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Issue: 2/2012


Douglas A-1J Skyraider—Tamiya 1/48 by

2012 "John Meyers Memorial Award"

Warm welcome to our new sponsor Italeri

and happy 50th birthday wish you
WSM Team

Our members work

Very special thanks to great company ITALERI who recognize our effort and our will for
made great models and show them to all over our build blogs.
We received these great scale models from them and in next issues will make build of them.
In issue No.3 we will build one of the planes and Stug.
Please visit ITALERI web site for more info and great models.

Douglas A1-J Skyraider from Tamiya in 1/48 scale
By Vajled
MODEL BUILDER INTERNATIONAL 2012 "John Meyers Memorial Award"
1st Place

Hello guys,
In the beginning of the year 2012 Model Builder International web site announces
online competition named: 2012 "John Meyers Memorial Award" and thematic was:
Vietnam War.
I have decide to participate competition and enter with Tamiya Douglas A1-J
Skyraider in 1/48 scale.
And how you can see I have won 1st place and in according that really big thanx to
MBI web site and Kenny, also to the Badger AB company and Mr. Mig Jimenez for
his FAQ2 book with his personal written dedication to me in the book what I have
won on contest.
In next pages you will see my build blog of Skyraider and review of the model.
Best regards to all,
Roman - Vajled

In the beginning of build only
thing what I can see about this
model and plane itself that it’s
MIGHTY BIG BIRD and it’s not a
surprise that this plane flown till
mid ’70.
History of this particular airplane
is great and in my opinion this
plane is an icon of piston planes.
Boxart is great and also like all
assembly in the box.
Really great work from Tamiya in
that part.
First look is: I must have this kit!!

Start of works

Little dry fit just to see and confirm the look:

Mighty and mean machine
Cockpit assembly

Cockpit looks just fair enough.

Details in the cockpit are not too rich
but satisfactory.
Only thing what tamiya can do it much
better is pilot figure. In general looks
ok, but pilot face is like from some bad
wax museum.
There are not too many parts for as-
sembly and quickly you can have nice
looking pit.

Pit is glued inside the

So far looking good
and I didn’t have any
major, or better say
no problem at all till
this stage of building
and also till end of

Painting and decaling time


Model is painted with acrylic

paints from Italeri, Revell and

Basic color: Revell Acrylic

Stone Gray, Preshade Italeri
Acrylic Black

CAMO: Earth Brown, Dark

Green and Bronze Green,
underside in Light Grey, prop in
black with yellow and air
brakes and wheel bay with

Model Master Metalizer Exhaust

is used for engine trails

And here is final product.

From start of build till end of it I didn’t have any
problem at all.
Very nice kit for build and finished OOB looks
This kit is for all recommendation.

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Beginners Corner

Basic tools

Many of these sanders you can buy in drug store or better just
take it from your wife :) .
Great sanders for models because they came in variable
grades from very hard till polisher.

You will also need some cutting knife, tweezers, pliers,

hand drill with various bits (my suggestion is from 0.4
mm till 1 mm) and some paint mixer stick. You can all
this buy in local hobby shop or over internet.

Cotton swab (for cleaning) and toothpick (primary used for

applying CA glue, putty...)

Masking Tapes

Extra Thin Glue, Revell glue with

needle, CA glue and CA GEL Glue
Various sizes of paint brushes

Ferrari F430 Scuderia
By Mario Turk

Kit: Fujimi 1/24 RS-55

- Black lines decals from Dexter Model
- Rim’s: Fujimi AVS 5 Model
- Aluminum ring for wheels: Pegasus
Hobbies after painted in yellow
- PE Set: Fujimi
- Seat belts, buckles, emblems on seat
belts are mix from Tamiya and Studio
- Colors: enamel from Revell and Model

Bae Hawk 127- Airfix,1/48
By KFS (Kamil Feliks Sztarbała)
Warm welcome to my friend and great modeler Kamil Feliks Sztarbala known as KFS from Poland.
In this issue I’m proudly present one of his astonish work, let pictures say it all.

Bae Hawk 127- Airfix,1/48
By KFS (Kamil Feliks Sztarbała)

Bae Hawk 127- Airfix,1/48
By KFS (Kamil Feliks Sztarbała)

Our members work

Carlos B. F-16 AK (Tamiya 1/48)

Mario101 Avia S-92 (Eduard 1/144)

Our members work

Bacon — Dio. Russia 1942