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Environment and Labour

Environmental and Natural Areas Management Division
Tobeatic Keep ItWild
Nova Scotia’s Protected Areas

A Guide for Planning Wilderness Travel Town

Trunk Highway Canoe Carry (Distances in meters) Provincial Nature Reserve Map produced by the Protected Areas Branch of Nova Scotia Environment and
Labour, March 2005. For more information contact the Protected Areas Branch,
5151 Terminal Rd., 5th Floor, PO Box 697, Halifax, NS. B3J 2T8.
Collector Highway Tobeatic Access National Park
in Tobeatic Wilderness Area Rural Community
Local Road Cultural Site Provincial Wilderness Area

This product contains data derived from the following sources:

Loose Surface Road Provincial Park Reserve The Forest Inventory Database, 2002 edition. Obtained from the Nova Scotia
Department of Natural Resources.
Cart Track Wildlife Management Area Restricted and Limited Use Lands Database, 2003. Obtained from the Nova Scotia
Boundary Department of Natural Resources.
Index Contour (50 m)
Nova Scotia Atlas Database, 2001. Obtained from Service Nova Scotia & Municipal
Grid North

Canadian Heritage River

M ag

Intermediate Contour (10 m) Relations, Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre.


Scale approximately 1:97,000


County Boundary © Crown Copyright, Province of Nova Scotia, 2005. All rights reserved.

1 centimeter equals 0.97 kilometers

1 inch equals 1.5 miles Please note:
This map is a geographic representation only and should not be used for legal
There are many existing campsites in the wilderness area which are traditionally purposes or navigation. Though effort has been made to ensure this map is free
used by wilderness travelers. In keeping with the Tobeatic’s wilderness tradition, from error please note that the information shown may not be the most current
0 1 2 4 6 8 10 Kilometers
these sites are not marked on this map or on the land. Please use established available. Nova Scotia Environment and Labour accepts no liability for any errors,
sites where they exist, choose your wilderness camping site carefully, and practice or omissions contained herein.
0 1 2 4 6 8 10 Miles no trace camping at all times.