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Department of Education

Region VI – Western Visayas

Division of Negros Occidental
Calatrava, Negros Occidental

Lesson Plan in MAPEH 7

I. OBJECTIVES: at the end of the lesson 75% of the students should be able to:
a. Understand the nature and background of folk dances. (PE7RD-IIId-1)
b. Undertakes physical activity. (PE7PF-IIIa-23)
c. Execute the fundamental positions of the arm and feet in folk dance.
a. Topic: Folk Dance ( Nature and Back ground, and Fundamental Positions of
the arms and feet in folk dance)
b. Materials: Learners Material, Laptop, and Speaker
c. Reference: Grade 7 MAPEH Module
a. Review
 Starts with the Prayer
 Checking of attendance
 The teacher will give a short review on Dual Sports.
b. Motivation
 The teacher will call a students to play the video on his laptop showing
 The teacher will ask the students the following questions after viewing the
1. What have you seen in the video?
2. How different is the dance from the video to the modern dances?
3. Do you still perform this kind of dance?
4. From your lesson in your history class, what era do you think did this
dance come from?
 After processing the students’ responses, the teacher will then present the
lesson objectives to the class.

1. Pre-activity
 The teacher will instruct the students to open their book on pages
132-134 and give them time to read their book.
 After reading the teacher will ask the following :
i. Based on your readings, how do you describe what is folk
dance is?
ii. Do you know what the different forms of Philippine folk
dance are?
iii. Do you think folk dancing can help you in enhancing your
2. Activity proper
Group yourself into five groups and its group is given 10 minutes to study
the activity 3: back to basic page 134 in your module and present to the
3. Post activity
The students are executing the Fundamental position of the arms and feet.
B. Analysis
 The teacher will show to the students the proper way of executing the
fundamental position of the arms and feet with counting. The students will then
follow the teacher afterwards with counting.
 Based on your performance did you do it properly?
 What are the common errors you have seen on your presentation after you
have seen the teacher demonstrated the proper fundamental position of the
arms and feet?

C. Abstraction

 How do you find the fundamental position of the arms and feet? Is it
easy or difficult?
 How would you relate our lesson in the development of your physical
D. Application
 The teacher will let the students perform the fundamental position of the arms
and feet with the same group this time with proper counting and music.
 The teacher should remind the class that they will be graded by the following

Point Scale Criteria
Mastery Energy and Behavior/Teamwork
5 Displays Shows Exhibits outstanding
Outstanding impressive impressive level of discipline
level of level of and teamwork
mastery proficiency in before, during and
the execution after the
of steps performance
health related
fitness level
4 Displays high Shows high Exhibits very
Very level of level of satisfactory dance
Satisfactory mastery proficiency in discipline and
the execution teamwork before,
of steps during and after the
displaying high performance
fitness level
3 Displays Shows Exhibits satisfacory
Satisfactory medium level medium level level of discipline
of mastery of proficiency and teamwork
in the before, during and
execution of after the
steps performance
displaying high
fitness level
2 Displays low Shows low Exhibits improving
Needs level of level of level of discipline
improvement mastery proficiency in and teamwork
the execution before, during and
of steps after the
displaying high performance
fitness level

Direction: identify the following arms and feet position of the fundamental position of
Philippine folk dance? (The teacher will show five pictures of the fundamental position of
Philippine folk dance)

Research the dance literature of Tinikling?