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English Education Study Program, Language and Arts Department
University of Bengkulu

Drs. Mukhrizal, M.App.Ling.

English Education Study Program, Language and Arts Department
University of Bengkulu

Indah Damayanti, S.S,. M.R.S.

English Education Study Program, Language and Arts Department
University of Bengkulu

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menemukan nilai-nilai baik anak-anak pada novel C.S.Lewis
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader dan implikasinya bagi pendidikan. Penelitian ini dilakukan
dengan menerapkan metode deskriptif kualitatif dari studi pustaka. Data dikumpulkan
dengan cara membaca dan menganalisis novel dengan seksama. Hasil dalam penelitian ini
menunjukkan bahwa ada beberapa nilai baik anak-anak dalam novel The Voyage of the
Dawn Treader antara lain kepatuhan, kejujuran, imajinasi, kesenangan, kekeluargaan,
keberanian, penyesalan, kecerdasan, tolong-menolong, saling memaafkan, dan
persahabatan. Meskipun demikian, ditemukan juga nilai buruk yakni suka mengganggu,
keegoisan, dan ketamakan. Nilai-nilai baik pada novel tersebut pada dasarnya bersifat
menyeluruh, jadi mereka sesuai dengan Kurikulum 2013 dalam hal kompetensi spiritual dan
sosial. Dengan demikian, nilai-nilai tersebut menyiratkan bahwa mereka dapat digunakan
sebagai bahan ajar dan sumber referensi untuk mengajarkan kedua kompetensi tersebut.
Kata Kunci : Kata Kunci : Anak-anak, Nilai baik, Novel

This research aimed to find out childhood good values in C.S. Lewis’s Novel The
Voyage of the Dawn Treader and their implications for education. The research was carried
out by employing a descriptive qualitative method of library research. The data were
collected by reading and analyzing the novel thoroughly. The results of the study revealed
that there were several childhood good values in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel
such as obedience, honesty, imagination, pleasure, kinship, bravery, regret, intelligence,
helpfulness, forgiveness, and friendship. Nevertheless, there were also some bad values
namely annoyance, selfishness, and greediness. The good values in the novel were basically
universal, so they were congruent with the 2013 Curriculum in term of spiritual and social
competencies. Thus, they implied that they can be used as teaching materials and source of
references to teach both competencies.
Key Words : Key Words : Childhood, Good Values, Novel
INTRODUCTION quantity of literature, often with a moral
Literature is a form of creative art using or religious message, has been aimed
language as the medium and the object of specifically at children. There are many
its work is human and his life. Literature is children values that can be found in the
a medium through which a person can literature especially novel. In the children
convey his or her ideas or protest against literature, we can analyze the childhood
different norms of society. Literature is a values in the novel that is represented.
social institution and it cannot be According to Stewig, (1988:12)
separated from the society because children literature is good quality trade
literature is the product of an author who books for children from birth to
is the member of the society. adolescence, covering topics of relevance
In every part of the world, and interests to children of those ages,
literature has been more or less, the through prose and poetry, fiction, and
mirror of society because it gives an nonfiction. Therefore, the best children’s
image, but the image is not necessarily a book offers readers enjoyment as well as
true image. Literature tends to focus on memorable characters and situation and
the reflection of the society. In literature, valuable insight the human condition.
we find stories designed to portray human One of children literature is found
life and action through some characters in C.S.Lewis’s novel entitled The Voyage of
who present what people think, say, and the Dawn Treader. The author delivers
do in society. Nevertheless, the most that message by the story happening with
realistic forms of literature are the stories dialogues among the characters and the
and novels. story that is represented in the novel.
