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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Cavite
City of BACOOR


Schedule of Implementation Source
Starting Date Completion Date of
PPAs 2018 2019 2020 2018 2019 2020 Output Funding Funds Remarks
Regular meeting of the Barangay
Anti Drug Abuse Committee Fully functional
(monthly) January January December December BADAC ₱6,000.00 MOOE BADAC

Capacity Building of BADAC Capacitated

Members June June June June BADAC Members ₱80,000.00 MOOE BADAC
Established and
Establishment of Drug Refferal functional
Desk (provision of equipments and Barangay Referral
supplies) March March March March Desk ₱6,000.00 MOOE BADAC
EO issued
designating the
Designation of Barangay Duty Baranagay Duty Punong
Officer (preferrably BHW) March March March March Officers ₱0.00 na Barangay
House Cluster Punong
Organization of House Clusters April April April April Organized ₱0.00 na Barangay
EO issued
designating Punong
Designation of Cluster Leaders April April April April Cluster leaders ₱0.00 na Barangay
Community Mobilization Program Mobilization
(supplies, photocopies, gasoline, Proragram
IEC materials) January January December December Implemented ₱14,000.00 MOOE BADAC
Reduce Drug
Implementation of curfew for Related Crimes
minors January January December December Involving Youth ₱2,000.00 MOOE BADAC
information for our
Advocacy and continuous IEC on constituents
the ill effects of Illegal Drugs Use including youth
amongst Youth and other againts illegal SK
Vulnerable Sectors in the Barangay January January April April drugs ₱10,000.00 Funds TYFD/SK

alternative sports
events that will be
Conduct of Sports Fest as diversions to
diversion from vices and illegal reduce drug SK
drugs January January May May related cases ₱18,000.00 Funds TYFD/SK

By the use of
Music tutorial as
Conduct of Cultural Fest and diversions to
Showcases of Talents as diversion reduce drug SK
from vices and illegal drugs April April May May related cases ₱10,000.00 Funds TYFD/SK

to strengthen
awareness as
Support to Counseling Program diversion for drug
with the Interfaith Organizations for surrenderees and
Drug Surenderees January January December December their families

Prepared and unanimously approved by the BADAC Members on December 11, 2017.
Name and Position Signature
Raul E. Enriquez Jr. Punong Barangay ______________
Jose Radie S. Densing Vice Chairman ______________
Jenneth T. Eusebio Chairman Women and f ______________
Randy G. Sacdalan Executive Officer Tanod______________
Romeo Ibarrientos Knights of Columbus 19 ______________
Heide B. Belarmino Care Ladies(NGO) ______________
Father Odi Pascual Parish Priest ______________
Vicente Cabatingan PNP Adviser ______________
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____________________________________ ______________
____________________________________ ______________
____________________________________ ______________
____________________________________ ______________
Submitted by:
Raul E. Enriquez Jr.
Punong Barangay