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35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival

Call for Scores Application Form

Please fill out the form in PRINT.

Name of the Composer:

(Last) (First)

(Name in Chinese character, if applicable)

Nationality: Date of Birth: / /


Contact Information: Email:

Phone: Fax:
Title of the Composition:

Title in Chinese, if applicable:

Year of the Composition: Duration:

If the composition is selected to be performed in the 2018 festival, it would be:
 World Premiere  Taiwan Premiere  None of the above
Submission Category:
 Orchestra  Chamber Music:
 Chinese Orchestra  A: For 4~5 players
 Choral Music  B: For 1~3 players
 Chamber Music for Chinese and Western Instruments  Percussion Ensemble
 Electroacoustics/Multimedia
□ The 35th ACL Conference and Festival Young Composers Competition
All applicants should send the following materials: Electroacoustics/Multimedia composition
 Application form with signed agreement should also include:
 Full score of the composition  Recording of the composition:
 Instrumentation  CD  DVD
 Profile of the composer (within 150 words, may also attach a  Technical specifications
profile in Chinese.)  Score, if applicable
 Program note of the composition (within 150 words, may also
attach a program note in Chinese.
 (Selective) Recording of the composition (CD/DVD)
※All the required materials should be sent to applicants’ ACL national committee. THE HOST COUNTRY WILL ONLY
Each applicant can submit up to 2 compositions. When a composition is selected to be performed in the festival, the applicant
needs to provide a score and parts at no charge, and is responsible for clearing all the performance-related rights of the piece.
If the composition includes traditional instruments that cannot be found in Taiwan, the applicant needs to provide the
instruments for rehearsal and performing use, and to invite instrumentalists when needed.

I understand and agree the responsibility stated above.

Signature__________________________________ Date ____________

ACL-Taiwan Email: P.O. Box 2-40 Tamsui Zhuwei, New Taipei City 25199, TAIWAN Fax: +886-2-8809-2522