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5 feb 2019

“Blog.” The History and Evolution of Cell Phones,

In this Blog, “ Unhealthy school lunches not making the run” is written around the

question does the school lunch good enough to feed your brain the right amount. She/He states

“An estimated 17% of children and adolescents ages 2-19 years are obese according to

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” which is saying that the food we eat

everyday can actually getting you trouble. He said it can cause the range from physical

complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure, to social problems like low

self-esteem and depression” which later indicates to making me wonder if this food is

enough fuel through the whole day. This blog really helped my senior capstone by giving

me stats to use or info. This blog helps with the senior capstone by giving me an idea

on how bad it can actually be. This blog taught me a lot about the consequences of this


Dewey, Caitlin. “Why Our Schools Can't Get Kids to Eat Healthy.” The Washington Post,

WP Company, 24 Aug. 2017,


In this article, Caitlin dewey Shows how kids are eating unhealthy at school. After Reading this
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article she was very into it about kids not eating enough fruits. She stated that Kids barely even

eat there apples or anything besides that fatty food because that is all they are used too. She was

also saying there was a program to try and get parents and their kids to go on a diet together and

eat healthy. This article is helping me with my capstone by letting me know when i actually start

I can have an idea what to do and what research i can use. This article shows that kids can barely

even eat any fruits these days at school. The kids nowadays are so used to the bad food that they

don't know how to choose when to be healthy and not healthy. This article shows how sad the

food is.

“Flunking lunch : under pressure for money, many schools are offering students unhealthy

alternatives to the school-lunch program.” New york times upfront, 7 mar. 2003,





In the article, Elizabeth Beeker explores the question, is school lunches causing child obesity.

Elizabeth really goes down into statistics of how the school lunches are one component of

obesity. She stated “With an epidemic of obesity among the young--the proportion of overweight

children is now 15 percent--experts say changes in school lunches offer the best chance of

weaning youths” Because there is a bunch of sugars in fats in the meals they give the kids. Dr.

david satcher stated “school meals as one of the eight major areas where Americans should begin
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to battle fat” which means we should feed the kids more fruits and vegetables. Elizabeth wrote

this article clearly for the readers to speak out about it because it's a shame that these kids have to

go to school everyday and this is what they get for lunch. She expressed the situation into many

different statistics. This article taught me that school lunches are a big reason of child obesity.

Graves, Ginny. “Getting a Better School Lunch.” NRDC, 29 Aug. 2018,

In this article, The author Ginny Graves revolves around ideas on how to get a better lunch. After

reading this article “getting a better school lunch” She had a lot of ideas on how to change that.

In the article she stated “Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruits is something we can all

get behind” but they say if your build a salad bar it might help. She also said that the kids like

when they get to pick what they can eat and not just one choice. She wanted the readers to

understand that the kids just don't want to have one option for food bc what if it's unhealthy. This

article helped me with some research for my senior capstone by telling me some suggestion on

what to do when i start to start making changes and give people my ideas. This will not only help

the healthiness but help all the child obesity.

“School Lunch In America: Why It's Unhealthy And How You Can Improve It.” Food Revolution

Network, Food Revolution Network, 10 Sept. 2018,


In the blog, “why school lunches in america is bad” it is showing how these school lunches in
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america are unhealthy for our kids and why they are. The author of this blog states many

different varieties of why this food is not healthy. The author states the quality of the food by

saying “A 2009 investigation by usa today found that meat served in U.S. schools wouldn’t meet

the quality or safety standards of fast-food restaurants”. The author made sure for the readers to

understand that school lunches are not healthy for us whatsoever. She/He also points out the

amount of vegetables eaten that were not really healthy such as french fries. This blog provides a

lot of useful information to use for research such as how bad the food is. This blog showed me

with certain statistics such as the one I mentioned earlier and that it is really disgusting.