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1. Lala : Dian, you are a chef in an italian restaurant, aren’t you? What are your duties exactly?
Dian : I supervise the preparation and the service of the food from the kitchen to the dining room,
arrange the menu, and.....
D. taste the food for correct seasoning.

2. Mendya : chandra, what does your mother do?

Chandra : she is nurse. She...

A. Helps doctors take care of patients.

3. Marsya : have you thought about what to do after you finish your study?

Keisha : yes, I have. I think I’d like to be a journalist because...

A. I’m good at persuading people.

4. Vera : the air conditioning in my room is broken. Ehat should I do.

Danny : you should fix it.

B. A mechanic

5. Assistant : hare’s the repord you asked for.

Accountant : yes, could you please help me put this file back before leaving/
A. Is there anyting else I can do?

Question 16 to 20 based on the following text.


16. the main idea of the text above is...

A. a good chef.

17. the culinary artists have mastered the medium of food.

The synonym of the anderlined work is ....

A. Skilled

18. the time will help you develop your natural telents ...
The antontm the underlined work is...
B. Unnatural

19. bused on the text, what is the key to be successful chef?

D. spending time in a culinary school.

20. what does the second paragraph talk about.

A. the culinary artist in called a chef.
Questions number 21 to 25 are based on the text below.

21. What does the text talk about.?

B. how to be a good photographer.

22. a photographer who uses photography to earn money is colled....

A. professional photographer.

23. photographer who produce moving picture are called...

A. cinematographer.

24. they make a picture first, then offer it for sale or display.
B. Photographer.

25. Below are photographer categories based on the subject of the photograph, except....
D. fine art photographers.


1. Receptionist : good morning, happy family, restaurant. May I help you?

Guest : good morning......
Receptionist : when would you like your reservation ?
Guest : tomorrow evening.
A. I’d like to reserve a single room, please.

2. Ms.diah : good afternoon . may I help you?

Chandra : yes, my name is chandra and I have an appointmant with Dr.tika at 4:00 p.m.
Ms.diah : wait a minute....
C. She is still on the way.

3. Hanny : century travel, hanny speaking. Can I help you?

Riany : hello ms.hanny. this is riany .................
Hanny : okay Mrs.riany. I hope you have a wonderful holiday,
Riany : thank you, i am very excited.
C.I am colling to confirm my trip to bunaken.

4. Receptionist : under what name would you luike the reservation?

Tian : christian andry .
Receptionist : ........
Tian : yes, it’s 9985482.
D.Will you speak about your phone number.?

5. Customer : I’m sorry to tell you that there’s a problem with the camera I bought yesterday .
Sales clerk : I’m sorry to hear that.....
C.let me check the problem.

6. Lindra : do you have any plans for this holiday/

Carla :........ there will be a family outing sponsored by my father’s company.
B. I am going to go to bandung.

7. Guest : would you do me a favour , please?

Manager : yes, sir....
Guest : I orderedv lunch an hour ago, but I haven’t go it yet.
A. What would you like to order, sir?

8. Manager : Did our company get mare profit from sales this year?
Supervisor : I’m afraid not, sir. But we could have promoted the products....
C.if people had been more familiar whit our products.

9. Chilla : would you like to join us for dinner?

Malika : I’m sorry i have to go now. I wish...
C . I could stay longer.

10. Linggar : I’m going to go to bogor tonight.

Shanty : due to the weaather report, should be very cerevul on the way.
B. It will be a little bit windy

Question number 21 to 25 are based on the dialog below


21. What is the man doing in the text above?

D. He is confirming his reservation

22. What sort of room did he finally reserve?

B. executive room

23. “…complete with a kitchenette and a sauna bath…”

D. large kitchen for a professional chef

24. How much does the executive room cost ?

C. Rp675.000,Plus 10% room tax

25. When will the man go to the starqueen hotel?

B. on march 10


Choose the correct answer (A),(B),(C),(D), for each number

1. Hissa : could you tell me how to operate this camera ?

Shopkeeper : yes, ma’am .firstly…..
Hissa : oh. I see.

C. turn on the power button at the left side of the camera

2. Dewi : I have already put the paper here.what’s next?
Bayu : Do you see the “start” button on the machine? If you press it….
Dewi : oh yes. Thank you

C. you would have seen the next instruction

3. The passenger : what should we do before a plane takes off or lands?

The stewardess: . . . .

D. close your seat belt

4. Harry : can you tell me how to turn of a computer?

Vita :.....

A. Turn of the power button

5. Customer : excuse me. Could you show me . . . .

Shopkeeper : Yes. Of course

C. how this wate heater works?

Question 16 to 2o are based on the text below

Cell phone repair tips

16. How many ways you resed your cell phone ?

A. one

17. Below are some common problems of cell phones, except

B. frozen screen.

18. What is the firts step to perform the herd reset?

B. Turn the power off.

19. When should we perform a herd reset on the phone?

A. When the operating system is frozen.

20. What is the text mainly about?

B. How to repair a cellphone by yourself.

Question 21 to 25 are based on the text below

How to clen your digital camera.

21. What is the first step of cleaning a digital camera?

A. Clean the camera body

22. What is the next step after cleaning the body of the camera?
D.clean the lens

23. What is used to clean the image sensor?

A. Air blower
24. Use the air blower to remove the dust.
What is the synonym of the underlined word?

25. Don’t use anything like window cleaning liquid,whice might damage your digital camera.
The antonym of the underlined word is . . .

