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Michael Kevin Edgar Balili Mangao

0812 RPV Bldg., Marquitos St., Sampaloc,

Manila City, 1008

May 15, 2018

Atty. Dante A. Gierran, CPA

National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila
Thru: Atty. Auralyn L. Pascual
Chief Training Division

In line with the compliance to the requirements of my course, I would like to humbly request on
your good office that I, Michael Kevin Edgar B. Mangao, a third year law student of San Sebastian College
of Law, be permitted and accepted to be in an On The Job Training (OJT) in the legal office or division of
the National Bureau of Investigation for a period of 3 weeks or an equivalent of a minimum of 120 hours.

I am currently taking up 3rd and 4th year subjects and have taken up and passed 4 courses related to
Criminal Law: Criminal Law 1, Criminal Law 2, Special Penal Laws, and I have also taken and passed the
Remedial law course of Criminal Procedure. I believe that the skills and experiences I have gained in my
past 3 years of studying in Law School including my time in the University of Santo Tomas before I
transferred to San Sebastian College-Recoletos has honed me to be more capable to work, at least as a
trainee, in jobs related to the practice of law. I have also worked in the Department of Agrarian Reform for
2 years as a Legal Researcher hence I have good knowledge in creating legal documents for my superiors.

As a hopeful intern, I believe that my job will include various tasks that will test my knowledge
and capacity as a law student which shall also require meticulous writing skills and extensive familiarity
with the law. I believe I have the same level of skills and familiarity to warrant an internship under you. I
have taken up and passed Clinical Legal Education, Legal Research, and Legal Forms where we were tasked
to create various mock legislations, dispositions, complaints, contracts and other papers essential to the
practice of law inside and outside of the court. At the same time, I have worked on the various decisions of
cases as a working student up until last year.

Overall, I believe I am qualified to work as an intern in your office and promise that, if ever I get
the job, I will be responsible with no semblance of tardiness in my attendance nor in my duties.

Michael Kevin Edgar B. Mangao

Noted by:
Justice Arturo D. Brion (ret.)
Dean, College of Law
San Sebastian College-Recoletos
May 15, 2018