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Undoing the Damage of Rogue Light &

Sound Gurus -Deviations from The Path

The following article was written by a former eckist who heard about Lane's
book on Eckankar, did his own research on the Eck/Sant Mat history, and now
follows Sant Mat (and has for many years). He contacted me after seeing my
websites and asked me to post this on the internet, but he prefers to remain

This is a call for a return to honesty. Here I express some of my observations

about the teachings of pseudo Light & Sound groups that have appropriated and
modified India's Shabda Yoga tradition -- the Path of the Masters. In very much
the same way Native American teachings have been ripped off by white suburban
"shamans" charging big bucks for culturally appropriated beliefs and practices,
some have thought it possible to separate the Teachings of the Masters from the
Masters themselves, and the Path that's been faithfully communicated from one
generation to the next for thousands of years now. Of course there are many other
modern examples that one could point to of human beings hacking away at the
roots of life in the name of convenience and "progress."

With this short article I'm making the assumption that most of its readers are
already somewhat familiar with various paths that claim to represent the Light
and Sound teachings (Surat Shabda Yoga). Here I'm communicating my own
views, not on behalf of any Eastern organizations, though I suspect, generally,
most initiates of the Sant tradition would agree with the points I have made. It is
my prayer that "the sins of the fathers" will not be visited upon future generations
here in the West, that the lust for power and money, the intellectual dishonesty,
the manipulation of people, and the cover-ups that some have been willing to
tolerate will not be swept under the rug, or forgotten. For the genuine Path of the
Masters must always be a Path of ethics, honesty, and truthfulness. In the Sant
tradition God is often called "Sat," meaning "Truth", and a genuine "Sat-Guru" is
thus, "a Guru of Truth," a Messenger of the-God-Who-is- Truth. The leader of a
spiritual movement must always be the embodiment of Truth. Without a
competent Master, a spiritual movement will not be capable of being an
instrument in the world for the Positive Power (God).

The Sikh Bible of India begins with the words "Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam"
meaning, "There is one God, Truth is His Name." (the Jap Ji or Morning Prayer
of Guru Nanak). God is Truth, and the Way back to God is through the
Expression or Manifestation of Truth. The Morning Prayer is the first book of
the Adi Granth , sometimes called the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the great
Holy Book of the Sikhs and Sants (Saints), written in the Gurmukhi language of
Northern India.

I won't be "naming names" here, just focusing attention back where it

belongs.....upon the principles of the classic Sant Mat tradition of India. It is also
my prayer that more and more souls can find their way through the labryinth of
new age philosophies that have abandoned ethical values -- they seem to desire
not only to strip the earth but also the higher planes, of ethics and God. May
seekers after Truth discover a place of healing, of well-being. May genuine
mystical experience prevail, the kind that leads to the realization of the Beloved
Lord of All Souls, the Ocean of Love.

Becoming a Guru through Deceit

In the early 1960's there was a certain "metaphysical" and science fiction writer;
he was an initiate of Sant Kirpal Singh (a Master of the Light and Sound). In his
earlier works, this writer often mentioned the name of his Master. In fact, he
wanted Master Kirpal to publish a certain book of his. But the Master refused to
publish this book --- he perceived that it wasn't accurate, and didn't represent real
mystical events. To make a long story short, this ambitious writer then decided to
break away from his Master. Eventually he established himself as the leader of
his own group, covering up his past connections with Kirpal Singh and Sant Mat.
He proceeded to delete Kirpal's name from all his books, replacing it with a
fictitious name, an imaginary "Tibetan master." This "Tibetan master technique"
has been used over the years by many as a way to create legitimacy out of thin
air, the thin air of the Himalayas! Because this rather elusive "Tibetan" has no
forwarding address, or is forever "in seclusion" atop the steep Himalayas, it's
never possible for anyone to ever check out the bold claims of the teacher. In
these cases: there's never anyone else who has gotten on a plane (in the physical
plane!) and flown over there to sit at the feet of this "master," and never any
words of the alleged "Tibetan" have ever been published by an earlier group of
disciples anywhere on earth! Cover stories of "a Tibetan who appointed me to be
master to the West" are intended to obscure the reality that the ambitious teacher
doesn't want to "come clean," doesn't want to tell us the truth about his (or her)
background, doesn't feel comfortable disclosing where he or she really got the
teachings from.
What an insult these lies are to our intelligence> What an insult to the suffering
Tibetan people and the real Lamas of Tibetan Buddhism! Furthermore, how
could a genuine Master lie thousands of times in books, on tapes, before public
gatherings??? This is not a proper foundation for a spiritual path. A genuine Sat
Guru would never be a liar and a charlatan. In Sant Mat the Path wasn't born
yesterday --- it didn't begin with one man and his typewriter. Initiates
have personal access to the history of the tradition Honorable teachers have
nothing to hide, and nothing to be ashamed of.

