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The non-functioning landfill in Burgersfort is burning

non-stop, making for a terrible smell and pollution. We
requested comment from the local municipality. Apart
from other bigger problems, they also have problems
with their e-mail. We will report as soon as we receive

What’s up with the
water in Ohrigstad?
Agenda Sekgogoba (in the photograph, left) of Ohrigstad resorted to collect clean and perfect-
ly potable water for household use in Swart Street last week Friday. To be more precise, from
a hole in the almost newly tarred road.
“This hole and subsequent water waste somehow reflect on our meters. We now have an
account of R39 000. A Mr Maepa at Sekhukhune District Municipality wants us to pay about
R10 000 before they reopen our blocked supply (bottom right). If you phone them about your
account or about the hole in the road, they are ‘not available’.”
Platinum Gazette was not sure about the wasted water going through the meters, but when
one meter on the sidewalk, that went like crazy, was closed, the water stopped. Estimated
loss per second equaled one litre at this particular water meter (bottom), and we made a video
to prove it.
According to residents the water from the hole has been flowing for months now. It follows
a path of 600 meters (we measured the distance) before disappearing in the bushes at the
end of Mimosa Street.
So we wrote Mr Willy Mosoma, who is the spokesperson of Sekhukhune District Munici-
pality a letter about the issue, requesting his comment. He acknowledged receipt and now we
wait. Watch this space.

Fetakgomo Tubatse Tel 0832719151 (Editorial) 0835431676 (Advertisements) email:

Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Apel 22 Februarie 2019 Fax 0865549031

Tourism grading now made easy in Limpopo

Getting a tourism grading for your tourist des- care of all tourism grading aspects that tourism Ms. Nomasonto Ndlovu, LTA CEO.
tination will now be made easy. products might have. She went on further to say, “Our offices are a
Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) this week an- “During various interactions we had with the port of entry for tourists and the industry and
nounced that it has a working partnership with industry and stakeholders, tourism grading with Ms. Lebethe based in our offices, appli-
the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa featured prominently as a talking point. For cations and renewals will be swiftly attended
(TGCSA). Through this partnership, TGCSA that reason, we engaged TGSA on the matter and we are confident this will contribute to the
has deployed Ms. Rethabile Lebethe, Provincial and agreed that that the entity would send a increase of our tourism grading statistics. It
Quality Assurance Specialist to operate from representative to operate from our premises to should also be noted that one of the Lilizela
the LTA premises with immediate effect to take attend to grading needs in the Province”, said Awards entry requirement is that participating
tourism products should be graded or have a
valid grading certificate. We have no doubt that
this move gives us an increased number of
participants in these highly contested provincial
and national awards”.
TGCSA was established in the year 2000.
Operating as a business unit of South African A local
Tourism, the TGCSA is still the only recognized tourism
and globally credible quality assurance body destination’s
for tourism products in South Africa, which is directions
greatly relied on, to this day. All this means is on the
that when it comes to globally recognizable Penge road.
grading, they are really the one and only.

for SDM
On 19 February 2019, Sekhukhune
District Municipality (SDM) received
an award of appreciaton for their
Sustainable Unqualified Audit Opin-
ion for 5 financial years.
Other municipalities to be honoured
Proverbs 18:2 NIV were: Capricorn District Municipality,
A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions. Thulamela Municipality, Molemole
Local Municipality and Maruleng
Local Municipality.
The awards were given at the Mer-
opa Casino in Polokwane. “We are
on course towards attaining a clean
audit opinion,” said Executive Mayor,
Cllr Keamotseng Stanley Ramaila.
(Information and photograph: Se-
khukhune District Municipality).

Steelies se redenaars gereed vir ATKV

redenaars kompetisie

Steelpoort Akademie was in die afgelope twee weke bedryf met sport en kultuur. Die rede-
naars het in teen mekaar meegeding om in die volgende rondte van die ATKV Redenaar-
skompetisie in Polokwane te kan gaan deelneem. Dit gebeur op 25 April 2019.
Die groep redenaars is agter: Simoné Gouws (goud), Marli Vermeulen (silwer), Ilne Kleynhans
(goud), Rouxlé Kilian (goud).
Voor: Zelri Vermeulen (silwer), Mianke Visagie (silwer), Leoné van Niekerk (silwer) en Mar-
schant Reyneke. Saam met hulle is juffrou O’Dilhea Keulder.
Afwesig was: Anouscka Hatting.

