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Listening « Vocabulary Andrew Betsis Lisa Demiralp ‘Sean Haughton ° Global ELT Introduction IELTS ithe International English Language Testing Sato. I ests al our language skit: latring, eating, writing and speaking Iti intended for people who want to soy or workin an English-speaking country. ‘There are two versions of the test, the Academic and the General Training module. “The Academic Training module s for those who want to stidy or train in an Englsh= speaking univers. Universiy admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses is based on the results ofthe Academic test ‘The General Training module is mainly for those who are going to English speaking couneries to do secondary education or get a job ane focuses on base survival sls in social and workplace environments ‘The Listening test isthe same for both the Academie and the General Training ‘modules. so this book is appropriate for candidates preparing for either ofthe two versions of the IELTS exam ‘The Listening-section of the test consis of 4 sections wih 40 itemsn total ain lasts proximately 30 minutes, IELTS candidates wilencountet inany diferent task types such as: multiple choice, shortanswver ions, sentence completion, 2s ferin,table, summary, flow:chart completion, labelling a diagram/map/plan, classification, matching