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Writing Part 2 A review

Sede: Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

Curso: Complete First. Cambridge English

El Lago Restaurant

I tried El Lago restaurant few years ago, and found it was a very exclusive,
welcoming, and wonderful mexican restaurant. The Restaurant EL Lago is
located in the heart of the “Bosque de Chapultepec” and it started the
service in 1964.

The surroundings were modern and its arquitecture is unique in the world.
The waiters were very welcoming, informative and their service very
satisfactory. El Lago is one of the most popular restaurants in Mexico City
and it is also part of the citizen´s life.

The food and the menu are very satisfaying. The menu had a good range
of delicous dishes. The food cooked there has its roots in Mexican cousine
and every dish was impeccable and wonderful presented with a
combination of colors and flavours.

Im my opinion, the prices were very reasonable and competitive. The

place was so exclusive, the view was wonderful, the rervice was
welcoming, the interior was comfortable, the arquitecture was unique, all
the ingredients were clearly fresh and the dishes prepared of the highest
quality. I would highly recommend this restaurant , I will no doubt be back
for many meals.
Writing Part 2 A report

Camping Trip in the Forest

Last weekend students and their parents went camping in the Forest as a
part of a Science Project in my school. It was planned since August when
the scholar year started. Parents, students and teachers got involved in
the project and participated in all the activities.

The purposes of the trip were made a change from their everyday lives ,
learned about the enviroment having new experiences out of the
classroom , got away of the daily routine, improved relationships between
families and students.

We did Interesting and active activities, walked around the forest and
studied the plants and animals we observed, we prepared our own food
with some ingredients collected in the forest, we learned to work in team
with community games and challenges.

The day was a succes because everyone enjoyed and spend good time
in group, had plenty of opportunities to improve relationships with the
parents, classmates and collegues. We practiced colective values and
enviromental education, and the students became more independent
also more self-confident.
Writing Part 2 An article

Hobby Freestyle
Swimming has been my dream since I was a Kid. When I walked outside
the swimming pool in the way to my school I used to spent hours
imaginating that I was a professional swimmer.

I started swimming lessons when I was studying in highschool when I was

15. I watched my classmates who had taken swimming lessons before
and I tried to imitate them. Gradually, I become good swimmer and was
one of the best in all the groups with I practiced each summer.

I never stopped swimming during years, I really enjoyed spend time in the
swimmingpool, especially at night when I could see the stars reflected in
the water. For many years it was a great way to spend my free time. I
swimmed when I was pregnat too, I was still swimming two weeks before I
had my baby.

Actually, I am still swimmimg and my son do it too. He is a natural

swimmer, in my opinion he is better than me. I wandered nervously when
he started his swimmimg lessons but he never was scared. Swimming is our
favorite leisure-time activity because we found it really satisfaying and
relaxing. And we still share the same swimmingpool ten years later.
Writing Part 2 An essay

Nombre del alumno: Beatriz Pantoja Salgado Y Ofelia Arellano.

Sede: Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.
Curso: Complete First. Cambridge English

Teenagers and young people should share housework equally with their
parents. Do you agree?

Although in my country housework is done most of times by the parents. I

believe teenagers and young people should share housework equally
with their parents.

There are two good reasons for encouraging young people to share
housework with their parents. Firstly, because parents are working more
and more hours, it is so hard for parents work plenty of their time and also
have the whole responsibility of housework. Secondly, if the teenagers are
have more time than their parents and less responsabilities.

On the other hand, there are some housework that it is better if are done
for the parents. Depending of how difficult could it be for teenagers or if
the parents have thaught their kids how to do some hoseworks which
which implies more attention.

A further point is that if houseworks are shared with all the members of the
family, it could be an opportunity to enhance the familiar relationship by
the time all are practicing values like responsibility, cooperation,
commitment, and it could make a difference in the every day routine of
all members of the family.

In conclusion , I belive teenagers and young people should share

housework equally with their parents in the most positive way to spend
more time together and be comprehensive with the ones you love.