Novel is an imitation of the real There are many aspects such as intrinsic
human life. It is related with the function and extrinsic elements that help the
of literary work to entertain and give reader to get the meaning in the novel
much inspiration. A novel is one of genres and the storyline.
of literary works which presents in detail The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is
the enlargement of character, or a high fantasy novel for children by C.S
complicate social circumstances, or a Lewis published by Geoffrey Bles in 1952.
relation between many personalities. It is It was the third published of seven novels
compose of many different phenomenons in the Chronicle of Narnia series (1950-
and intricate relationships surround by a 1956). Macmillan US published an
few people in the novel American edition that were retained in
(Stanton,1965:44). the US until 1994. This novel has been
The way of life and values both of adapted and filmed as four episodes of
them are the one of substance of culture BBC television series in 1989 and as a
in the society.Values are beliefs about featured film in 2010.
what is right and what is important in life. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is
It means the values are something good, different from another two novels before.
considered something that very important In the two novels before, the enemy was
of society. The stories and the novels created to be real icon, such as The White
particularly deal with the problem of Witch in the first novel and Lord Miraz in
social, economics, politics, or education. the second novel. However, in this third
Values in education is reflected novel the enemy was not real. C.S.Lewis
into children literature. Hunt, (2003:33) lead the characters and the readers to
states that since the 15th century, a large enter the existential area. The enemy
became unpredictable and confused. The of participants, and describes an
Voyage of the Dawn Treader lead us to expressive language processes (Creswell,
differentiate between ‘black and white’ 1998).
and ‘good and bad’. Concerning with the objective of
Values in the novel usually occurs the study, the method that had been used
in many ways. The readers need to read it in this research was descriptive qualitative
very carefully and analyze it deeper to method. It means this research described
take the education behind it. Moreover, the childhood values in The Voyage of the
an author can communicate with the Dawn Treader Novel. Descriptive method
readers of a literary works if they can is a method for solving actual problem
understand what the author wants to through searching the data, arranging the
send. The author expresses his or her data, classifying the data, and interpreting
feeling, thought, ideas, or arguments the data in the systematic way
about the social issues by writing those (Zuriah:2009).
issuess in a form of literary works. In qualitative research, it does not
Hence, it is needed to analyze the use population term but spread names
values around children in The Voyage of social situation that consist of subject or
the Dawn Treader Novel to take more object of the study. The object of this
education behind it and then can know research was The Voyage of the Dawn
the implications for education. From the Treader novel by Clive Staples Lewis. This
reasons above both because of how rich novel is a high fantasy novel for children
the ideas and values of the novel and the published by Geoffrey Bles in 1952. It was
great author who delivered it, the the third published of seven novels in The
research entitled “An Analysis of Chronicle of Narnia (1950-1956). Lewis
Childhood Good Values in C.S.Lewis’s dedicated the book to Geoffrey Corbett.
Novel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” He is the foster-son of Owen Barfield, the
was needed to be done. friend, teacher, adviser, and trustee of
This research had two research Lewis. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
questions were “What are the childhood consisted of 223 pages and 52.038 words
good values in The Voyage of the Dawn in the first edition and 493 pages in the E-
Treader Novel?” and “What are the book version.
implications of childhood good values in In collecting data, the researcher
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel for will use documentation method, which is
education?” According to Arikunto (1998),
The researcher expected this documentation method is searching data
research will give some influences both about things or variable in the form of
academically and practically, and the notes, transcript, book, newspaper,
further researchers as well. magazines, meeting notes, ledger,
agenda, and any other written media.
METHOD In using this technique, the
This research was library research and researcher as the key instrument
used qualitative approach, qualitative in (Sugiyono,2006:251) to read carefully in
a natural phenomena where the several times, analyze, and interpret
researcher works as the primary about the data sources that the literary
instrument of data collection that works in this case The Voyage of the Dawn
compiles words, analyzes then Treader novel in order to obtain the
inductively, concerns with the meaning desired data. Moreover, to support the
data the researcher added other 4. Examining the values by bolding a
information, it can be some articles or phrase in the dialogues or story that
review about that novel. The results of the considered as some of childhood
data source were written for use in values.
prepare the research report in accordance 5. Analyzing the implications of
with the aims and objectives to be childhood good values for education
achieved. and link it on the relation of values
According to Johnson & and education theories.
