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From: “Andrea Bocelli - Vivere: La Voce Del Silenzio ive in Tuscany” by MOGOL, PAOLO LIMITI and AMELIO ISOLA. Lyrics by: PAOLO LIMITI and MOGOL Published Under License From Hal Leonard Music Publishing ‘© Copyright 1968 Sugarmuste SpvPiceho Rozto Sa Sugar Songs UK Limited Administered by Chelsea Mase Publihing Company Limited. ‘All Rights Reserved. Inerational Copyright Secure. Authorized for use by Gabriel Fontes NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musica file are ented to use it for their personal enjoyment and musical fulillment. However, ny ‘duplication, adaptation, aranging andlor transmission ofthis copyrighted music requires the waitin consent ofthe copyright ‘vwner(s) and of Hal Leonard Music Publishing, Unauthorized uses are infringements of the copyright laws of the United States ax] ‘other counizies and may subject the user to civil andor criminal penalties. $ La Voce Del Silenzio Words by Mogol & Paolo Linriti Music by Amelio Isola Fo cm s Ab #8 8 @¢ @@ @ Jz) 2 1068 Sugarmuie Spa/Pccio Rosso Se ‘sugar Songs Uk eed Remsictred Dy Chita Nase Pubtshiig Gompany Lind, "OORT Ris Reserved Itematenal Copyighe Sood $ Atorizd forse by Gabriel Fomtes cm cas m7 Bi , Rg a g Ed ho sen - ti - to onl silen + ca AVES B AVES B AES BS AMES $ Authorized for use by Gabriel Fontes