Bab 4

Choose the correct answer (A),(B),(C),(D), for each number

1. You shouldn’t put a mobile phone near any electronic devices.

The sentence above means. . .
B.keep your mobile phone away from any electronic devices

2. Yamashita : . . .
Hiro : why don’t you read the manual first ?
A. I don’t know ho to use this camera.

3. Leo : don’t put the glass near my computer?

Bryan : . . .
Leo : because it’s dangerous.
A. Why don’t you put it near the computer?

4. “you must unplug the power cable now!”

The meaning of the underlined word is . . . remove a dangerous thing and keep it away from an electronic device

5. “ you need to read the instructions first before operating this tool”
The word in italics means. . .
D.the things that you have been told to do

Question 16 to 20 besed on the following procedur.

16. What is the procedure about?

A. rules for museum visitors.

17. What should visitors do before they enter the gate?

C. buy a ticket.

18. The following rules are for museum visitors, except..

D. Don’t touch the antiques.

19. Can we take pictures of the antiques?

A. No, we can’t.

20. What is the antonym of the word ‘prohibited’ in rule number?

D. Permitted

Question 21 to 25 are based on the instructions below

21. what are the instructions above about?

C. to follow the health dapartement.

22. How should we handle cups?

A. By the handle.

23.Store potontially hazardous food at the propet temperature.

D. Wrong.

24. store utensils with the handles up or by other means to prevent contamination .

B. Avoid.

25. Date mark and cool potentially hazardous food or discard leftovers.

A. Uneten food after meals.


1. Nadil : What should I write in the first paragraph of an application letter ?

Rina : .......................
A. Talk about why you are writing, the job you’re applying, and how you know about the vacancy.

2. Asma : What are the things we need to prepare when we want to apply for a job?
Leo : .......................
C. An application letter and a resume

3. “To put the date on a letter whether it is a formal or a personal letter is a must.”
The sentence above meand.............
A. A Letter without a date cannot be called as a letter.

4. Bryan : Can you post this letter for me?

Tyo : .......................
Bryan : Thank you, Tyo.
D. Sure, I would be happy to help you.

5. Dony : ....................
Kim : Let me post it for you.
A. Do you want me to post this letter ?

Questions 16 to 20 refer to the following memo.

16. Who will be the quide ?

A. Chandra Santosa

17. The Main topic of the memo is........

A.Welcoming a guest.

18. Who is the sender of the memo ?

D. Arif Hakim.

19. What is thefirst program of welcoming

Mr. Chandra Santosa ?
B. To show him the products.

20. I’d like you to prepare a program for him.

The underlined word refers to ..............
a. Candra Santosa

Questions 21 to 25 refer to the following letter.

21. What position is needed ?

D. Administrative assistant

22. What does the applicant hope for after

Sending the letter ?
D. She will be interviewed

23. “.... I believe I have the proven skills .... “

The word ‘proven’ is closest in meaning to ......
A. Acknowledge

24. Who applied for the position ?

B. Linda Utami

25. Where is the letter addressed to ?

B. Jalan Edelweiss 27


Choose the correct answer (A),(B),(C) or (D) for each number

1. The music . . .we listened to last night was nice

B. That

2. “ My grandmother was the one who told me many stories whwn I was a child, “ said Susi.
From the sentece above, we know that. . . .
B. Susi was a good story listener

3. Rina : “Stacey, who taught you to make this kind of good presentation?”
Stacey :.....
Rina : you made it on your own?
I can’t believe it”
A. I learned from the internet
4. Ady : I don’t think jokes are needed i a presentation
Bima : . . .It’s a good tip to make the presentation memorable
A. They are undeniable

5. Aris : plagiarism is unforgivable in academic writing

Bary : What is plagiarism
Aris :...
D. It is to use someone’s ideas and prerend that they’re yours

Quentasion 16 to 20 are based on the following diagram.

Reasons for return of a clothing gift

16.Why are most clothing gifts returned ?

C. its meaning

17. What percententage of people do not like the gift they received
C. 25%

18. What is the least common do not like the gift they received ?
C. The qualy is poor

19. Based on the chart, one-fourth of the people said tha they return cloyhing gifts because . . .
C. They don’t like it

20. The percentage of peolpe who said that the item didn’t match is . . . the percentage of people who said
that they had item already
C. The same as

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following news report

21. What’s the main topic of paragrap Two ?

D. The increasing number of travelers flaying with Vietnam Airlines

22. When did Vietnam Airlines fleet consist of only five small aircraf ?
A. In 1956

23. why is the expansion of Vietnam Airlines said to be “right on schedule”?

C. Because the number of the airline passenger is increasing

24. In July, it signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase four 787 Dreamliners.
D. Airbus A321

25. . . . state-of-the-art craft for regional travel-is right on schedule

The underlined word is closest in meaning to …….
C. advanced

Question 26 to 30 are based on the folleing report

26. The text above is a part of an individual report. This part is called the . . . . .
A. Abstract

27. Based on the text, what didi the writer usually do in the morning?
A. Attended various meetings with the Bureau and Westerm Group

28. These meetings ran parallel with the plenary . . .

The synomym of the underlined word is . . . .
D. Similar

29. It would be remiss of me not to mention the numerous function and receptions we were invited
Antonym of the underlined word is . . . . . .
a. Diligent

30. The correct introductions sentence for the report above is . . . . .

B. Today, I’d like to present my internship report