Ohrigstad Police on the move

Have your say on
traffic laws

The police in Ohrigstad led by the social crime prevention coordinator Sgt Kholofelo
Phokane and VEP (Victim Empowerment Programme) members Adelaide Mogakala and
Cresta Mashigo embarked on a community outreach programme in a form of door to door
campaign this week.
On Tuesday they visited Ohrigstad town entering house to house and speaking to res- The Traffic Law Enforcement Committee has invited members of the public to provide
idents about safety of their personal property that includes recording of the serial numbers comments on the future and direction of road traffic law enforcement in South Africa.
of devices and appliances, creating unique marks on items, taking pictures of their items The Committee was set up in 2017 by the Minister of Transport.
and engraving their names on items. To date, it has engaged with a wide range of organisations consulting on the way
This campaign seeks to create awareness and educate communities on crimes related forward regarding the future of traffic law enforcement in the country.
to stolen goods and also aim to strengthen, promote relations and partnership amongst Chairperson of the Committee, Dr Kesolofetse Lefenya, has indicated that the next
stakeholders in addressing stolen goods related crimes. step of the committee is to request the members of the public to offer their views.
VEP members informed the communities about their roles and their services which The Terms of Reference of the Committee require it to develop a blueprint for the
includes, pre-counseling, victim friendly facility and any victim support to the victims of future design of traffic law enforcement.
domestic violence and sexual related crimes. “We are aware of the widespread view that traffic officers should be visible at every
They also encouraged the community members to report any domestic violence inci- road intersection.
dents to the police or to them so that they can be able to assist them. “However, this would not be easily attainable, there would never be enough officers to
This kind of awareness campaigns will be taken to all communities in the Ohrigstad deploy in all the areas. So we are asking members of the public to put forward innovative
policing area including the farms and smallholdings throughout the whole year. ways in which the laws might be more effectively applied,” Dr Lefenya said.
Information and photographs: Sgt Kholofelo Phokane SAPS Ohrigstad Corporate The Committee is also mandated to develop the National Traffic Law Enforcement
Communication. Code and the Anti-Corruption strategy.

Submissions must:

be written in English, in MS Word format;

contain the full name and contact details of the person mak-
ing the submission;
Where the submission is made on behalf of an organization,
the full name of that organization;
be attached to a covering e-mail, and sent to Hlulam@rtmc.; and
Reach the committee by e-mail not later than 17:00 on 8
March 2019.

Juffrou O’Dilhea een van top 9

Graad R onnies in die land
Juffrou O’Dilhea Keulder van Steelpoort beste Graad R onderwyseres in Limpopo ggestap en O’Dilhea se kategorie is deur die
Akademie is verlede Saterdag vereer vir haar aangewys. Noordwes provinsie opgeraap. O’Dilhea het ‘n
uitmuntende werk as Graad R onderwyseres. Die nasionale prysuitdelingsfunksie van Prestasie Toekenning ontvang met ‘n sertifikaat
Sy het Limpopo by die Nasionale Onder- verlede naweek is in Sandton gehou en is geteken deur Minister van Basiese Onderwys,
wys Toekennings (NTA - National Teaching selfs opgeneem om op SABC 2 uitgesaai te Angie Motshekga.
Awards) verteenwoordig. Sy is verlede jaar word. “Ek kan net dankie sê vir my Hemelse Vader
na verskillende rondtes met uitdunne as die Limpopo het met 3 eerste plekke we- vir hierdie ervaring en erkenning,” sê O’Dilhea. Sy
is ook vol dank vir haar man Werner, skoolhoof
Mnr. Anton Alberts en vir juffrou Thea Alberts wat
haar vir die toekenning genomineer het.
“Ek is gelukkig om my passie te kan leef en
het soveel by die ander deelnemers geleer. Ons
kontak met mekaar strek nou ook verder as net
die kompetisie. Ek het sommer vriende geraak
Tubatse, Praktiseer, Selala, met van die ander provinsies se deelnemers” ver-
tel sy. Hulle ruil nou ook van
Longtom & Kokobetja hulle werk onder mekaar
(Steelpoort) Build It uit en ondersteun mekaar
Tubatse Build It Shop 27, Cnr. Dirk Winterbach & Kruis Street, Burgersfort. Tel: (013) 231 7529 or om nog beter onderwys
(013) 492 1031 • Praktiseer Build It, 087 287 8685 • Selala Build It, 073 139 7969 vir die Graad R leerders
in hul onderskeie areas te
89990 44990 Vir O’Dilhea was die ont-
vangs terug by die lughawe
PT129B ALUMINIUM PT66B in Polokwane Sondag ook ‘n
WINDOW FRAME ALUMINIUM ervaring. “Die Departement
1200mm x 900mm WINDOW van Onderwys het ‘n hele
600mm x 600mm
groep mense gehad wat ons
kom verwelkom het. Dit was
feestelik en almal was bly
oor die prestasies van ons
provinsie. Ek het die hele
ervaring ongelooflik baie ge-

