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 37437 Almont Drive West  Sterling Heights, MI 48310  Phone: 586-230-4090 

 Email: 

To complete high school within the top 5% of my class and be accepted into a four-year university.
College Major I nterest
To study Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University.

Sterling Heights High School, Sterling Heights, MI
 GPA: 4.0 / 4.2
 Class Rank: 21/373
 Honors Courses: Honors 10 English, AP Psych

Macomb Mathematics Science and Technology Center, Warren, MI

 GPA: 4.0 / 4.2
 Clubs: Math Club, FIRST Robotics
 Honors Classes: GAT, FST, Honors Chemistry, Honors Pre Calc
Casadei Structural Steel JUNE 2017 – SEPTEMBER 2017
Engineering /Accounting Assistant
 Filing, scanning, sorting accounts, checking order forms
Extracurricular Activities / Leadership Roles
Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center, Warren, MI SEPTEMBER 2018 – PRESENT
Lois E. Carter Middle School, Warren, MI
 Teach middle school age students the basics of building a robot
 Assist in sparking student’s interest in robotics and engineering
Great Lakes Tae Kwon Do FEBRUARY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2018
Senior Instructor
 Trained several students who are now current instructors
 Assist in teaching of the younger classes
o Ages 3-13
o Taught basic techniques, ran self-defense drills, warm ups, and sparring drills

 Comfortable doing scientific research with formal statistical analysis including DOE
 Confident speaking in front of large audiences and creating and presenting multimedia presentations
 Proficient in Solid Works, Java Programming, and Game Maker
 Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word, Power Point
 Experience in scientific research process and use of lab technologies
 Web 2.0 technologies: Google Drive, Google Forms, Video editing, Movie Maker, Podcasts, etc.
Awards, Honors, and Honorary Mentions
 Nominated to compete in the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition in 2017
 Invited to represent the state of Michigan at the Congress or Future Science and Technology Leaders in 2018
 Invited to represent Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center at the 2018 National Student Leadership