Another thing to watch out for is the "reincarnated dead guru technique."
Occasionally pseudo gurus desirous of creating legitimacy for themselves will
imply that they are the reincarnation of a past Saint. They argue, "You accepted
him, so why not accept me, too?"

A few years back someone was claiming to be the reincarnation of Huzar Baba
Sawan Singh. I don't believe the claim is genuine since their teachings are
dramatically different from Sawan Singh's and the Sant tradition on a number of
fundamental points. Does the master have a multiple personality disorder?
Would a Perfect Master need to argue with himself? In any event, in the classic
Sant Mat tradition self-proclaimed gurus aren't recognized as legitimate. One
cannot simply become a Master by self-proclamation, declaring oneself to be the
supreme master of the Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way. In this Path there's
one Master at a time serving as the Spiritual Head of a specific Community or
Mission. When the current Living Master is about to leave the body, they will
usually recognize and apoint the new Master. The current Master appoints the
next one. This approach of Sat Gurus recognizing Sat Gurus (Truth recognizing
Truth) is part of a system of "checks and balances," so that the torch of
spirituality gets passed only to a worthy recipient, or recipients if there is to be
more than one successor. (Occasionally a Master, thinking about the future of
the Path, will appoint someone to start a new Mission in a different location. For
instance, Baba Jaimal Singh went to the Punjab.) This approach, despite human
nature, has served the Sant tradition amazingly well over the years.

The Sufi Mystic Sultan Bahu once said, "There are few genuine disciples. People
purporting to be masters perpetuate themselves with false promises. They exploit
their followers to satisfy their greed." Bahu also warned his students to watch out
for false teachers who want to be masters over others even though they've never
been faithful and loyal disciples themselves.

Being chosen to be a Master is just about the rarest event in human history that
one could wish for! So ambitious leader-types bent on appropriating various
aspects of the Path that they find attractive, come to feel that they need to
reinvent themselves. After all, this is the only way available to them to become a
guru of shabda yoga! So they attempt to create for their followers the myth that
they somehow have become "a living master of the Light and Sound." If the
teacher's past associations were made public, it might prove embarrassing and
undermine his or her authority as a "spiritual" leader. The awful truth could be
revealed that one's teachings were stolen from someone (or someplace) else, that
there are other competing Masters and Paths out there which the faithful could
start checking out. Troubled or disgruntled followers might even decide to
defect to the original Light and Sound group of the teacher. Indeed, they
sometimes do just that! Can you imagine how upsetting it must be to learn that
your guru, instead of being master of the cosmos, is actually a dropout disciple of
some other path? Rogue groups have desperately tried to cover their tracks. But
in the end, the Truth always wins.

We're entering into a "new age" of information. It's increasingly becoming more
and more difficult for unethical leaders to plagiarize the books and teachings of
Sant Mat without detection. And to further complicate matters for them, the
number of initiates of real Masters continues to rapidly grow in the Western
countries. This has dramatically changed the situation. Sant Mat is now as
much Western as Eastern. There's no longer any "need" (if there ever was) for
pseudo sant mat to exist. In my opinion, pseudo sant mat, an experiment begun in
the 1960's, has failed and is beginning to finally fade away.



The first rogue Light and Sound group got started in the 1960's. Its
founder severed all contact with Master Kirpal Singh of the Ruhani Satsang.
Since that time several other new Light & Sound groups have turned up.
These got started in the same way, were founded by teachers who broke
away from the first break-away group --- schisms of schisms if you will!
Unlike the Sant tradition which has a type of "apostolic succession," a stable
line of Masters going back hundreds of years, in this new "Westernized"
Sant Mat, so far anyway there hasn't been a single example of a guru
appointing a successor. There have been arrangements, self-proclamations,
schisms, and even coup d'etats, but never any smooth transitions from one
generation of leadership to the next.