59990 niet”. O’Dilhea sal nou vir die

volgende 5 jaar nie aan die

kompetisie mag deelneem
ALUMINIUM nie. Sy moedig egter alle
WINDOW ander onderwysers aan om
FRAME PT1212B die geleentheid te gebruik
615mm x ALUMINIUM om meer te leer en kennis
900mm WINDOW FRAME te deel. Tydens die formele
1190mm x 1190mm
funksie is daar ook meld-
ing gemaak van probleem
areas, soos put toilette en
‘n gebrek aan dissipline in
Two customers can each win 10 skole, waaraan die Departe-
bags of cement! Buy 5 or more ment aandag gee.
bags of cement to be entered in
the lucky draw to win.

9490 each

3m x 30m
x 250mic
per roll

2200lt, 10 Year Warranty
Free Tap

PUMP ID/QB 40/60
0.37kw, 220v


299 90 1490 each

34990 REF 193
75& 150mm x 15m
20mm x 25m
Promotion from 22 February - 3 March 2019. All prices incl. VAT. Delivery excluded. E.&O.E.

Do people’s attitude towards race impact our economy?

South Africa is often called the rainbow
nation because of the variety of cultures
living here, but all too often racial tension
surfaces and tinges the bright image created
after becoming a democracy. In 2019 South
Africans are heading towards an election and
some of the buzzwords of the day include
state capture and corruption. In general most
people feel that these are bad for the state of
an already struggling economy.
This week however, Dr. Theuns Eloff, exec-
utive director of the FW de Klerk Foundation
published a plea to President Ramaphosa to
make an end of race based measurements
within the economy. His argument was that Mr Douglas Mabokwane said: “I think racism Me Ané van der Merwe sê: “Ek voel nog altyd
minority groups are less than 20% of the affects our economy. We need to do away Me. Mariaan Jacobs sê: “Dit is baie sleg dat jy moet volgens jou kwalifikasie en hoe goed
country’s population and they want to make with this thing of colour. We are all human mense deur ras benadeel word. Baie mense jy die werk kan doen aangestel word. Daar
a difference in the country, but based on the beings. We live on the same planet and we word benadeel vir hulle ouers se ‘sondes’ moenie gekyk word wie jy is en hoe connect-
colour of their skin, they are excluded and need each other. We don’t need to look at deur apartheid. BEE is belangrik, maar dit ed jy is nie. Hou op kyk na kleur, dit is sleg vir
deemed not fit to fill positions that require race when it comes to employment. We need moenie vir altyd aanhou nie. As daar meer die ekonomie. Mense wil nie meer werk nie.
some of the skills they possess. He asked to take people with skills and knowledge so werk was sou ras nie saak gemaak het nie. Dit is te maklik om iets onder die tafel deur te
how can such a small percentage of people our economy can improve”. Suid-Afrika fokus te veel op wit en swart. As vat. Al kan mense nie die werk doen nie, kry
in the long term be a threat to the demo- ‘n kleurling voel ek sommer sleg”. hulle dit steeds”. Saam met haar is Carissa
graphical majority in the workplace? van der Merwe.
He used Eskom as an example. Everyone Right: Mr Raymond
was affected by load shedding and last week Seerane and Mr Ken-
Minister Pravin Gordhan said that one of the neth Moropa said: “Our
issues at Eskom is the lack of skilled people. leadership in our country
They are now planning to bring engineers don’t have a vision for our
from Italy and get skilled labour that was lost economy. People should
in the past, to come and assist the compa- be employed to be the
ny. Yet, in the same week reports surface best that can do the job,
of Eskom planning to reduce the number of no matter their colour.
white employees in it’s service by 1308. This People’s attitudes are
includes 336 engineers and many mid-level wrong about colour”.
In Eloff’s opinion piece he said that Eskom
has been struggling much longer that the
so-called ‘nine missing years’ as some Mr F. Ndou said: “They must look at qualifi-
politicians refer to the period under President cation and not colour. So many people are
Zuma’s rule. appointed not even having the right qualifica-
Gwen Ngwenya also penned an opinion tion. You will find that someone is appointed
