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Generic name: Pharmacologic: Inhibits reabsorption of Contraindicated with CNS: dizziness, Before:
Furosemide Loop diuretic sodium and chloride Patient’s actual allergy to furosemide, vertigo, > check doctor’s order
from the proximal and indication: sulphonamides; allergy to paresthesias, > assess allergy to furosemide,
Trade name/s: distal tubules and Furosemide is tartrazine; anuria, severe xanthopsia, sulfonamides, tartrazine
Lasix ascending limb of the given to patient to renal failure; hepatic weakness > do not mix parenteral solution with
loop of Henle, leading treat acute coma; pregnancy; highly acidic solutions with ph below
Patient’s dose: to a sodium-rich pulmonary lactation CV: orthostatic 3.5
20 mg every 12h dieresis congestion and hypertension, > do not expose to light, which may
Therapeutic: general edema thrombophlebitis discolour tablets or solution
Route: Loop diuretic Precaution: > educate the patient about the purpose
IVTT Use cautiously with SLE, Dermatologic: and importance of the drug
gout, diabetes mellitus photosensitivity,
pruritus, urticaria, During:
purpura > check the patency of the IV site and
IV line
Pregnancy Category Onset: 5 min GI: nausea, > Give early in the day so that
Risk: C Interactions: anorexia, vomiting, increased urination will not disturb
Peak: 30 min > drug-drug: increased oral and gastric sleep
risk of cardia arrhythmias irritation > administer the right dose at the right
Duration: 2 hr with cardiac glycosides; time
increased risk of GU: nocturia, > measure and record weight to
Metabolism: hepatic; ototoxicity with glycosuria, urinary monitor fluid changes
30-60 min aminoglycoside bladder spasm
antibiotics, cisplatin;
Distribution: crosses decreased absorption of Hematologic: After:
placenta; enters breast furosemide with leukopenia, anemia, > monitor blood glucose levels
milk phenytoin; decreased GI thrombocytopenia, > arrange to monitor serum
absorption with charcoal; electrolytes, hydration, liver and renal
Excretion: feces, urine may reduce effect of Other: muscle function
insulin or oral cramps and muscle > arrange for potassium-rich diet or
antidiabetics because spasms supplemental potassium as needed
blood glucose levels can > report loss or gain of more than
become elevated 1.5kg in 1 day, swelling in your ankles
or fingers, unusual bleeding or
> document and record.
Generic name:
Pantoprazole Chemical Effect: Binds I: Erosive esophagitis Headache, abdominal May alter the May cause abnormal Advise patient to avoid
to an enzyme in the associated with GERD. pain, diarrhea, bioavailability and liver function tests, alcohol, products
Brand name: Pantocin presence of acidic Decrease relapse rates eructation, flatulence, effects of drugs for including increase containing aspirin or
gastric pH, preventing of daytime and hyperglycemia which absorption is pH AST, ALT, alkaline NSAIDs, and foods
Patient’s Dose: 40mg the final transport of nighttime heartburn dependent. phosphate, and that may cause an
IVTT BID hydrogen ions into the symptoms on patients bilirubin. increase in GI
gastric lumen. with GERD. May increase risk of irritation.
Pharmacologic Class: Therapeutic effect: Pathologic gastric bleeding with Warfarin Patients receiving
gastric acid pump Diminished hypersecretory (Monitor INR/PT) pantoprazole IV should Advise patient to report
inhibitors accumulation of acid in conditions. be converted to PO onset of black, tarry
the gastric lumen, with dosing as soon as stools; diarrhea; or
Therapeutic Class: lessened acid reflux. C/I: Hypersensitivity. possible. abdominal pain to
antiulcer agents Healing of duodenal Lactation. health care professional
ulcers and esophagitis. Reconstitute each vial promptly.
Decrease acid secretion Use cautiously in with 10 mL of 0.9%
in hypersecretory pregnancy and children NaCL for a
conditions. (safety not concentration of 4
established). mg/mL. Reconstituted
solution is stable for
6hr at room
Generic name: Antiinfective; Pleural effusion Contraindicated with allergic Assessment & Drug Effects
Meropenem Bactericida carbapenem Pneumonia hypersensitivity to  Lab tests: Perform C&S tests prior
reaction (difficulty
l: Inhibits antibiotic carbapenem antibiotics to therapy. Monitor periodically
Brand name: synthesis of breathing; closing of the liver and kidney function.
Merrem bacterial throat; swelling of the  Determine history of
cell wall lips, tongue, or face; or hypersensitivity reactions to other
and causes hives); seizures; severe beta-lactams, cephalosporins,
Patient Dose: cell death penicillins, or other drugs.
or watery diarrhea; a
500mg IVTT q8h in  Discontinue drug and immediately
susceptible skin rash; unusual report S&S of hypersensitivity (see
cells. tiredness or weakness; or Appendix F).
unusual bleeding or  Report S&S of superinfection or
pseudomembranous colitis (see
bruising; nausea or
Appendix F).
vomiting; diarrhea  Monitor for seizures especially in
or constipation; older adults and those with renal
headache; or soreness, insufficiency.
redness, or mild swelling
Patient & Family Education
at the injection site
 Learn S&S of hypersensitivity,
superinfection, and
pseudomembranous colitis; report
any of these to physician promptly.