These groups teach that Sant Mat should be practiced differently in the
West than in the East; that the vegetarian diet is an "Eastern cultural
thing," that long periods of meditation, love and devotion for God, the
morality and ethics of the Masters, are all "arcane Eastern" concepts which
are totally irrelevant to "out-of-body travel" and therefore, ought to be
tossed aside. However, in inner space there's no such thing as "East," or
"West." Truthfulness and ethics are absolutely essential for the spiritual
journey. Inner and outer peace are inseparable. If one encounters genuine
Light on the inside, how could this possibly lead one to practice darkness on
the outside? People who are merely supernatural thrill-seekers can easily be
duped, it would seem.

The struggle between ego and spirit is a universal one. The Science of
Spirituality is something that people of all races, genders, religions, and
nationalities can practice. The idea that spiritual principles are different in
one place than another is a phony argument. What's really going on is that
the spin-off groups in question are attempting to "market" watered-down
teachings in hopes of attracting more followers, especially from the new age
movement. "I'll have a small order of fries, a burger, an out-of-body
experience, and a coke to go, please." But this strategy hasn't accomplished
very much.

Living Saints aren't out to simply "fill seats" and create a large organization
which charges money for initiation. This is the unpardonable sin in Sant Mat.
Enlightenment can neither be bought nor sold. "A genuine Master doesn't
live off the earnings of his followers." This principle is designed to keep the
Path pure. For if there's the added pressure of a big organizational structure
which needs to be supported, then the focus shifts away from purely
spiritual motives to getting more and more and more donations. "Success"
and "failure" are the same thing if the Teachings of the Masters have been
forever corrupted, or lost in the process.


Originally, Christianity was a Jewish movement of Palestine. And then a guy

by the name of Paul came along and became the self-appointed leader of a
new branch of the faith called "Paul's Church of the Gentiles." The
leadership of the Hebrew Church didn't see Paul as a genuine spiritual
successor to Christ and disagreed with many of his teachings. Paul's church
was: largely "out of the loop," didn't speak the language, didn't have much
first-hand access to the Jesus tradition -- they didn't have copies of all the
collections of sayings of Yeshua and other documents, and wasn't fully
aware of the mystical teachings that the Jewish Christians practiced. They
also weren't faithful to the vegetarian diet. (The Jewish Church was
vegetarian.) Much of this knowledge was unfortunately lost along ethnic
lines. After a few short decades the Greek and Latin speaking Christians of
the West, filled with much sectarian pride and anti-Semitism, were
compmletely unaware of hos different their Christianity had become from
the original Jesus movement of the East -- of Palestine. They had
become complete strangers to the original teachings and the original line of
Masters that communicated them. Something, in other words, had gotten
lost in translation, somewhere on the long, bumpy, dusty road from
Jerusalem to Rome.

Since the 1960's we've witnessed in the US the very same kinds of problems
with Light and Soundism during its formative period: false claims of gurus,
dumbing down the teachings to make them more "appealing" to the less
mystically-inclined mainstream, denying or excusing past cover-ups and
deceptions, being unaware of some key mystical practices of the Path, lack of
curiousity about where the Light & Sound teachings actually came from,
lack of access to documents that would reveal the original, unadulterated
teachings, going from a purely vegetarian diet to meat-eating, and other
major changes in ethics that are much more in conformity with the ethos of
pop culture than with Sant Mat.

Even now, quasi gurus still venerate the writings of the 1960's author I
mentioned, even though they've been made aware of the false information they


Teachers in the break-away groups almost always rationalize that the

vegetarian dietary practices of the Sant tradition are merely "cultural"
rather than spiritual, that the vegetarian teachings of the Masters and
Mystics are not to be taken seriously. Apparently there's no danger of rogue
teachers plagiarizing passages from The Path of the Masters by Julian
Johnson on this subject!!