piece published last week (www.politicsweb. to an HR job, but they have a book keeping She echoed that BEE at Eskom had qualification. Look at the relevant qualification
a major impact on the current state of affairs. and not at race, colour or political affiliation”.
Her sentiment is that the current race policies
upheld by the ANC is part of the problem and
that competition in industry should ride above
competition in policy to try and ensure better Ms Paulinah Madalane, Ms Sindy Mdluli and Ms Lindiwe Khosa said: “People’s attitude is
outcomes for the economy. negative on our economy when they judge on skin colour and discriminate – like what is
Platinum Gazette asked readers how they happening now at Eskom. That is like apartheid being brought back. The problem is often at
feel people’s attitudes towards race impact management level. Perhaps training is needed.”. Ms Khosa says: “It is not only at Eskom. It is
on the economy. bad with things like what the EFF wants to do to take the land. I’m from Hazyview and many
farms were taken and given to black people and it is no longer operating. It is not right. Those
original farmers build those businesses and were creating jobs for people.”

Mr Jacob Malepe said: “BEE is something

politicians use to try and please people. It is
bad for the economy. They should rather em-
power black people to get the right qualifica-
tions and skills so they can be the best can-
didates for the job, instead of pushing some
into a job they don’t know how to do, simply
because they have the right skin colour”. Mr Kamogelo Magagula said: “In some cases Mr Ernest Kgoete said: “We live in a dem-
Mr Dumisa Madalane said: “The education our it has a negative impact on our economy. ocratic state. Everyone must be given an
government issue us with today is poor. We They will take someone based on skin colour opportunity. I’m black, but we need to face
have many skilled people, but often employees and you will find they cannot do the job. it that white people are often more knowl-
are blamed for not being skilled enough when These people will not be productive. They edgeable with economy – maybe because of
an organization does not perform well. This must totally withdraw BEE. They should apartheid. Give everyone a chance, regard-
while the top people chowed the money. I don’t strictly look at qualifications. We need qualifi- less of skin colour. We need to work together.
think colour has an impact on our economy. cations and skills, not colour”. It is our economy and it is for everyone’s
Our economy is negatively impacted because benefit that it goes well with
of political instability”. our economy. If we can work
together and learn from those
Right: Mr KP Malepe said: “I really believe that
who are more knowledgeable to
the race issue has a negative impact on our
help create and manage our own
economy. We first need to recognize it’s neg-
businesses, then we can grow.
ative impact and the negative impact our past
People must be employed based
had on black people. We must acknowledge
on qualifications, skills and expe-
that people were disadvantaged because of
rience and not because they are
apartheid. We must also acknowledge that the
black or white. If we go on about
benefit of our country comes before race. We
black or white we will collapse
must have more dialogue and talk about the
our economy”.
past. I think today the government is strug-
gling to balance all the forces. There are still
people who are biased towards white people. Above: Mr Justice Mokwena and Mr Godfrey Malatji said: “Qualification should be the most im-
Even if there are good enough people from portant thing. Race is not supposed to be something to exclude people. In government appoint-
black companies to do the job, they will favour ments look only at qualifications. For example, no teachers without teaching qualifications. Things
whites. The race issue is playing a role and it like gardening and cleaning don’t need qualifications. We will have a problem if we keep looking
is hurting our economy”. at race instead of the right qualified people”.
6 Platinum Gazette 22 FEBRUARY 2019

