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The Visa Appeals Officer

Visa Office
Embassy of Ireland
Villa 77
Al Yasat Street off 6th Street
Al Bateen
Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box 61581

Subject : Appeal for Visa application Ref No : 37583622

Dear Committee

I am Abdellatif ELMSSALI, Moroccan, 27 years old, industrial engineer working in Valeo Vision Maroc,
company in automotive industry in Tangier Morocco, I am applying for an Irish tourist visa.
Below is my visit plan:
I took for my annual leave 3 days that are Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th February and Friday 01st
March where I will be visiting Ireland and most specifically Dublin,
I will take the train from Tangier to Marrakech by Wednesday 27.02.2019 and spend one night in
Marrakech in my parent’s. Then I will take the flight number FR7379 planned to Dublin by 28th
February at 20H25 that will arrive to Dublin by 23H15, I will move directly from the airport to the
hotel Lyndon House to spend my night there and take rest. The 1st March is full of activities: I’m
planning to visit Dublin Castle in the morning, I will take pictures around and move by midday to
take lunch and taste traditional dishes. The second place to visit is the Phoenix Park, I will spend the
end of day there and enjoy taking pictures of these lovely animals. I am planning to write an article
about the Phoenix Park and present it to my colleagues in Valeo Group. By the end of the day, I will
check in the Temple Bar place, learn about the music activity in the place. Late night, at 22H00 I will
move back to my hotel to rest and prepare for the next day. The 2nd March, my day will start in Saint
Stephens Green, I am planning to record a video and take picture in there with the aim to publish a
video about this amazing place in my Youtube Channel. By midday, I will move to a near restaurant
to the National Museum of Ireland, I will take my lunch and then move before 14H00 to the
Museum, I’m planning to write an article about the arts inside and share it with my network in social
media. In the end of the day, I will move to take dinner somewhere near Guinness storehouse. I will
move back to my hotel in order to rest and ensure energy for my last day in Dublin. The 3rd March,
that is my last visit day to Dublin, I’m planning to visit the Christ Church Cathedral early in the
morning. I’m planning to buy souvenirs from the city. By 12H00 I will move back to the hotel, grab
my package and take a taxi to the airport as my flight number FR7378 planned to Marrakech is at
14H55. I will be back to Marrakech at 19H40 then I will take the train back to Tangier.
All the costs related to this visit will be ensured by me using coins and my credit card.
Please to note that my round-trip flights and the hotel are already booked. As for food, I will pay for
it using coins in restaurants in Dublin.
My annual leave ends by the 6th March, I will be back to work Thursday 7th March.
My Visit to Dublin won’t be the only one, but I wish I will make it again to it within my family in near
future for a touristic visit
Thank you for your time spent in my application and I hope that I receive a favorable response
regarding my demand.

Best regards

Abdellatif ELMSSALI
1. Annual leave decision
2. Last 6 months bank report
3. Last 3 payslips
4. Last 3 social assurance pay report
5. Flight Booking
6. Hotel Booking
7. Travel assurance
8. Letter of travel objective
9. Letter of travel plan