The reality of the matter is that Sant Mat is a vegetarian Path primarily for
mystical, spiritual, and theological reasons. The Masters teach that foods are
of three kids: Satvik, Rajsik, and Tamsik. This last category of foods, which
includes all flesh foods, is to be completely avoided. Satvik, the first
category, includes: grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and dairy.
Satvik foods are considered by Mystics to promote relaxation, meditation,
and spiritual experience. The bad karma and other negative effects of flesh-
eating darkens one's vision of inner Light, interfering with meditation.

It's interesting to notice that the Satvik diet is also: the life-extension diet,
tne anti-cancer diet, the diet for antioxidants and most of the other plant-
based nutrients, and the diet of the Light & Sound mystics, East and West.

The notion that vegetarianism is confined mostly to India is yet another

falsehood of pseudo sant mat. It is true that many conventional world
religions here in the West condone flesh-eating, but if you do some
comparative mysticism you'll soon discover that the esoteric traditions which
have practiced Light mysticism, Sound mysticism, and Ascension mysticism
through higher planes of heavens are in agreement about the need for
mystics to abstain from the flesh. The list of Western vegetarian paths
includes: Pythagoreans, followers of the Hermetic philosophy of Egypt, the
Sethians, Theraputae, Essenes (and other Light-mystics within Judaism), the
original Jewish Christians (see The Gospel of Jesus -- In Search of His
Original Teachings , John Davidson, Element Books), the Gnostic religions,
Manichaeans, some Catholic monasteries, monasteries of the Orthodox
Church -- including the great mystery school atop Mount Athos in Greece,
and the Sufi mystics of Islam who practice Zikar of the Spirit, Light, and

Master Kirpal Singh: "Those who take up the practices concerning the
lower centers in the body, do take meat -- the Mohammedans and people of
other religions also. But those who are anxious to rise above body
consciousnes and go into the Beyond have of necessity to eschew all that.
This is the Path I have put before you. Liberation or salvation is something
which starts only when you rise above body consciousness. For that reason,
vegetarianism is the first essential." (The Night is a Jungle) Herbs really are
magic healers!

Kabir says, "The man who eats meat is a demon in human form. Keep away
from him -- his company will ruin your meditation." (Kabir: the Weaver of
God's Name , RS Books) The harshest words that Kabir ever spoke were
directed against the slaughter or consumption of animals.

A Western Master of Sound & Light by the name of Pythagoras once said,
"Our Earth has abundance of such pure and harmless foods and there is no
need for us to partake of meals for which blood has to be shed and innocent
life sacrificed."


A spiritual practice quite popular in the Western Light & Sound groups is
the "Hoo Chant." It was another teaching introduced to them via Julian
Johnson! In his 1939 book The Path of the Masters, Julian Johnson quotes
several paragraphs from Chapter Eight of Hazrat Inayat Khan's book The
Mysticism of Sound, Servire Press -- a volume in the Sufi Message Series
featuring a compilation of Sufi teachings on Sound, inner and outer. In
Chapter Eight, like deja vu all over again, Hazrat Khan says, "This sound
Hu is the beginning, and end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or
thing. A careful study will prove this fact,which can be realized by listening
to the sound of a steam engine or of a mill, while the echo of bells or gongs
gives a typical ilustration of the sound Hu. The Supreme Being has been
called by various names in different languages, but the mystics have known
him as Hu.....This alone is the true name of God, a name that no people and
no religion can claim as their own." (The Mysticism of Sound was first
published in 1923.)

The Qadriya Order of Sufis and other Sufi Mystics frequently use the
"Hoo" chant. I have some CDs of Turkish Sufis chanting "Hooooooooo"
during their Zikar ceremony. The Sufis probably inherited this practice
from the Gnostics of the Middle East who were very much into vowel
chanting. Many Gnostic names correspond to the subtle bodies: astral,
causal, mental, etheric -- - also the soul, higher spiritual regions, and the
Nameless Most High God. For some Sufis "Hoo" symbolizes (or even
mimics) the Sound Current, and was used in a special way to refer to the
Nameless God, the One Whose Real Name is unpronounceable, truly beyond
all earthly languages.

