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Friday, February 1

February 2019 Newsletter for Families STEM Matters Spring Break Application
World Read Aloud Day
Saturday, February 2
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
Sunday, February 3
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
Monday, February 4
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
National School Counseling Week 2019

Pre-Kindergarten Application Opens
PS 152 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, February 5
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 Period
Phone: 718-968-6115 National School Counseling Week 2019
Lunar New Year (Schools Closed)
Julia Bove, Superintendent Wednesday, February 6
Linda Dalton, Family Support Coordinator STEM Matters Spring Break Application
Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator National School Counseling Week 2019 9:00am
PS 197 Pre-K Open House
Thursday, February 7
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
National School Counseling Week 2019
PS 195 SLT Meeting
Pre-K Open House Joan Snow
Pre-K Center (East 29)
PS 197 SLT Meeting
@district22bkny @district22bkny
IS 14 SLT Meeting
PS 255 SLT Meeting
IS 278 SLT Meeting
PS 312 SLT Meeting
Friday, February 8
STEM Matters Spring Break Application
FEBRUARY 11 – 15, 2019 SCHOOL SURVEY OPENS FEBRUARY 11 National School Counseling Week 2019
Pre-K Open House Joan
Snow Pre-K Center (Coney Is
February 14 Ave) Saturday, February 9

STEM Matters Spring Break Application

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All Families
New Transportation Page: The DOE has launched a new transportation page on its website with
information for families that uses informal language, is mobile-ready, can be translated into the
nine DOE languages, and complies with accessibility standards. Please note that the Office of
Pupil Transportation’s website will not be available after February 1, and will redirect users to the
new transportation page.

Respect For All Week/National No One Eats Alone Day February 11-15, 2019 is Respect For All
(RFA) Week in all NYC public schools. During this week, schools have the opportunity to highlight
and build upon ongoing diversity programs and curriculum-based instruction. Schools also have
the opportunity to embark upon new initiatives that promote respect for diversity and engage
students in meaningful lessons and/or other activities that focus on preventing bias-based
harassment, intimidation and/or bullying. February 15 is National No One Eats Alone Day a
nationwide lunchtime event during which students are encouraged to connect and engage
with their peers in order to combat social isolation. Note that all schools are encouraged to
participate in this event.

Lunar New Year: February 5 (schools are closed)

NYC School Survey: Each year, all families, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC
School Survey to share feedback about their schools. The NYC School Survey is one of the
nation’s largest education surveys. Survey feedback can help improve your child’s learning
environment. You will receive your NYC School Survey in a green envelope Complete the survey
using the instructions at the top of the survey. Return your completed survey using the prepaid
envelope included with your survey materials, or you can also take the survey online by visiting . Use the eight-digit survey access code at the bottom of your paper
survey to login. If you do not have your survey materials, you can look up your survey access code
on the survey login page or call 1-877-819-2363 for assistance. You can take this year’s survey from
February 11 – April 3.

Community Education Council Applications open February 14: WE ENCOURAGE ALL PARENTS TO
APPLY! Education Council applications are opened from February 14 – March 6, at . A Frequently Asked Questions flyer is attached to this newsletter.
Please visit our special CEC Election Information Page on our website at if you have any
questions, please contact Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator at 718-968-6145 or email
her at . If need assistance with filling out an application, please see your
school’s parent coordinator.

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Spring STEM Camps: STEM Spring Break Camps Application Opens 1/29: Do you know a student in
kindergarten through grade 12 who is interested in having fun, unique, STEM experiences during
spring break? Tell them about our upcoming STEM Matters NYC enrichment programs! Explore,
tinker, discover, and design with us. Don’t miss out, spots are limited and the application is only
open between Tuesday, January 29 and Friday, February 15, 2019. Preference is given to students
who attend Title I schools. Download our flyer to share with families and sign up for our mailing list
to receive a reminder that our application has opened! For questions, contact Download Flyer
Application Link

Midwinter Recess: February 18-22 (schools closed)

Summer in the City: Summer in the City offers a variety of FREE and exciting opportunities for
students through its Summer Academy programs and Summer School. Students will spend the
summer participating in engaging learning and hands-on STEM activities, take trips to museums,
parks and cultural sites and receive free breakfast and lunch. Applications open March 18th and
you can learn more by talking to your school’s Principal and Parent Coordinator or visiting

Doodle for Google has launched! The contest is open for entries until March 18, 2019 8:00pm
Pacific Time (PT)

Growing Up NYC: Discover free and low-cost after school programs in NYC

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
Children born in 2015 will begin pre-K in September 2019. Your child must be a current New York City
resident to apply. Pre-Kindergarten applications open February 4. You will be able to attend open
houses and pre-k admission events. Application deadline will be March 15, 2019. Check out D22
Open Houses here. Visit the NYC Department of Education site here

Kindergarten Admissions
You will get your child’s kindergarten offer in the early spring. Your offer will tell you where your
child will go to kindergarten next fall. It will also tell you where your child is waitlisted. Learn more at

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Gifted & Talented Admissions
If your child took the G&T test in January, you’ll get their score report in the spring. Students who
get a G&T test score of 90 or above will also get a G&T application. District and citywide G&T
programs have different qualifying scores:

District G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 90 or above to apply to district G&T programs
in the district where they live.