Christensen (2004:162), data analysis is 6. Searching the articles or review about
the process whereby researcher The 2013 Curriculum in the internet
systematically search and arrange their and other sources to support the
data in order to increase their analyzing the implications.
understanding of the data. Data analysis 7. Making a conclusion of the results.
in qualitative research is the process and
the preparation are systematically RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
obtained from the technical Results
documentation, by way of organizing data 1. Childhood Values
into categories, describe into the units, After reading The Voyage of the Dawn
synthesize, organize into a pattern, Treader novel, the researcher found
choose what is important and that will be several childhood values. There are good
studied and make conclusions invitation values and bad values. The good values
of words or phrases separated by category are as follows,
for the conclusion (Arikunto, 1998).
The analysis was focused on the a. Obedience
values that have been brought by the Obedience is a compliance with an
children characters and it catagorized as order, request, or law, or submission to
childhood values. The researcher needed another authority (Oxford Living
to catagorize the characters based on Dictionary). Obedience in this novel was
their age and chose whether it was implemented by obeying The Pavensie’s
childhood values or not. Then, the parents orders when they should stayed
researcher examined the dialogue and the with Uncle Harold and Aunt Alberta. Mr.
story as the citation to prove the data and Mrs. Pavensie was live in London,
finding. Next, it was needed to analyze the they have four children. One day, Mr.
implications of the values for education Pavensie got a job lecturing in America for
and link it on the relation of values and sixteen weeks, and Mrs. Pavensie
education theories and the 2013 accompanied him to America.
Curriculum. While the eldest one, Peter prepared
There were some steps the for his exam and he stayed and coached
researcher have done in cunducting this by Professor Kirke whose these four
research. The procedures as follow : children had wonderful adventures long
1. Reading The Voyage of the Dawn ago in the war years. The second one was
Treader novel several times carefully. Susan, she was ready to marry, and her
2. Finding the children characters in The mother sends her far trip to America so,
Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel. she would get a proper husband. It would
3. Finding the childhood values in The spend much money if they take the other
Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel. two Edmund and Lucy. Hence, Mr. and
Mrs. Pavensie entrusted Edmund and Lucy
to stay with Uncle Harold and Aunt limerick. Although Edmund forbid her to
Alberta’s house during their trip. Ed and response all of Eustace words, because he
Lucy did not want to stay there because, knew that Eustace just annoyed them.
there was their cousin Eustace who liked Actually, Lucy can ignore what Eustace
bossing and bullying. One for sure, said such what Edmund suggested to do
Eustace disliked his cousins. Although or told that Narnia was just an
from the deep of their heart Edmund and imagination, however Lucy chose to be
Lucy did not want to stay, they were honest, as stated on following passage.
considering these several condition and “Even looking is better than nothing,”
decided to obey to stay in Uncle Harold’s said Lucy. “And she is such a very
house. The obedience value was Narnian ship.” “Still playing your old
illustrated in the following quote. game?” said Eustace Clarence, who
“Edmund and Lucy did not at all want had been listening outside the door
to come and stay with Uncle Harold and now came grinning into the room.
and Aunt Alberta. Nevertheless, it Last year, when he had been staying
really could not be helped. Peter was with the Pevensies, he had managed
working very hard for an exam and he to hear them all talking of Narnia and
was to spend the holidays being he loved teasing them about it. He
coached by old Professor Kirke in thought of course that they were
whose house these four children had making it all up; and as he was far too
had wonderful adventures long ago in stupid to make anything up himself, he
the war years. If he had still been in did not approve of that. “You're not
that house, he would have had them wanted here,” said Edmund curtly.
all to stay. Nevertheless, he had “I'm trying to think of a limerick,” said
somehow become poor since the old Eustace. “Something like this: “Some
days and was living in a small cottage kids who played games about Narnia
with only one bedroom to spare. It Got gradually balmier and balmier―”
would have cost too much money to “Well, Narnia and balmier don't
take the other three all to America, rhyme, to begin with," said Lucy.”
and Susan had gone. Grown–ups (Lewis, 2014:14-16)
thought her the pretty one of the
family and she was no good at school c. Imagintion
work (though otherwise very old for Imagination is the action of forming new
her age) and Mother said she “would ideas, or images or concepts of external
get far more out of a trip to America objects not present to the senses (Oxford
than the youngsters” (Lewis, 2014:9- Living Dictionary). This values was stated
10) when Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace were
looking at the picture on the wall.