 Do not breast feed while using this
Generic Name
Brand Name Mechanism of Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Responsiblities
Inhibits the enzyme DNA >Community-acquired
Generic Name: gyrase in susceptible pneumonia Hypersensitivity to drug, CNS: seizures
Levofloxacin gram-negative and gram- >Nosocomial pneumonia its components, or other GI: pseudomembranous 1. Avoid rapid or bolus I.V.
positive aerobic and caused by methicillin- quinolones colitis administration, because this may
Iquix, Levaquin, Novo- anaerobic bacteria, susceptible strains of Hematologic: cause severe hypotension.
Lefloxacin, Oftaquiz, interfering with bacterial Stapylococcus aureus, lymphocytopenia 2. Check v/s, specially BP. Too-
Quixin, Tavanic DNA synthesis. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Metabolic: hypoglycemia rapid infusion can cause
Serratia marcescens, Other: Steven-Johnson hypotension.
Pharmacologic Class: Escherichia coli, syndrome 3. Closely monitor patients with
Fluoroquinolone Klebsiella pneumonia, renal insufficiency.
Haemophilus influenza, or 4. Assess for severe diarrhea, which
Therapeutic Class: Anti- Streptococcus pneumonia; may indicate pseudomembranous
Infective complicated skin and colitis.
skin-structure infections 5. Watch for hypersensitivity
Pregnancy risk category: >Acute bacterial sinusitis reaction. D/C drug immediately
C caused by S. pneumonia, of rash or other s/sx occur.
H. influenza, or Moraxella 6. Watch for s/sx of tendinitis or
Patient’s Dose: 500mg IV catarrhalis tendon rupture.
every other day 7. Tell patient to stop taking drug
and contact prescriber if he
experiences s/sx of
hypersensitivity reaction or
severe diarrhea..
8. Instruct patient to stop taking
drug and notify prescriber
immediately if tendon pain,
swelling, or inflammation occurs.
Generic Name Classification Action Dosage Indication Contraindicati Adverse reaction Nursing Responsibility
and Brand Name on

Generic name: Oral Replaces and 2 tabs TID Hypersensitivit Overdoses may cause -Obtain baseline sodium
Sodium chloride electrolytes/ maintains Treatment for y to any of its pulmonary edema, and chloride levels before
hydrating sodium and hyponatremia components. generalized edema, starting therapy and
Brand name: solutions chloride levels Lactation. headache, tinnitus, sensation reassess regularly
larmabak, snif, which are Sports people. of warmth in lips, tongue and thereafter to monitor drug
hizon 0.9% sodium essential ions Effects on torso, abdominal, pelvic & effectiveness.
chloride, salinase. necessary in ability in drive back pain, diarrhea, muscle
and use twitching, hyperactivity, -Monitor other electrolyte
normal cellular
machines. confusion, hypertension, levels.
Hypernatremia, reduced salivation &
hypokalemia, lachrymation, tachycardia, -Assess patient’s fluid
acidosis, convulsion, numbness. Too status.
diabetes much sodium may result to
mellitus (DM). serious electrolyte -Assess patient’s and
disturbances leading to water family’s knowledge on
retention, edema, and loss of drug therapy.
potassium and aggravation of
existing acidosis. -Instruct patient to report
occurrence of drug
induced adverse
Drug Mechanism of Action Indications Contraindications Side Effects/ Adverse Nursing Responsibilities

Calcium Carbonate Essential element of the Dietary supplement when Allergy to calcium; renal Slowed heart rate, tingling, Give drug hourly for first 2
(Caltrate Plus) body; helps maintain the calcium intake is calculi; hypercalcemia; "heat waves" weeks when treating acute
functional integrity of the inadequate ventricular fibrillation peptic ulcer.
nervous and muscular during cardiac resuscitation Fall in BP
Electrolyte systems; helps maintain Treatment of calcium and patients with the risk of Administer 1-3 h after
cardiac function, blood deficiency in tetany of the existing digitalis toxicity. Nausea meals
Antacid coagulation; is an enzyme newborn
cofactor and affects the Vomiting Do not administer oral
Patient’s Dose: 500 mg 1 secretory activity of Osteoporosis drugs within 1-2 h of
TAB TID endocrine and exocrine Constipation antacid administration.
glands; neutralizes or Prevention of
reduces gastric acidity hypocalcemia during Abdominal Pain Have patient chew antacid
(oral use). exchange transfusions tablets thoroughly before
Dry mouth swallowing; follow with a
Symptomatic relief of glass of water or milk.
upset stomach associated Thirst
with hyperacidity;
hyperacidity associated Hypercalcemia
with peptic ulcer, gastritis,
peptic esophagitis, gastric
hyperacidity, hiatal hernia