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Name Website URL Description of the

Interactive Learning
FUNBRAIN In this activity, the player is
monster asked to drop candy on the
candy monster. There is a
number line and the player is
given a number to drop the
candy on.
Scholastic This activity teaches students
ams/science/ecosystems/ecosystems.htm about the Ecosystem. They
watch a video first, then take a
short quiz over what they
PBS Kids For this activity, the learner will
grow/ learn about planting a garden.
Elmo and his friend instruct the
learner to plant seeds, water the
plant, and harvest it.
ABCYa During this game, students will
m learn about consonant blends.
The player will place words
together with the correct
E-Learning For Kids https://en.e- During this activity, the student will be asked to play several
addition/ different interactive math
games that will strengthen their
number ordering, and counting
Internet4classrooms During this activity students
1-mw.html will play a matching game to
match plural words with their
singular word.
Math Playground This game teachers students
aceRaceMultiplication.html multiplication. They have to
think fast and press the answer
to the multiplication problem to
send their rocket-ship through During this game, students will
time-game/ be asked to identify the clock
that has the time that is being
asked for.
Splash Math During this game, students will
skills/first- be given numbers of objects,
grade?msclkid=517900d1cfb61e1ff24f5cbc asked to count them, and then
43d28d9d&utm_source=bing&utm_mediu add them together and choose
m=cpc&utm_campaign=SB%3AGrade- the correct answer.

Smarty Games During this game, Students will

thSkiJumps.html have to add, subtract, divide, or
multiply as quickly as possible
in order for the skier to go faster
and longer.