b. Honesty The picture on the wall was the
Honest means saying exactly what they picture of a ship sailing nearly straight,
mean without trying to hide feelings, which, run up on the top of one glorious
opinions, or facts. In addition, Honesty is blue wave. Suddenly, the water seemed to
the quality of being honest (Oxford move. As we know that in the reality,
Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). there is no moving wave on the picture
Lucy was trying to tell the truth that however, the imagination of Lucy showed
Narnia was not a rhyme when Eustace that, while Edmund and Eustace could not
came and teased them it was just a
see that. This situation was stated on In this case, Lucy was very care to his
following citation. cousin Eustace. Lucy worried about
“It's a rotten picture," said Eustace. Eustace condition of seasickness because
“You won't see it if you step outside,” after they arrived at the Dawn Treader,
said Edmund. “Why do you like it?” Eustace was still staying on the cabin.
said Eustace to Lucy. “Well, for one Although Eustace was always bullying her
thing,” said Lucy, “I like it because the and Edmund, Lucy really cares about him
ship looks as if it was really moving. because he was their family after all. Lucy
In addition, the water looks as if it was decided see Eustace condition and give
wet. And the waves look as if they him some delicious food, as stated in the
were really going up and down.” following quote.
(Lewis, 2014:17-18) “Who's that?” said Eustace irritably.
“Send him away. His voice goes
d. Pleasure through my head.” “I've brought you
Pleasure is feeling of happy satisfaction something that will make you feel
and enjoyment (Oxford Living Dictionary). better, Eustace,” said Lucy. “Oh, go
It includes happiness, entertainment, away and leave me alone,” growled
enjoyment, ecstasy and euphoria. Caspian Eustace.” (Lewis, 2014:52)
told to Edmund and Lucy that He and
other ship members were going to find f. Bravery
seven missing Lords. Suddenly, Edmund Being brave means to have a steady heart
said that he agreed. Although he was had, and a sense of confidence in dealing the
no idea how far they had to go or what danger and trouble This value was as
kind of struggle they will face. Edmund performed by the figure of Lucy in the
just very enthusiast and satisfied to join Island of the voices. The invisible people
the adventure. These statements were asked Lucy to go to Magician house and
illustrated on following citation. broke the spell therefore, they will visible
“As high as my spirit,” it said. “Though again. If Lucy did not want, they will fight
perhaps as small as my stature. Why Lucy and others. Lucy thought that no
should we not come to the very other choices because they were invisible
eastern end of the world? And what enemy and it was hard to fight with
might we find there? I expect to find enemy that they could not see. It was
Aslan's own country. It is always from needed a brave action because Lucy was
the east, across the sea, that the great going to come to the Magician house
Lion comes to us." “I say, that is an alone and based on the invisible people
idea,” said Edmund in an awed story, the Magician was very terrified.
voice.” (Lewis, 2014:41) Lucy was brave herself as described in the
following statement.
e. Kinship
Kinship is a bond of love and affection in a “All right, then, I'll do it,” said Lucy.
family that could be affection between “No,” she said, turning to the others,
husband and wife or parents to children, “don't try to stop me. Can't you see it
children to his parents also among the is no use? There are dozens of them
relatives (Fajar, 2017). Loving, caring and there. We can't fight them. And the
the willingness to sacrifice for his/her other way there is a chance. “But a
family are the behavior that shown on magician!” said Caspian. “I know,” said
kinship value. Lucy. “But he mayn't be as bad as they
make out. Don't you get the idea that When Caspian, Edmund, Eustace, Lucy
these people are not very brave?” and Reepicheep went to the cave. They
(Lewis, 2014:281) were found a helmet, a dagger, and a few
coins and they investigated that was one
g. Regret of seven missing lords. However, they
Regret means a feeling of sadness or were confused about how the lord was
disappointment that you have because of killed except Edmund. He logically thought
something that has happened or that the lord was not killed in a fight or by
something that you have done or not a wild animal. If the lord was killed in a
done (Oxford Dictionary, 2015). Eustace fight, there must not be armor there. It
realized that he was turn into a dragon did not make sense if the enemy took the
because of his greediness and selfishness. body and not the armor. In addition, it did
At that moment, he was disappointed that not make sense if the lord was killed by a
even for the first time he arrived in the wild animal because there was no animal
Dawn Treader he was never be a good that clever enough to take off the human
friend for the crew especially Lucy and shirt. Until, they realized that the lord was
Reepicheep who always very kind to him. fallen into a pool, which turn things into
He began wondering that felt lonely, gold.
