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SCL No: M471

Shutdown Check List Rev: 0

Date: 01.04.02
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Shutdown: Olefines & Utilities - 2002 Client: Qenos

Work Pack No: Area Ref:
Description: Equipt / Item No:
Insulation type: Thermal / Cryogenic / Acoustic / Personal*
Area Confirmed Other
Item Item Description Supervisor QAR (Specify)
1 Cladding and insulation removed and lowered to grade
2 Pipework / equipment cleaned of residual material
3 Confirm required condition of pipework / equipment
4 Confirm required insulation and cladding materials
5 Confirm required thickness and projection dimensions
6 Vapour seal installed correctly
7 Insulating materials for main component installed correctly
8 Foam fill mixing, temperature and procedure correct
9 Valve insulation installed correctly
10 Flange insulation installed correctly
11 Supports and attachments insulated and sealed correctly
12 Leak indicators installed correctly, sealed and visible
13 Cladding correctly (re)installed, fixings to specification
14 Cladding seams orientated correctly and weatherproofed
15 Penetrations boxed / clad* and sealed correctly
16 Personal barrier materials correct and (re)fitted correctly
17 Pipework / equipment identification (re)applied and visible
18 Nameplates visible and (re)sealed correctly
19 Cladding offcuts and surplus materials removed

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