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The National Monument, or "Monas" as it is popularly

called, is one of the monuments built during the Sukarno era

of fierce nationalism. The top of the National Monument
(Monas) is Freedom Square. It stands for the people's
determination to achieve freedom and the crowning of their
efforts in the Proclamation of Independence in August 1945.
The 137-meter tall marble obelisk is topped with a flame
coated with 35 kg of gold. The base houses a historical
museum and a hall for meditations. The monument is open
to the public and upon request the lift can carry visitors to the
top, which offers a bird's eye view on the city and the sea.
Go early to beat the crowds and the haze. It is easy for the
less physically able as lifts take visitors to the top. The
diorama exhibition in the basement gives such a distorted
view of Indonesian history - thanks to the dictator Suharto
wanting to brainwash the nation - it's amusing. This imposing
obelisk is Jakarta's most famous landmark. Construction
started in 1961 under President Soekarno but was not
completed until 1975, under President Soeharto. The
monument houses a couple of museums. The Freedom Hall
depicts Indonesia's struggle for independence through a
series of dioramas, whereas the Hall of Contemplation
displays the original Declaration of Independence document
and a recording of the speech. An elevator takes one to the
observation platform, which commands a bird's-eye view of
the cityscape.
1. Where is Monas located?
It is located in Jakarta.
2. How long was it built?
It was built for 14 (fourteen) years.
3. Was it constructed in the Soekarno Era or the Soeharto
Era at the first time?
It was constructed in the Soekarno Era at the first time.

Hallo! …My….. name is Jessica. …I. am 15

years old. … on Jl. Ketapang no. 18. …I…have
two brothers and one sister. …Their…..names are
Julian, Jack and Jennifer. ...My..mother is a house
wife. …She....likes cooking very much. …Her..….
favourite chef is Chef Marinka. …My….. father is an
entrepreneur. …His hobby is fishing. …He….. always
goes fishing with my brothers. They usually go to
Manggar for fishing.
My father usually takes …me… to school by
his car.


To celebrate our 24th School Anniversary, then the school will

hold a competition, including singing, decorative room, cooking
and much more.
The event will be held on

Day : Monday, 17 May 2017

Time : 09.00 am until 17.00 pm

All students are required to join and participate

Thank you