas are not inhabited by
humans. Both Christian as well Hindu
migrants converse in the Travancore
Dialect of Malayalam.

The town witnessed a few months of
trouble as the Government Of India
temporarily decided to go ahead with
implementing the Kasthuri Rangan Report
which deals with imposing strict rules on
construction of new buildings, farming etc.
in view of conserving the Western Ghats.
The villagers protested against the
government's decision locally, backed by
the catholic Church .

Kozhichal is well connected with the
nearest city of Payyanur by road which is
situated about 40 kilo meters from
Kozhichal. Several privately owned
transport companies operate services to
and from Kozhichal. The state run KSRTC
also operates services through the town.
The first bus service through the town was
Rajagiri(town near kozhichal) To Kottayam
KSRTC bus which connected the migrants
to their home towns in the district of
Kottayam. Auto Rikshaw is the most
common local method of transport. The
new Rajagiri(a town near kozhichal)-
Cherupuzha hill highway through the town
will be a new addition to the town's
transport needs.

Malabar Migration

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