Betrekkings/Vacancies Platinum Gazette contact details:

Editorial: William Zwart

Tel: 083 271 9151

“Doing business Advertising: Beánnla Celliers

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is like winking at a Fax: 086 554 9031/013 231 7147

Samancor Chrome is a progressive, innovative company with an enviable

girl in the dark. You Postal address: P O Box 2208, Burgersfort, 1150

to provide growth and development opportunities and these are evident at our know what you are Website:
doing, but nobody Printers:
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else does” Copyright: All rights concerning any advertisement and / or

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- Stuart Henderson reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the Copyright Act (98 of

The following opportunity has become available at Vakante Beheerliggaam Vacant Governing Body
Eastern Chrome Mines Onderwysposte Positions:
business unit near Steelpoort in the Limpopo Province. 1. Koördineerder Buitemuurs en 1. Coordinator: Extra mural and Fundraising

MR Specialist
Fondsinsameling 2. Grade 1 Afrikaans and English
2. Graad 1 Afrikaans en Engels 3. Grade 2 Afrikaans and English
3. Graad 2 Afrikaans en Engels 4. Grade 3 Afrikaans and English

Rock Engineering 4. Graad 3 Afrikaans en Engels

5. Graad 7 Afrikaans huistaal en Engels
5. Grade 7 Afrikaans home language and
English first additional language
eerste addisionele taal
D-Lower Requirements: Educator Posts - SACE
Vereistes: Onderwysposte - SACE geregistreer registered
The incumbent will be responsible to Provide Mine designs and mining optimisation • Onderrig in Afrikaans en Engels • Tutoring in Afrikaans and English
service and solutions to rock engineering problems with the purpose of maximising • Volledige CV - meld bevoegdhede • Complete CV - qualifications
VDIHW\SUR¿WDELOLW\ZLWKLQWKHGHVLJQDWHGDUHDRIUHVSRQVLELOLW\ • Meld buitemuurse vaardighede • Extra mural qualifications
• Koördineerder Afrikaans en Engels magtig • Coordinator fluent in Afrikaans and English
Candidate must have a Gr 12, Degree or National Diploma in Geology and a Sluitingsdatum: 27 Februarie 2019 Closing date: 27 February 2019
&KDPEHU RI 0LQHV $GYDQFH 5RFN 0HFKDQLFV &HUWL¿FDWH  FRXSOHG ZLWK  \HDUV Diensaanvaarding: 02 April 2019 Starting date: 02 April 2019
Stuur CV na: Send CV to:
Ref. No. SAM22313/1 E-pos: E-mail:
Faks: 013 230 9342 Fax: 013 230 9342
To apply go to: Navrae: 013 230 9341 Enquiries: 013 230 9341

