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1. Who may enter the room.


a. The authorized personnel

b. Certain teacher
c. All students
d. Only the office staffs

Ans: a

2. The notice means that….

a. Somebody paints the chair

b. The paint is still wet
c. We may paint the chair
d. The chair is painted

Ans: b

3. What will happen if someone disobeys the notice….

a. The paint will dry instantly
b. He will get his pants dirty
c. The chair has to be repainted
d. The paint will not be removed

Ans: b

4. What does the dialog talk about………..

a. It talks about healthy food
b. It talks about the importance of breakfast
c. It talks about diet
d. It talks about supermarket

Ans: b

5. What does Nina want to reduce…………

a. She wants to reduce her money
b. She wants to reduce her rings
c. She wants to reduce her weight
d. She wants to reduce her wallet

Ans: c

6. These foods are good for diet, except…

a. Food that contains fiber
b. Food that contains less fat
c. Food with low calories
d. Food with high fat content

Ans: d

7. “ We eat breakfast in order to have energy to do our activities”.The utterances shows

expression of……….
a. Opinion
b. Suggestion
c. Purpose
d. Agreement

Ans: c
8. How long will the “ Secret Jury”observe the classroom……….

Tommorrow our school wil celebrate “HARDIKNAS”. There will be no lesson. However , we
will hold a flag ceremony and also some contests. One of them is the contest of the best
classroom. Decorate your classroom as creatively as possible . Some “secret Jury” will score
your class randomly. The observation will last for a week . All class leaders have to cooperate
with their class teacher and their own classmates. Some other contest are stated on the
announcement board. For more information, please read the announcement board. Thank you.

a. Six days
b. Five days
c. Eight days
d. Seven days

Ans: d
9. What should the students do to create the best classroom….
a. Observe other classrooms
b. Communicate with the secret jury
c. Meet the class teacher and their classmates
d. Decorate the classroom as creative as possible

Ans: b

10. “one of them is the contest of the best classroom” . The underline word refers to…
a. Jury
b. Contest
c. Teachers
d. Classrooms

Ans: b

11. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?

A. To invite the readers to join the tournament
B. To warn the readers about the inclement weather
C. To tell the cancellation of the tournament of August 21st
D. To remind the readers to come on August 31st for tournament

Ans: A

12. What does the writer want the participants to do……….

A. Cancel the tournament activity
B. Reshedule the holding of tournamnet
C. Be careful with the inclement weather
D. Wait for the latest news from the committee

Ans: d

13. The word “inclement” in the text is closest in meaning to ....

a. sunny
b. severe
c. windy
d. Merciful

Ans: b

14. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?

A. To remind Dinda to the plan of finishing the project

B. To promote the biology project to Naraya and Dinda
C. To inform Dinda that they will discuss the project together
D. To share the result of the discussion about the biology project

Ans: C
15. What will likely Dinda do after reading the text…..
A. Buy the reference book to the bookstore
B. Discuss the project with Kirana
C. Come to the library punctually
D. Wait for Kirana at the library

Ans: B

16. What is the purpose of the text above……

A. To tell Fadil’s daily activities at home

B. To show the writer’s pride of his brother
C. To describe Fadil’s physical performance
D. To share the writer’s brother’s experience

Ans: B

17. The writer describes Fadil as a ....

A. good football player
B. dark and short boy
C. young and brave person
D. kind, caring, and clever boy

Ans: D

18. What is the main idea of the third paragraph…………

A. The writer is proud of his brother
B. Fadil is an expert in playing piano
C. The writer’s brother likes watcing cartoon
D. Fadil likes watching TV and playing music

Ans: D

19. “Even though he is still young, he is an expert in playing guitar”. The underlined
word can be replaced by....
A. smart
B. fabolous
C. favourite
D. proficient

Ans: D

20. The text mostly tells us about ...

A. Chrysler Building
B. Gustave Eiffel
C. New York City
D. Eiffel Tower

Ans: D

21. To get to the first and second level of the tower the visitors have to ....
A. walk over 300 steps
B. walk over 300 steps or by the lift
C. use the lift provided in the tower
D. use elevator available in the building

Ans: B

22. What will the readers likely do after reading the text…?
A. Plan to visit and see the tower.
B. Learn how to draw the tower on a paper.
C. Compare the tower from the other ones.
D. Build the similar tower in his own country.

Ans: A

23. has become both a global icon of France and one of the most...” (Par. 1)
The underlined word refers to ....
A. The Paris Tower
B. The Eiffel Tower
C. The iron lattice tower
D. The Champ de Mars

Ans: B

24. Mount Merbabu is 11,000 feet high

Mount Semeru is 8,000 feet high
The comparasion of those sentences is ….
a. Mount Merbabu is higher than Mount Semeru
b. Mount Semeru is higher than Mount Merbabu
c. Mount Merbabu is as high as Mount Semeru
d. Mount Merbabu is the highest in the world
ans: a

25. What is the benefit of reading the label above?

A. We can buy the product easily

B. We will know how to make the product
C. We know where to get the product easily
D. We get the detailed information of the product

Ans: D