he wanted to be a friend who can talk, “Look here,” he said, “there's
and laugh and share things as well with something very fishy about this. He
others as a human. He realized the others can't have been killed in a fight.”
were not fiends as he was always “Why not?” asked Caspian. “No
expected before. Eustace was really regret bones,” said Edmund. “An enemy
about all the bad acts he was done and might take the armor and leave the
deep on his heart he promised would be a body. But who ever heard of a chap
good person if he could turn back into who'd won a fight carrying away the
human. Eustace regret stated on following body and leaving the armor?”
statement. “Perhaps he was killed by a wild
“But the moment he thought this he animal,” Lucy suggested. “It'd be a
realized that he didn't want to. He clever animal,” said Edmund, “that
wanted to be friends. He wanted to would take a man's mail shirt off.”
get back among humans, talk, and (Lewis, 2014:.241-242)
laugh and share things. He realized
that he was a monster cut off from the i. Helpfulness
completely human race. An appalling Helping each other is the basic principle in
loneliness came over him. He began to social life because a man cannot live
see that the others had not really been without others. Helping could occur
fiends at all. He began to wonder if he because of the mutual benefits of a helper
himself had been such a nice person and who is helped or it could be because
as he had always supposed. He of the sincerity of rescuers to help others
longed for their voices.” (Lewis, (Fajar, 2015).
2014:177-178) It is as did by Lucy when seeing
dragon’s sore leg. Lucy looked its leg,
h. Intelligence which was sore and swollen with the
Intelligence is the ability to learn, golden bracelet. She was running to cure
understand, and think in a logical way its leg with her healing water without
about things (Oxford Dictionary, 2015). paying attention to her safety anymore.
Every ship members worried about her, k. Friendship
they thought that perhaps it was liar Friendship is a relationship between
dragon and it could endanger their little friends, includes a close, lasting, and
queen. It was shown that Lucy was very lifelong friendship (Oxford Dictionary,
helpful even to the animal that could be 2015). Friendship is a bond between
injured her. This values as stated on people who trust each other and help
following statement as follow, each other to face problems.
“Oh look,” said Lucy, “there's In the Ramandu Island, three sleepers
something wrong with its leg. The were three of seven missing lords. The
poor thing—that's probably what it ship members asked to stay in the ship
was crying about. Perhaps it came to rather than waiting the three sleepers in
us to be cured like in Androcles and the Aslan table because they thought that
the lion.” “Be careful, Lucy,” said must be danger to stay there along night.
Caspian. “It's a very clever dragon but However, Reepicheep stated that it would
it may be a liar.” Lucy had, however, stay there until sunrise. Reepicheep was
already run forward, followed by just a mouse but it has been their friend.
Reepicheep, as fast as his short legs Hence, Edmund, Caspian, Lucy, and
could carry him, and then of course Eustace decided to accompany
the boys and Drinian came, too. Reepicheep and asked the other ship
“Show me your poor paw,” said Lucy, members to rest in the Dawn Treader.
“I might be able to cure it.” (Lewis, The friendship was stated in the following
2014:187-188) excerpt.
