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HRM Assignment

“Building knowledge capital to create innovation and competitive advantage is a critical
part of HRM in today’s business organizations. Increased competition and highly volatile
business environment has made it inevitable for organizations to have an effective HR
planning in this regard. It is therefore essential to initiate strategic training and
development that could not only evolve learning organizations but also fosters
innovations for long term sustainability and differentiation”

Students are required to develop an argument based on the above mentioned statement.
Please provide reasons and examples to support your argument. Assessment is based on
the logical development and building conceptual framework utilizing a blend of resources
such as books, journals, articles, news papers, and internet.

As an HR Professional you are required to draft a report whether or not according to you,
knowledge capital through training and development can benefit an organization by
incorporating innovation potential and sustainable differentiation. A proposal based on
strategic HR planning for this purpose will demonstrate your conceptual understanding.
Your written report should consist of two sections:

Section A:
Executive summary- should include the outline of the evaluation of the project. In
business writing, executive summary is a clear reflection and intention of how the topic is
rightly approached and the ways adopted to solve the problem. The recommendations are
to be briefly summarized to the director of organization.

Section B:
Discussion- should be based on elaborating the executive summary,. It should discuss in
relevant to the following points:
1. people as key organizational resource
2. acquiring competitive advantage through knowledge (learning, training and
3. but, is a challenge for HRM because of;

Cost and time investment

The changing nature of technologies and globalization
Short product life cycles and uncertain business environment
The diversity preferences and emerging choices
Concentrated and hypercompetitive markets

4. knowledge brings differentiation

5. signifying knowledge provision for innovation and creativity
6. role of HR Planning in linking organizational strategy with its training and
7. planning strategic training and development
8. building innovation potential through training and knowledge management
9. recommendations
10. cited references (at least 20)

Please note that above mentioned points are just relevant topics important for the
assignment. It is not mandatory to use them as headings. Developing your own
impression will reward you better than providing ready made headings.


Students will be assessed on the basis of:

Coursework 40%
Presentation 20%
Written exam 40%

Grading criteria for report: (40% of the final grade)

1. Research: (40%)
Content, both width and depth of reference sources (including associated
theories) (15%)
Demonstrate the use of Harvard referencing in text (15%)
Appropriate list of references and bibliography in appendices (10%)
2. Analysis: (40%)
General analysis demonstrating appropriate use and application of relevant
theoretical concepts, (20%)
Conclusion and recommendations (20%)

3. Presentation of report: (20%)

Layout, proper report format (10%)
Logic and clarity of English and readability (10%)

Report layout:
• Cover page
• Table of content
• Your responses to the questions
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• List of references
• Bibliography
• Appendices

Work limit: 3000 words maximum, any excess will be penalized.
Plagiarism: There is zero tolerance for plagiarism, it will be penalized.

Penalty: assignment cancelled: 0% award