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Level I Assessment Level II Assessment Nursing Diagnosis

Behavior Judgment Stimuli

Oxygen Focal: Pain
- Pain
- Right burning heel (ineffective)
- decreased sleep (ineffective)
- pain Contextual: Post Op
- decreased diet (doesn’t feel like eating Decreased sleep
because of the pain) (ineffective) Decreased activity and
- pain
- not weight bearing (may have difficulty using
the restroom) Residual: Bad roommate
- decreased diet (may have dark urine or feel Poor coping skills

Activity and rest

- pain
- right heel
- decreased sleep
- not weight bearing (on a walker)
- decreased diet

- pain
- Right heel
- not weight bearing (has to stay off right leg)
- decreased diet)
Expected Outcomes Target Intervention Evaluation

- Pain (ineffective)
- Right heel (ineffective)

Fluid and Electrolytes

- Decreased diet
Neurological Functioning
- Pain
- Right heel
- Decreased sleep

- Pain
- Decreased sleep (endorphins)
(Goal Setting)

What is a coat of arms?

Introduce the 5 qualities, a coat of arms is xyz, state the qualities “will be developed into a coat of arms”
Describe coat of arms
Why did you put it together the way you did
Do not use furthermore and however, make strong blunt statemennts
I am further going to discuss the quality xyz

Cant be a commentary or editorials

No Canadian nurse or nursing standard

Avoid anything student nurse related
Why is knowledge important, how is it important

Patient safety
Personal safety
Patient care- patient outcomes
How or way knowledge is important in nursing
Critical thinking? Pick one and do it well expand on it using the literature review
One senetence; discuss the literature and your point 9almost like a mini conclusion

Communication – openness and

What did you learn