“I am entirely of King Edmund's
j. Forgiveness opinion,” said Reepicheep, “as far as
Forgiveness is the act of forgiving concerns the ship's company in
somebody or the willingness to forgive general. But I myself will sit at this
somebody, (Oxford Dictionary: 2015). This table till sunrise.” “Why on earth?”
action was illustrated through Eustace and said Eustace. “Because,” said the
Edmund. Eustace had been turn into Mouse, “this is a very great adventure,
human again; he was regret and realized and no danger seems to me as great
that he had done such very bad things to as that of knowing when I get back to
Edmund, Lucy, also the whole ship Narnia that I left a mystery behind me
members. Eustace told to Edmund all of through fear.” “I'll stay with you,
his feelings and asked the forgiveness, Reep,” said Edmund. “And I too,” said
Edmund said that what Eustace had done Caspian. “And me,” said Lucy. And
was not as bad as what he had done on then Eustace volunteered also.”
the four Pavensies first trip to Narnia. (Lewis, 2014:387-388)
“And by the way, I'd like to
apologize. I'm afraid I've been Beside the good values, the researcher
pretty beastly.” “That's all right,” found the bad values as well. Those bad
said Edmund. “Between us, you ones are as follows,
haven't been as bad as I was on my
first trip to Narnia. You were only an a. Annoyance
ass, but I was a traitor.” (Lewis, Annoy is irritate someone or making
someone a little angry (Oxford Dictionary,
2015). It was shown on Eustace action
when Edmund and Lucy came to stay in Then a delightful idea occurred to him.
his house. Nobody was looking—they were all
Eustace disliked his cousins the four chattering about their ship as if they
Pavensies. However, he was quite glad actually liked the beastly thing. Why
because Edmund and Lucy were coming shouldn't he simply slip away? He
to stay. Because Edmund and Lucy were would take a stroll inland, find a cool,
slightly the same age with him. He liked airy place up in the mountains, have a
bossing and bullying by his words. He good long sleep, and not rejoin the
believed that he could treat them that others until the day's work was over.”
way because they stayed in his house and (Lewis, 2014:150-151)
it was his own territory. He had the power
and he was a winner. The annoy acted by c. Greediness
Eustace was stated on following passage, Greed was a strong desire for more
“For deep down inside him he liked wealth, possession, and power (Oxford
bossing and bullying; and, though he Dictionary, 2015). Eustace was trapped on
was a puny little person who couldn't the valley. It was no use trying to climb in
have stood up even to Lucy, let alone the rain. He looking for shelter and he
Edmund, in a fight, he knew that there found a cave, but it was not only an
are dozens of ways to give people a ordinary cave, it was an advance treasure
bad time if you are in your own home cave. He was not realized that it was not
and they are only visitors.” (Lewis, belong to him and he was taking that
2014:9) treasure greedily. He was fulfilling his
pockets with diamond also the bracelet
b. Selfishness above his elbow. Eustace’s greediness was
Selfish was the behavior of caring only stated on following pattern.
about you rather than about other people “With some of this stuff, I could have
(Oxford Dictionary, 2015). While the ship quite a decent time here—perhaps in
members were busy to collect some food Calormen. It sounds the least phoney
and fixing the ship. Eustace was lying of these countries. I wonder how
under the tree, suddenly he decided to much I can carry? That bracelet now—
silently leave them until the work was those things in it are probably
over. Eustace would like to enjoy his time diamonds—I'll slip that on my own
in airy place in the mountain without wrist. Too big, but not if I push it right
needed to hard work and could simply up here above my elbow. Then fill my
come back if he felt better. He was just pockets with diamonds—that's easier
thinking about his own pleasure without than gold.” (Lewis, 2014:167)
cares about others. Moreover, it was not
only a thought but it became the real 2. The Implications of the Novel Good
action. Eustace left the ship’s company Values for Education
without told anyone. His selfishness was Values are universal. In every part of the
stated in this following quote. world, having a good values is the main
“As Eustace lay under a tree and heard objective of every human in the social life.
all these plans being discussed his The universalism of the values make them
heart sank. Was there going to be no suitable for all human condition included
rest? It looked as if their first day on education. If we talk about education in
the longed–for land was going to be Indonesia, it must be considering to the
quite as hard work as a day at sea. Curriculum.