In his mystical Sufi poetry, Bahu used "Hoo" as a name for God and the
Sound Current, the cosmic Name (Naam) of God. "Hu resounds within, Hu
resounds without, Hu always reverberates in my heart. The wound in my
heart aches constantly with the unabating pain of Hu's love. The darkness of
ignorance departs from the heart lit by Hu. I sacrifice myself to the one, O
Bahu, who has realized the significance of Hu." (Sultan Bahu, RS Books)
"Hoo" is indeed a very beautiful, powerful, and soothing name of God. For
Sufis, it is truly a love-song to God, the Beloved Lord. "Allah Hoo Akbar;"
God is Great.
Bahu's love poetry addressed to God brings me to my final segment of
"Deviating From the Path," my evaluation of what America's rogue sant
mat gurus have done with the perennial philosophy of the Masters. I believe
there's much illusion to dispel in America's Church of Surat Shabda Yoga,
Inc. I am hopeful that this process is now underway. For the disciples are
genuine even if the master is not. In the end, as the English Mystic Julian of
Norwich puts it, "All shall be well." All shall be well.


The new age movement doesn't like God very much! Orthodox new agers
would rather hear from: channeled entities, ghosts, space brothers, aliens,
blobs of plasma supposedly in orbit around the planet Jupiter, "ascended"
masters, goddesses --- just about anything from the astral or psychic planes
willing to woo them! Many in academic circles are also deeply offended by
the• word "God." The rebellious baby-boomers of the Age of Aquarius
have often adopted paradigms and orthodox mind-sets that unfortunately
make it much more difficult for them to come to the feet of a genuine Master
of a Living Tradition.

Sant Mat is not an introductory spiritual path, but nevertheless builds upon
the foundation of ethics and faith in God embodied in the various religious
traditions of the East, and the West. This Path is for spiritual seekers who
want to evolve beyong entry-level religious understandings and progress
onward to the actual experience of Self and God-Realization (mystical union
with God.) Authentic mystical experiences will never cause us to become less
ethical, and will never encourage us to remain alienated from our Creator ---
quite the opposite. Those who define Sant Mat as merely "the science of how
to have an out-of-body experience" have a lot to learn about Shabda Yoga,
and a lot to learn about the Saints, Sufis, and Mystics that have been visiting
this planet for thousands of years now.

"I have met a Wonderful Being. Nobody knows him. None can come in
contact with Him without the grace and mercy of Sants." "Sants reveal this
truth. Only a gurumukh (faithful disciple) will believe and understand it."
"This Mat (Teaching) of Sants is deep and hidden." >None knows it except
Sants. Radhasoami has revealed this Faith. Some seekers after truth will
accept it." (quotes from the Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj)
"First of all I salute the Satguru, Who showed me the Inconceivable God."
"Only the connoisseur, who will test the Shabda and listen to the Teachings
with full attention, and within whom these Teachings will dwell, only he will
understand this. He within whom the Sun of Knowledge will manifest and
remove the darkness of attachment -- only he will understand this. I am
telling you this Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love) --- only rare saints will
understand." (quotes from The Anurag Sagar of Kabir, Sant Bani Books.)

"I have found a Sea of Love, an inexhaustible flood; I have opened a

treasure of spiritual knowledge, it diffuses the radiance of a million suns,
arisen in Thy worshipper's souls. Unexpectedly, without an effort, I have
heard the Eternal Secret, I have learned to know God." (The Poems of
Tukarama by J. Nelson Fraser)


The "metaphysical" author and "ambitious teacher" I mentioned earlier, in

his writings plagiarized much ofThe Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson.
One thing that really struck me about these examples of plagiarism is the
treatment of God. In Julian Johnson's book God is referred to as "He" or
"Him," but in the plagiarized versions God almost always is transformed
into an "IT." I also have a new version of the Jap Ji published by another
Light & Sound group. This version is "based upon" a translation made by
Master Kirpal. In this new version God is also transformed from a "He"
into an "IT," to force the Jap Ji into conforming with "Westernized" new
age sant mat.

