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“Personal Financial Qualities of

Financial Planner” and “Financial

Planning for a Better Retirement

A Seminar Report
Submitted by


2007100969 BM220 e-PJJ

In partial fulfillment of the requirement


Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing

In Branch of Study


2nd October 2010

Student of Personal Financial Planning (Fin654)

Semester of July – Nov 2010

Financial Planning is about determining your
short-term personal goals and objectives and establishing long-
term plans for retirement, lifestyle and creating a legacy for
future generations. Planning ahead your personal financial can
provide a simple blueprint with key steps to the next stage of
your life. It is about looking at your entire financial picture today
and plan for the future. To define qualities for financial planner
needs knowledge and only then you may see how planning and
saving will benefit you. The clearer you are of your direction and
goals, the easier it will be to pursue them. Having a financial plan
in place will allow you to take the pressure off and enjoy everyday
life without worrying so much about what will happen if a crisis

Whether you've just entered the workforce or you're getting

ready to leave, retirement planning should always be on your list
of financial priorities. It includes what is your dream of doing in
retirement. It is also a plan to help make your retirement vision a

Thus this seminar is a medium for the students in seeing;

what are the personal financial qualities in the hand of the
planner and a torch on financial planning for a better retirement
Abstract i

Introduction 1

Background 2 - 3

Seminar Approach 4

Seminar Evaluation 5 - 6

Seminar Output 7

Recommendation 8

Conclusion 9

Appendix 1

This report presents the findings of seminar

program which organized by the student of Personal Financial Planning
(Fin654) from the July – November 2010 semester. It was held on 2 nd October
2010 at Dewan Jubilee Perak, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, 40000 Shah
Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. It was divided into 2
session comprised of different titles i.e.“ Personal Financial Qualities of
Financial Planner” and “Financial Planning for a Better Retirement Days .

One of the main objectives of this program is to improve students’

awareness on the important of handling personal finance especially when
they have their own income after end up their study. It includes knowledge
on managing debt, expenses, saving, investment foreign exchange, real
estate and business risk.

This seminar also build understand on what is needed to prepare for

the future retirement financial plan. Student also acknowledged that
financial success is rarely achieved without planning. Failing to plan is
planning to fail. The speaker shared instruction on how to implement a
spending plan that works. It is due to in order to reach financial goals student
are suggested to spend less only than they can earn for a long period of
time. Additionally, students were advised on getting out of debt and staying
out of it is part of wise money management. The speaker also mentioned on
quality ways to stretch Ringgit which also presented to enhance the student

This course contains the essential principles of planning for both short-
and long-term needs and has many tools and references to provide guidance
for planning and using personal financial resources.

This program was held on Saturday 2nd

October 2010 located in Dewan Jubilee Perak, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz
Shah, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor. It was attended by 540 students from the
program of BM220, BM221, BM222 and BM223. Averagely, this program had
beneficially attracted all the student from the program related and not least
participant from the e-PJJ and PLK student from the Business Management
Faculty. The attendant is necessary as part of their carrying mark and course

The main idea of this program is to expose student on the important of

future personal financial management. It is not just concerning on theory but
moreover on the actual application in daily life when once student dealing
with daily expenses management. The information that conveyed by the
speaker is considered as very important for the student in extending their
knowledge in this field not just for the purpose of final exam but for the sake
of good financial management in their daily lives. As we all know, financial
planning is very important in facing unconditional critical situation.

Interestingly, at the same time this seminar program exposing the

student on future retirement financial plan. The speaker emphasized on the
importance of having a precise financial planning and management for the
sake of retirement day which may help student to have a better life after
pension. A smart financial planning will make retirement day more flexible
and you can retire in the way you want.

For the whole event to success, a committee had been formed and the
members were mixed from different mode of student. They were assigned

Several tasks to ensure the seminar accomplished and ran smoothly.

(Appendix 1)
Each student participated was required to pay RM70 each person. Presented
below is roughly cost incurred for the seminar.