The 2013 Curriculum is a unit to instrumental values. Loving and caring on
integrate Strengthening Character kinship value also can be categorized as
Education. The government want to focus moral on instrumental value.
education not only on knowledge and On the other hand, among
skills but also on the students' spiritual Jinamez, Rekeach, and Stewig do not
and social improvement as set out in the mention about bad values. However, the
new 2013 Curriculum. researcher found several bad attitudes,
The Voyage and the Dawn Treader which was shown by the characters of The
novel is a novel, which has many values Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel such as
which, was congruent with the 2013 annoyance, selfishness, and greediness.
Curriculum in the term of spiritual and
social competencies. This novel has CONCLUSION
several good values which can be used as This study aimed to find out
the teaching material and implicitly to childhood good values of The Voyage of
teach about the spiritual and social the Dawn Treader novel, which is
competencies for the students as well. presented by the children characters.
They are Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace. This
Discussion research also would like to find out the
There were similiarities between this implications of childhood good values for
research catagorization and Stewig (1980) education.
and Jinamez (2008) values catagorization. From the finding of the research,
Those were integrity values, family value, there are several childhood good values
religious value, and two social values. The such as obedience, honesty, imagination,
integrity value according to Stewig (1980 pleasure, kinship, bravery, regret,
whereas Jinamez (2008) named this value intelligence, helpfulness, forgiveness, and
as personal values implied from friendship. Moreover, there were very
obedience, honesty, imagination, interesting things found on this novel, it is
pleasure, bravery, intelligence, about the improvement character of
forgiveness, annoyance, selfishness, and Eustace which, before were very annoy,
greediness. Family value which shown by selfish, and greedy. The readers could
Lucy character as kinship value Then, take the message from those bad
religious value was shown by Eustace as attitudes presented by Eustace.
regret value. Moreover, social values also This novel illustrated that there are
appeared from helpful and friendship. always a bad consequences of bad
While Rokeach (1973) classified behavior and we must pay what we have
values into two subs values, they were done as what Eustace had done. He was
terminal values and instrumental values. turn into a dragon until he was regret,
There were several Rokeach’s values that trying to change into a good person, and
also found on The Voyage of the Dawn asking for forgiveness. Magically, he was
Treader novel such as pleasure as back into human and change into a good
personal (self-focused) and friendship as human. The improvement of Eustace
social (focus on others) on terminal character started from when he felt lonely
values. Whereas, imagination, bravery, and regret of what he had done.
and intelligence as competence on Children literature provides many
instrumental values. Moreover, good lesson and values that can be taken
forgiveness, honesty, helpfulness, and by the reader. Values in The Voyage of the
obedience were categorized as moral on Dawn Treader novel are not only about
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was implied that values were very Publications.
universal, it can help the implementation Fajar, Syamsul. 2017. Moral Values
of the 2013 Curriculum in Indonesia as Analysis In The Rainbow Troops
well. The teacher can used the values on Novel Written By Andrea Hirata.
the novel as the teaching material and Unpublished Thesis. Aceh : State
source of references to teach the students Islamic University Ar-Raniry.
about religious and social attitude and Hunt, Elgin F. and Colander, David C.
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Significance of Values in an
SUGGESTIONS Organization. Caracas : Cograf
Based on the results and Comunicaciones.
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1. For those who are interested in
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analyzing values in the novel, they
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the values for education since the Learner’s Dictionary. New York :
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2. For the academics field especially Online Dictionary : Oxford
teachers who read the findings of this University Press.
study, the researcher suggests them to Stanton, R. 1965. An Introduction to
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adapted in The Voyage of the Dawn Washington.
Treader novel.
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3. For the writer and author especially
Literature. USA : Houghton Mifflin
novelist in Indonesia, the researcher
suggest to make novels which have
children literature genre. It is rarely Sugiyono. 2006. Metode Penelitian
found novel for children since the Kuantitaif, Kualitatif, dan R & D.
most popular novel is teenager or Bandung :
adult genre. Tuulik, K., Tauno Õ., Karin K., & Eneken
4. For the readers, the researcher T. 2016. Rokeach’s instrumental and
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