Metallurgy Practitioner Indien u nie binne 14 dae na die sluitingsdatum

van ons gehoor het nie - was u aansoek
If you do not hear from us within 14 days after
the closing date, then your application was
onsuksesvol. unsuccessful.
of all Metallurgical work as well as execute minor investigative projects for process Services
Visit your local
Candidate must have a Grade 12, National Diploma or B Tech Degree coupled with professional art
Ref. No. SAM22313/2 Seize this opportunity to join Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine, a values-driven 25 Years experience
Company that unconditionally cares for its people. in framing.
To apply go to: Our Mine, situated in the Limpopo Province about 60 kilometres from Small gifts, photo
Lydenburg and 40 kilometres from Burgersfort, is a world-class
HR Administrator
printing and copying
producer of Chrome Ore.
and much more avail-
MINER (C2) (2 POSITIONS) able in store.
Stockists of EPA! Your
favourite chilli sauce
The successful applicant will report to the Shift Overseer or nominee. on sale in store.
C1 Minimum educational requirements: • Grade 10/Standard 8 Certificate • Permanent NOW BACK -
Blasting Certificate for Scheduled Mines/National Certificate: Hard Rock Underground • Code
The incumbent will be responsible to administer and facilitate all Mining training 08 (EB) driver’s licence • Advantageous: Competent A & B and Blasting Assistant Certificate.
interventions in order for ECM HRD to deliver on their Human Resources Experience (including but not limited to): • At least 2 years’ trackless mining experience
• Advantageous: At least 2 years’ mining experience. variety of flavours!
Duties (including but not limited to): • Ensuring the effective operation of all blasting Visit Esmé Framers
and mining activities during a shift • Supervising team activities whilst ensuring safe practices in Steelpoort next
Candidate must have a Grade 12, various MQA Mining Skills Programmes: and continuous inspection of working place conditions • Planning to achieve operational targets to Wimpy or contact
Competent Person A&B, Blasting Assistant, Rock Drill Operator, Health and Safety and monitoring the availability of resources • Chapter 8 and 9 legal appointment in terms of
Esmé on
5HSUHVHQWDWLYHFRXSOHGZLWK\HDUVUHOHYDQW0LQLQJ([SHULHQFH the Mine Health & Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) • Creating a safe work area and ensuring good
079 100 9643.
housekeeping • Installing permanent and temporary support • Face preparation, marking and
drilling • Being responsible for drilling and blasting operations • Being responsible for ensuring
Ref. No. SAM22313/3 adherence to shift procedures and preparations • Accident/incident investigations operations.
To apply go to: Selection will take place according to the Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine Recruitment Operating Te Huur/
Procedure. A strong consideration will be the individual’s fit with the Dwarsrivier Chrome
Mine Values. The successful candidate will be appointed on the Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine
To Rent
Conditions of Employment, which includes being certified medically fit as per the Mine Health
Samancor Chrome shall apply the Employment Equity Principles as set out in the and Safety Act, 29/1996. Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine is an equal opportunity employer, and due VIP RENTALS
FRPSDQ\¶V(PSOR\PHQW(TXLW\3ROLF\,QPDNLQJWKH¿QDOVHOHFWLRQFRQVLGHUDWLRQ consideration will be taken in terms of the Company’s Employment Equity Plan and Mining BURGERSFORT
the mining charter objectives. CVs may be submitted to Dwarsrivier Recruitment, via e-mail:
bedroom units avail- or fax: 086 528 7579. Please clearly indicate the
6DPDQFRU&KURPH¶VUHFUXLWPHQWSUDFWLFHVGRQRWLQFOXGHDVNLQJIRUPRQH\RU reference number on your application or in the subject line of your e-mail. able for viewing day
SD\PHQWVIURPDSSOLFDQWVDWDQ\SRLQWLQWKHUHFUXLWPHQWSURFHVV All candidates must ensure that all relevant certified (certified by SAPS) time and after hours.
$Q\VXFKUHTXHVWVGRQRWRULJLQDWHIURPWKHFRPSDQ\DQGFRQVWLWXWHIUDXG qualifications, certificates, and licences are attached to their application. Units are situated
Short-listed candidates will be required to authenticate information provided in Aloe Ridge West,
in their CVs. Correspondence will be entered into with short-listed candidates
To apply online go to the above link or only. Candidates may be required to undergo psychometric and other relevant
assessments. Please note that criminal and credit checks may be conducted on Please call and select careers 082 578 6113.
the successful candidate.
or e-mail your CV to If a candidate fails to provide information or submit proof of qualifications as per the minimum
Closing date: 01 March 2019. requirements above the application will not be considered.
No late or unsolicited applications will be considered. No recruitment agency CVs will be
If you have not been contacted within 2 weeks after the closing date, accepted.
please assume that your application has been unsuccessful. Closing date: 27 February 2019 at 12:00
The Working Earth 02-22313 Human Communications 145557

