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Odessa Sathyan

Cheeram Veetti Sathyan (10 October 1957

– 19 August 2014), popularly known as
Odessa Sathyan was an Indian
documentary filmmaker and social
activist, known for his involvement in the
naxal movements of the seventies in
Kerala and his association with Odessa
Collective, a people's film movement which
was founded by the noted Malayalam
filmmaker, John Abraham. He received the
Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi
award,[1] for his musical documentary
Balikurup, a film on Malayalam poet, A.
Odessa Sathyan

Born Cheeram Veetti Sathyan

10 October 1957
Vatakara, Kerala, India

Died 19 August 2014

(aged 56)
Kerala, India

Resting place Narayana Nagar,

Kozhikode, India

Occupation Filmmaker, social


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