Citywide G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 97 or above to apply.

Questions? Visit Gifted & Talented Admissions or call 718-935-2009.

Middle School Admissions

In April, your child will get their middle school results. They’ll get a middle school offer from the
Main Round and may also get a second offer from the New Schools Round. If your child also gets
an offer to a new school or program, you will have to choose between the two offers. Your results
letter will include information on how to submit an appeal if you want to try to change your child’s
middle school placement. For more information visit

High School Admissions

Students will get your Round 1 results letter in March. This letter will include your offer from the high
school application process and your results from the specialized high schools process (if you
participated). These results may also include offers from any of the studios at LaGuardia High
School or an offer from a testing specialized high school. If you get multiple offers in Round 1, you
can choose only one. There is a Round 2 of high school admissions; anyone can participate. If you
prefer programs available in Round 2 over your Round 1 offer(s), submit a Round 2 application. In
March, you can use MySchools to explore programs with Round 2 availability. For more information

Multilingual Learners
The New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test: will be given between April 8
and May 17. Schools can test eligible students any time during this period.

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Parent & School Leadership
PA/PTA: An Interim PA/PTA Financial Report (7/1/18-1/15/19) was due to the principal by 1/31/19.
The principal is responsible for submitting PA/PTA financial information and report in SPLCIS by
February 15, 2019. PA/PTAs are responsible for distributing copies of the Interim PA/PTA Financial
Report to all members. PA/PTA’s should begin to prepare for PA/PTA elections, by reviewing their
PA/PTA Bylaws, Chancellor’s Regulations A-660 page 20-22. They should be referring to their bylaws
regarding formation of the nominating committee.

Prepare for SLT Elections (If any). Review your SLT Bylaws & Chancellors Regulations A-655 to see if
you must hold SLT Parent Member Elections (Term Limits), or if SLT Parents are graduating
out. School Leadership Team nomination letter should go out at least 10 calendar days’ notice to
membership if there are upcoming vacancies. If you need assistance contact Presidents’ Council
at or Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator at

School Leadership Team:

 ESSA/Parent Engagement Training: Thursday, February 7, 4-6 PM. A registration flyer will go
out to School Leadership Team Core Members.
 Annual Citywide Comprehensive Educational Planning Conference: Saturday, April 13,
2019, 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM at Prospect Heights High School Campus, 883 Classon Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11225. Registration opens in March 2019.

Community Education Council: Applications will open February 14, 2019. We encourage all
parents/guardians to apply. For more information visit The CEC
Candidate Forum will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019, 6 PM at P.S./I.S. 109, 1001 East 45th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Special Education
The Family Guide to Special Education Service for School-Age Children: This is an excellent
resource for families of students with disabilities.

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District 22 School News & Community Events
PS 197: Deputy Superintendent Melchiorre toured the P.S. 197 Social Studies Fair on display during
the week of January 21. The projects were created in collaborative groups in classrooms. Student
representatives from each class spoke to the deputy superintendent about their projects. P.S. 197
held a Family Game Night on January 24, 2019. We had an awesome turnout!

P.S. 312: Through Project Based Learning (PBL), the First-Grade students worked on and presented a
project on multicultural family traditions from around the world. The students delighted families and
friends by putting on a performance with what they had learned. Highlights included multicultural
dances and a song in which they sang the greeting, “Hello” in 15 different languages! Amazing job by
the students and their teachers!
Matthew Vogel a former PS 312 student, now the Director of Basketball Operations of Long Island
University invited our 5th grade basketball team to watch a practice game. The students were given a
tour of the college facilities. They were also asked onto the court for practice. Coach Kellogg gave
an inspirational and motivational speech on the importance academics and good sportsmanship. The
students wrote a letters of thanks to show their appreciation.

