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Thaha Madayi

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Thaha Madayi
Thaha Madayi (also spelt as Taha Madayi)
is a freelance journalist/writer and
biographer from Kerala, India, writing in
Malayalam language. He began
contributing to Ballapankthi of
Mathrubhumi weekly and has gone on to
author many articles on significant topics,
which appeared in leading Malayalam
journals. He was instrumental in making
visible Dalits and other marginalized
groups through the literary genre of life-
writing and has also published his
interviews with many celebrities. He has
made six documentary films and short
films. He has presented cultural programs
both on Radio and TV. He wrote the
biographies of Kallen Pokkudan, Fabi
Basheer, Gemini Shankaran, Mamukkoya,
Punathil Kunjabdulla, Eranjoli Moosa, A
Ayyappan and Captain Krishnan Nair.

He has written pieces for Malayalam

weekly like Mathrubhumi and

His interview with M.N. Vijayan was

discussed in Kerala Cultural-Political
scenario in a wider range. Thaha Madayi
created a new branch in Malayalam
literature called 'Jeevithamezhuth'(Life
sketch). The work of Thaha Madayi was
included into The Oxford India Anthology of