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SCHOOL Surname: Class: Worksheet # student, 1, Carl___my friend, Susan an American student. 2. Marge fat. My pet dog dark brown. 3..My ball __pink My friend and Z tall and thin 4, My grandparents Those monkeys. (on the trees. 5, These pencils This bike. pink. 6.T___aking. My parents. Brazilian, 7.Cats___wild animals. My aunt a doctor, 8. You__aman, You're a boy. 9. T____aPortuguese teacher. 9. Bears orange, 10. You my favourite actress. 10. My books red. 11. Dogs clever. 11. My sister and T (i) C. Answer the questions. ZA How old is Marge? How old are Kate and Marge? How old is Lyn? How old are Tim and Sam? ‘And you? How old are you? My name... Timmy. T..,..10 years old Te elewn, My best friends... Tack and Sue They. .....Poek stars. 3. Write true answers. 2) Are you a student? b) Are you from the USA? ©) Where ore you from? d) Are you twelve? ©) How old are you? 4) Ts your friend from Rome? 9) Where is your friend from? 3. Gorrect the mistakes @) Sarah and T om sisters. b) Ben and Tim is at school ©) Horses ond cows is animals, 4) England are a country ©) Tim are from America 7. Read and complete. 9) vessthe @ dancer? No, 2B) ce sathey from Japan? ¥e,.. Q 7‘ a ° A) cccery from Italy? No... 9) 1. Mr Dane doctor? Yee, Bm) ha Ki? No, oo Doyen a pilot? Ne. ‘hey penguins? Yes. you doncers? Yes... ‘they brown? No, 2." Draw and complete for you and ‘two friends. My name. - Eosessesssrsecnee OPS old. My best friends They, 4. Write the plural ©) She is a girl b) He is @ teacher ¢) It isa deer, d) Tama boy. e) You are a child. ) Tama bonker 9) Tris a bor, ‘6. Read the information and write a short text about this person. GX FS NTT swede “Firm these sentences inte negative ‘She i @ young gi Tama detective ‘They ore uply cats. We ere streng gine ‘Steven is from England You are @ mire. He's 0 becketball player. ‘They are bottles That is fish The black eat is small |e) This boy is lary