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P.S. 203: In order to close the gaps in student achievement, we need information night for families that
identifies where those gaps exist. P.S 203 provides parents/guardians with information that will enable
them to help their child succeed in school and on the state exams. The parents learn about strategies
that they can use to support their children learning at home and succeed on the state exams. They
also learn how to support them emotionally in order to bring out their best. Student Government
partnered with WE Schools to step up and make a difference in their school. WE Schools provides
helpful resources for educators and exclusive learning opportunities for students. The WE Schools
program provides educators and students with curriculum and many educational resources. Through
WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty
and access to education, as they explore how they can make positive impacts. They also plan and
carry out at least one local and one global action to improve their communities and the world. Student
Government planned and carried out one local action to improve their school by going around the
school and reading to other children from different classrooms. They taught them the importance of
pouring words of text into their minds. They will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of their

I.S. 240: Congratulations to I.S. 240 Magnet School of STEM for participating, for the first time ever, in
the Future City Competition (regional). They sent 8 teams of 8th grade students to represent their
school. Two cities received special awards for “Most Innovative Design of Infrastructure System” and
“Best Land Surveying Practices”. We are proud of their accomplishments and hard work! View album:

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P.S. 195: Presented an outstanding performance entitled Let Us Entertain You! . Kudos to Principal
Toomey, Assistant Principal O’Neill, Ms. Caputo, Dance Teacher, students, families and staff! More photos

I.S. 14: Today, our Shell Bank 7th grade students

engaged in their first College Access for All workshop
facilitated by Pathway to Purpose NYC. Our 7th
grade students will continue to engage in additional
workshops this school year and learn more about
college such as the various types of colleges,
financial aid, and the cost of living. Students are also
eager to attend one of the upcoming field trips to
SUNY Purchase, Rutgers University or UCONN.

P.S. 315: On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, P.S. 315’s

Physical Education teachers held a Multicultural
Game Day for all grades. Students from our school
learned about the diverse sports that are played around the world. Shout out to Mr. Pacheco and
Ms. Cabrera for the games they had set up for the kids and teachers to enjoy!

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P.S. 236: On January 17th Ms. Kleinman and Ms. Comer's 2nd grade class presented their Solar
System Projects to their family members. Each student showcased their project in front of the class
for the audience members. The parents loved the presentations. On January 19th three children
from Mill Basin (Logan and Jacob from PS 236) competed and won the Brooklyn Public Library’s
“Brooklyn Robotics League Semi-Final Competition”. Thirteen teams competed and our kids won,
representing the Mill Basin Brooklyn Public Library. The next step is the huge Finals competition at the
Central Library. As of September, the children worked hard on a weekly basis along with their
coach, librarian Kareem Thompson to build and code their robots to prepare for the
competition. The P.S. 236 community is very proud of their accomplishment.

Presidents’ Council Meeting: At the January 10th Presidents' Council Meeting, Superintendent Bove,
thanked parents for their dedication and complimented leaders in attending their monthly Presidents
Council Meetings. Ms. Bove spoke with our parent leaders regarding our district goals, focusing on
math and the variety of ways our students are learning. Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership
Coordinator reviewed the Community Education Council Election timeline, process and encouraged
all parents to apply. Ms. Fiorica also presented a workshop on the nomination and election process
of PA/PTAs. During the workshop we went over best practices, role-play and gave out vital election

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Parent Coordinator Meeting: On January 9th we held our first district parent coordinator meeting of the
New Year. Superintendent Bove spoke with parent coordinators on how we can educate families on
inclusive education. Executive Superintendent Freeman recognized and thanked parent coordinators
on their partnership with PA/PTAs and the community. She reminded us on the Chancellor's Priorities
and how we must empower families to help ensure student success & equitable outcomes. Linda
Dalton, Family Support Coordinator, reviewed our District & School Survey Results, upcoming deadlines
and events including the NYS Survey in February. We had a very informative session on Students in
Temporary Housing given by Charlene Mitchell, STH Regional Manager. Explaining how school staff can
support families. We thank Ellen McHugh of Parent to Parent NYS for sharing resources and workshop
information for families.

P.S. 277: First Annual International Potluck Lunch to Celebrate Diversity in our family school. Public
School 277 is a diverse
community with many
different cultures and
customs. Author and
Illustrator, Mrs. Selina Alko
visited PS 277, sponsored By
Gerritsen Beach Library.

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P.S./I.S. 207: January 10th was opening night for PS 207 Drama Club's performance of Mary
Poppins Jr. and it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! Every cast member contributed to a
uplifting performance that had the audience members singing along as they learned that "In
every job that must be done, there is an element of fun"-Mary Poppins. Read the Brooklyn Daily
news article here. On January 22, PS 207 hosted a NY Blood Center Blood Drive and Little Doctors
Program! One of our little doctors, Randy, gives 2 thumbs up to our group of blood donors saving

P.S. 222: On Monday, P.S. 222 recognized our Students of the Month with a special assembly. Our
Student Council performed a skit to teach our community about the importance of respecting
property--which is one of our school goals. At this assembly, we also recognized our students who
received an award from Superintendent Bove for participating in the Respect for All contest. We are
proud of all of our students for their citizenship.

P.S. 194: Raoul Wallenberg has been awarded the ArtSPACE grant for an installation of a dance studio
and a portable sound system by the Office of Arts & Special Projects in the Division of Teaching
Learning. The dance studio should be completed by June 30.