These quotes are from Prologue and from Stanza I of the Jap Ji, and will
illustrate the pronoun changes that were made to Kirpal Singh's original
translation. "He is Naam (Conscious Spirit...)" (original Kirpal translation)
"It is Naam..." (new version) "Through the favor of His true Servant, the
Guru, He may be realized. He was when there was nothing; He was before
all ages began; He existeth now O Nanak, and shall exist forevermore."
(original Kirpal translation) "Through the favor of Its true Servant, the
Guru, It may be realized. It was when there was nothing; It was before all
ages began; It existeth now, O Nanak, and shall exist forevermore." (new
version) "One cannot comprehend Him through reason..." (original Kirpal
translation) "One cannot comprehend It through reason..." (new version)
And these quotes are taken from Stanza II of both editions. "By His Will is
matter quickened into life; By His Will is greatness obtained; By His Will
some are born high and others low. By His Will are men's joys and sorrows
ordained; By His Will (the pious) obtain Salvation; by His Will (the impious)
wander in endless transmigration. All exist under His Will." (original Kirpal
translation) "By Its Will is matter quickened into life; By Its Will is
greatness obtained; by Its Will some are born high and others low. By Its
Will are men's joys and sorrows ordained; By Its Will (the pious) obtain
Salvation; by Its Will (the impious) wander in endless transmigration. All
exist under Its Will." (new version)

The new "IT-god" approach comes across as cold. For many, it just doesn't
invoke warm feelings of love and devotion. Traditionally, the Sants of India
seek to cultivate in their disciples love for God. He becomes their Beloved.

The Saints and Mystics have, in their travels, discovered that there are many
different levels (emanations, manifestations) of the True God (Anami-
Radhasoami). At the level of Sat Lok (the Fifth Plane, the first true eternal
spiritual region of Sach Khand), God (Sat Purusha, Haq, or Truth) is
described as the "True Being," -- a personal God-with-form. Sometaimes
Saints describe God as masculine, sometimes feminine, sometimes both --
androgynous. Often in the Furbani (Sikh Scriptures) Masters pray, "Thou
art my Father, Thou art my Mother." Tukarama, a medieval Sant from
Maharastra, said "O God, thou art a Sea of Compassion; Mother, Father,
and Brother to me."

At the level of Alakh Lok (the Sixth Plane, the second spiritual region of
Sach Khand, the "Invisible Realm") God is described as the "Inaccessible
Being." At the level of Anami Lok (the Eighth Plane, fourth region of Sach
Khand, the "Nameless Realm"), the Supreme Being is described as the
"Anami," or "Nameless One." He is also called "Radhasoami" -- "the Lord
of all Souls." The Most High Supreme Being, the Lord of Love Who lives in
the Infinite Ocean of Love (Anurag Sagar), has been described by Sants as
"Nirguna" and "Nirankar." Both terms mean "Formless." The Most High
God is "Formless," "Nameless," "Merciful," and the "Reservoir of Love."
Here All is One, or as Kabir says, "As the river enters into the ocean, so my
heart touches Thee." This is Ultimate Reality.

"The Lord is the True Beloved and is the Fountainhead of Love."

(Discourses of Babuj Maharaj)
According to the great Saints and Mystics of Sant Mat our relationship to the
Supreme Being can be that of love (bhakti), and that the spiritual journey at its
finest is a journey into love "God is love, our soul is a drop from the Ocean of
love, and the Way back to God is also through love." (Sant Kirpal Singh) In
new age and pseudo sant mat circles God has become an "It-god," or as
Shirley MacLaine has said, "...god, or whatever you want to call It."
Generally, in the psychic-level religions (from the vantage point of the astral
plane) god is a far, far away cosmic force called the "universal intelligence."
This cold, frosty, distant metaphysical approach stabs at the very heart of
mysticism, especially that of Sant Mat mysticism. God is most assuredly not
merely a cosmic "thing" whose sole purpose of existence is to be magically
manipulated by human beings trying to gratify all their earthly desires.


The following quote comes from the book Streams of Nectar by Master
Darshan Singh, and will give you an idea of the ways that lovers of the
Beloved Lord have expressed devotion, worship, and love to their Creator.
"In trying to convey this soul/Oversoul relationship to us the Saints and
Mystics have had to resort to various analogies. Jesus spoke of it in terms of
'father and son." Shri Ramakrishna spoke of it in terms of 'mother and
child.' Mira Bai spoke of it in terms of 'husband and wife.' Like Saint Teresa
of Avila and Mystics throughout the world, Saint John of the Cross depicts
the relationship of the soul and God as that of lover and Beloved, of bride
and Bridegroom. As the relationship develops, the lover awakens to his or
her lover and is changed into love itself. This is the transformative power
through which the human becomes divine."