SAPS plays in Capricorn Pulana Maroga league results

Pulana Maroga Soccer League results for Tearing Lions: 0 vs Mighty Bucks: 1. Leb-

District Soccer League last weekend:

16 February 2019 - Tearing Ground:
alelo Hungry Vultures: 3 vs Golden Spears:
Morethe Young Dribblers: 3 vs Lebalelo Stone ground: Mohlophi Fast 11 Jnr: 1 vs
The SAPS Limpopo Capricorn District won 4-3. Hungry Vultures: 1. Tearing Lions: 1 vs Bafaladi: 6. Lenareng: 0 vs Tshakanya
Soccer League continued play-offs this The Stream B games were: SAPS Tu- Stone Breakers: 0. Mighty Rovers: 2. Stone Breakers: 0 vs
week. batse/Mecklenburg/Ohrigstad 2 vs SAPS Lebalelo ground: Bafaladi: 3 vs Lenareng: Happy Stars: 3.
On Wednesday Stream A played the Burgersfort/Sekhukhune/Leboeng 7. 1. Happy Stars: 2 vsBarcelona: 0. Driekop FC ground: Mathipa Happy Fight-
following matches: SAPS Seshego 2 vs SAPS Motetema/Groblersdal/Rakgoadi 6 Mighty Bucks ground: Bull Bull: 4 vs ers Jnr: 0 vs Mangabane: 1. Morethe Young
SAPS Mankweng 5; SAPS 1011 vs SAPS vs SAPS Dennilton/Marble Hall 1. Mangabane: 3. Mighty Bucks: 2 vs Real Dribblers: 1 vs Maruleng: 1. Driekop FC: 1
Senwabarwana/Mogwadi/Maleboho. (Information and photographs: Sergeant Touch: 1. vs Barcelona: 0.
SAPS Senwabarwana/Mogwadi/Maleboho Mvundlela) Results for 17 February 2019 - Lebalelo (Information and photographs: Pulana Mar-
ground: Bull Bull: 0 vs Mighty Blues: 1. oga Soccer League)

Dwarsrivier Chrome FC vs Maribeng FC

On Tuesday, 19 February Dwarsrivier
Chrome FC played a friendly game against
Maribeng FC. The game was played at Kalk-
fontein (Nokaneng). The game ended in fa-
vour of Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine’s team with
a score of 4-0. (Information & photographs:
Mmushi Kgopane)
8 22 FEBRUARY 2019

Platinum Gazette
Modikwa runners do CDM 4 in 1 Burgersfort Masters
On Saturday 16 February the Modikwa Marathon
Club runners headed to the Capricorn District May-
FC faces Praktiseer
or’s 4-in-1 race in Polokwane.
The weather was perfect for running and runners
finished with good times. This was a Comrades
Masters FC
Marathon qualifier race and the runners competing
Soccer teams in the area are back to playing friendly games as
in the 42,2km race could post seeding time for this
often as possible.
year’s Comrades on 9 June. The team thanked
Last week Sunday, the Burgersfort Masters FC played a friendly
Modikwa for the continued support. The results
game against the Praktiseer Masters FC. The game was played
were: 42km: Justice Phokane 3:26:40; Solomon
at the Mochening sports ground. Teams were very evenly
Masedi 3:51:36; Elvis Madiba 3:53:24; Alfred
matched. Both scored goals and kept up the pace. The final
Tlaka 4:28:09; Donald Netshifhefhe 4:43:30; Violet
score for the game was 3-3.
Mabitla 4:53:22. 21km race: Rudolph Mokgomola
The Burgersfort Masters are inviting teams who would like to
1:30:16; Thapelo Kgoete 1:52:20; Themba Ma-
play against them to contact Mr Makgopa on 072 506 7616.
humane 1:53:28; Craig Shokane 1:53:31: Peter
(Information and photographs: Mr Makgopa).
Molapo 1:59:16; Obed Magabe 2:18:33; Charles
Mohlahlana 2:53:33. 10km race: Alpheus Maimela
00:46:46; Adolph Boshego 1:03:50; Hezekiel Mak-
wana 1:14:00. (Information & photographs: Willem

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