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P.S. 255 and I.S. 234: On Monday, January 7, 2019, students and faculty from P.S. 255 gathered to
display their collection from the fourth annual Sock Drive. What started off four years ago as a way to
include every student, has now become a staple of the school. Each year P.S. 255 exceeds their goal
from the previous year and is able to collect more and more socks that will be donated to local shelters
and those in need during the cold winter months. This year I.S. 234, with the help of middle school
teacher, Ms. Jennifer Mikoda, collaborated with P.S. 255 in hopes of reaching more individuals in need.
The Sock Drive was led by P.S. 255's Student Council, under the supervision of fourth grade teacher and
Student Council facilitator Jaclyn Warner. In its first year, 1,100 socks were collected, and for their fourth
drive this year (and beginning a new collaboration with I.S. 234) a total of 2,768 pairs of socks were
collected. Students from P.S. 255 and I.S. 234 are so proud of their joint efforts. Councilman Chaim
Deutsch, the Bay News, as well as News 12, were all present to celebrate the achievement!

P.S. 152: held our 2nd Annual Family STEM Night. The children and their parents had a wonderful time
exploring science and technology though games and experiments. The Smile New York Dental Team
came back this year to administer free dental care to our students. The students received cleanings,
sealants and checkups! Our Pennies with Patients program is now up and running. The children are
excited to collect their spare change in their pennies boxes.

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M.S. 890

Pi 22 Math Competition: District 22 held its first cohort math competition at PS 206. It went great. The 4th
and 5th grade students from PS 52, PS 207, PS 206, PS 277, and PS 361 solved all the problems and did
not want to stop when we called time!

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Respect For All Essay and Poster Contest: We congratulate our Respect for All Contest Winners Roop
Somal Grade 7, P.S./I.S. 206, and Jasmine Glover Grade 3, P.S. 194. They are our District 22 Winners
who will go onto to the NYC Finals. We recognized all our students with certificates who submitted
outstanding essays and artwork for Respect for All Week:

February 2019 Issue/Visit our website at Page 15 of 18

Respect For All Essay & Poster Contest Honorable Mention
In Recognition of School Submission (Continued)

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Sunday, February 10
Friday, February 15
STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period
Monday, February 11 STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period
STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period Take NYC School Survey
Take NYC School Survey Respect for All Week
Respect for All Week Community Education Council Application Period
9:00am National No One Eats Alone Day
Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K
Center (Coney Is Ave)
PS 139 Kindergarten Open House
PS 326 SLT Meeting
PS 139 Kindergarten Open House
PS 236 SLT Meeting
PS 889 Pre-K & Kindergarten Open House
PS 193 SLT Meeting
Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K Center
Tuesday, February 12 (Glenwood)
STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period Monday, February 18
Take NYC School Survey Take NYC School Survey
Respect for All Week Community Education Council Application Period
9:00am Midwinter Recess (Schools Closed)
PS 236 Pre-K Tour
Monday, February 25
Take NYC School Survey
Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K
Center (East 29) Community Education Council Application Period
3:40pm 4:00pm
PS 52 SLT Meeting PS 217 SLT Meeting
3:45pm 4:00pm
PS 203 SLT Meeting PS 245 SLT Meeting
4:00pm 4:00pm
IS 234 SLT Meeting PS/IS 207 SLT Meeting
4:00pm 4:30pm
PS 134 SLT Meeting PS 139 SLT Meeting
4:00pm Tuesday, February 26
IS 240 SLT Meeting Take NYC School Survey
5:30pm Community Education Council Application Period
PS 315 SLT Meeting
9:00am Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K Center (Coney Is
6:30pm Ave)
9:00am PS 236 Pre-K Tour
Wednesday, February 13
3:00pm Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K Center (East 29)
STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period
3:15pm PS 277 SLT Meeting
Take NYC School Survey
4:00pm PS 194 SLT Meeting
Respect for All Week
4:00pm PS 251 SLT Meeting
PS 119 SLT Meeting 4:30pm MS 890 SLT Meeting
Wednesday, February 27
PS 361 SLT Meeting Take NYC School Survey
5:00pm Community Education Council Application Period
PS/IS 206 SLT Meeting Thursday, February 28
Thursday, February 14 Take NYC School Survey
STEM Matters Spring Break Application Period Community Education Council Application Period
Take NYC School Survey 7:15am PS 195 SLT Meeting
Respect for All Week 8:30am PS 139 Kindergarten Open House
Community Education Council Application Period 3:00pm PS 222 SLT Meeting
10:00am 3:00pm PS 254 SLT Meeting
Pre-K Open House Joan Snow Pre-K
3:00pm PS 254 SLT Meeting
Center (East 29)
3:15pm IS 78 SLT Meeting
3:30pm PS/IS 109 SLT Meeting

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