Sant Rajinder Singh says, "When we look inward, we look into the eyes of
unconditional love. God is love, and the soul, being of God's essence, is love.
The two merge into one, and the result is eternal bliss. This is the most
sublime of unions, the most divine of marriages. Nuptial bliss of this earth is
but a small taste of the wondrous bliss from the union with the Lord. Tulsi
Sahib has said:

I have found everlasting fulfillment

For I am wedded to the Immortal Lord.

This is a union that transcends time and space. It has no beginning; it has no
end; but flows ceaselessly. At such a state, we are bathed in this unconditional
love within us at all times." (Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation,
Element Books, July 1999)

I believe that it's no coincidence that the greatest lovers of God also happen to
be the greatest Mystics in all of human history, the ones who report: having the
most rapturous meditations, seeing the most Light, hearing the most glorious
Sound/Music of the Heavens, soaring in spirit through the highest of
spiritual/heavenly realms, and making the most rapid progress along the Path
of the Masters, ultimately merging with God -- the One True Being, the Ek
Ong Kaar Sat Purusha -- the Beloved Lord of All Souls -- the Being Who loves
His children/souls.

"Contemplate thou that Lord who dispels all thy sins instantaneously. For, if
one forsakes God and leans on another, one is never fulfilled. O my mind,
dwell on thy bliss-giving Master." (Adi Granth)


The "ambitious teacher" and author who turned out to be the founding father
of "Western" Light & Sound spin-off groups, wrote of himself flying through
heavenly worlds and higher planes. He was also a science fiction writer! After
a number of years I came to the conclusion that his accounts of fantastic
voyages, traversing higher regions of inner space, and the numerous dialogues
with a "Tibetan Master" (who mostly used non-Tibetan terminology borrowed
from the Sant tradition!? that "appeared to him in his radiant body," were also
works of complete fiction. He, in other words, pioneered a genre one might call
"mystical fiction," which, very much like science fiction, represents the telling
of amazing stories of super men exploring wondrous, magical worlds of the
imagination. In these works of mystical fiction, our hero is a perfect disciple of
a five hundred year old Tibetan sage. Unlike you or I, this perfect disciple gets
an "A- plus" every time; he always gives a brilliant answer at just the right
moment; he always grasps the profound discourses of his cosmic mentor and
guide. Eventually our star puil is appointed to become the next supreme master
of the universes of time and space. For those who embrace these works, not as
fiction but as representing real events, we witness the making of a new spiritual

Perhaps in the next century seekers will be less gullible -- more discerning.
May we celebrate the day when finally we are rid of the untried, untrue
metaphysics of the new age, and the toxic philosophies/paradigms that hve so
plagued the souls of this century, attempting to strip them of their common
sense, their souls, and their Creator. We have been very, very fortunate indeed
to have even survived this century, given the procession of the merchants of
death and the false prophets who, having observed the splitting of the atom,
were emboldened to attempt to unravel the very fabric of the universe itself.
Let's be grateful that, through the grace of the Supreme Lord and His Saints,
we've survived this century. May we no longer be dissuaded by the voices in
this culture who prefer us deaf and blind, unable to have faith in any real
Masters, since we've been conditioned to no longer trust anyone anymore. May
seekers find an honest teacher and humbly sit at his/her feet. May we make use
of this precious opportunity of life to enjoy being lovers of the Beloved -- this is
a beautiful legacy.

Saint Symeon once said, "When men search for God with their bodily eyes they
can find him nowhere, for He is invisible. But to those who contemplate in the
Spirit, He is present everywhere. He is in all, yet is beyond all. In this, His
salvation is near to those who revere Him, but far away from sinful men."

From the Hindi Padavali of Sant Namdev:

There is no room
for guile.
Govind Gopal (God)
is the sea
of virtue.

You have no feeling

for God
in your heart,
yet you preach it
to others.

the road
to heaven
as you travel
down the path
to hell.

You are taking poison

from a
blind man
and you know it.
You are humping into a pit
with a
blind man
your eyes wide open.

You are blind to charity

and compassion,
to good deeds, dharma,
humility and
devotion to God.

Sing of the Lord

and His devotees,
Never put your faith
in anything



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