Seminar Package Rates:

1 Welcome Drinks
1 Tea Break
1 Lunch
RM 50.00 X 552 pax = RM 27,600.00

Usage of Auditorium & Banquet Hall

Usage of rostrum with microphone
Delegate Amenities (bottled water, sweets after coffee break, pencil &
writing paper)
LCD Projector

= RM 11,040.00

Subtotal : RM 22,080.00 + RM 16,560.00

= RM 38,640.00

As usual, goodies bag were distributed to the attendees on registration.

Sponsored was gained from the faculty, e-PJJ student and PLK student as

Methodology used in this program is lecturing session and Q&A. There
were two speakers invited in this program. Opening session was by Dato Hj
Othman B. Ismail from Petronas who talked on Personal Qualities of Financial
Planner and followed by Mr Veerasamy from Group Agency Manager of Public
Mutual for the next topic after the coffee break. Students were allowed to
ask any question related to the topic after each session.

There were also special guest invited for this program such as
Associate Professor Dr. Catherin Ho Soke Fun, the Head of Financial Service
and Risk Management Unit, Heads of Financial Programs and FIN 654
lecturers i.e. Associate Professor Fadzilllah Azam Ahmad, Associate Professor
Mashitah bt Hashim, Associate Professor Siti Aminah bt Mainal and En Nasrul
Azreen bin Ahmad.

An evaluation form was sent to the

participants on that day at the end of the seminar. The form asked students
on their opinions for the whole seminar program and it was anonymous.

A post-mortem session was also been held after the seminar attended by
the committee to clarify any arisen issue and discuss on how to overcome
the problem in future.

Overall this program had received a good respond from the students.
They satisfied with the structured of the whole program and they agree that
this educational seminar had increased their knowledge and they had learnt
something new about personal finance. Anyway, there were a few
dissatisfactions aired on the program management especially regarding the
food and beverages matter.


1. Technical problem related to lighting interrupted the

speaker presentation. Most of the student couldn’t see clearly
the presentation slide. It was due to improper preparation by the
SUK and there was no technician available to troubleshoot and
repair the problem.

2. Food & beverages for attendees is not sufficient


3. Student had to wait in long queue for lunch due

unexpectedly been released early than scheduled.

4. Unsatisfactory among several student on the seminar fees

which they claim very expensive and not compliance with the
menu prepared, goodies bag and weakness arrangement from
the organizer.

5. Transportation arrangement was confusing when the

waiting location changed at the last minute and students were
not informed earlier regarding this matter.

The seminar effectively had enhanced student knowledge on related topic

and student had benefited especially in awareness on the quality way in
financial planning for the future and unexpected situation.

Thus this program had created positive impact to the student on the
importance of a good and precise financial planning in daily lives and to face
a better future.

Benefit from the seminar

Listed below are the advantages that the students get from the seminar

1. New knowledge on how to precisely and quality planning ahead

personal finance

2. A brief knowledge on implementation spending plan that will create

3. The important of saving more money to invest in the future
4. A valuable knowledge on effective money management
5. Help the student to understand the basic rudiments of financial

6. Awareness on the important of building investments over the long


7. Enhance the committee experience to be better in organizing next


8. Encouraging debate and dialogue among student with the

professional speaker

1.2 It is recommended that the organizer preparing a better and

more effective event management in compliance with the fee
cost attendee has to pay

1.3 It is proposed a better management on food and beverages

including sufficient supply, better catering and timely schedule
to avoid the same mistake happened next time.

1.4 It is advisable for the committee to have better communication

strategy since they were among different mode of study to
warrant the seminar run smoothly.

As a whole the objectives of the seminar were met satisfactorily. Participants

showed a keen interest and lots of enthusiasm. Their attitude was essential
for the success of the event that can be considered an important step

The steering committee with the support from the facilitator and other
student has done their best to make this seminar a reality.
As overall conclusion, this seminar has emphasized the value of exchanging
viewpoints to both academics and personal finance practitioner.

Prepared By;


2007100969 ePJJ BM220


Protocol Team:

A. Registration

1. Noazura Mohd Tarmizi

2. Nadia Binti Borhan

3. Ahmad Farizul B. Mohd

4. Nur Nadia Bt. Jamali

5. Muhd Firdaus Naim Mustafa

6. Shahrol Rizal B Daud

B. Door Gift

1. Nurul Jannah Fatin Zulkarnaini

2. Noor Athika Mohd Sidin

3. Nurhayati Ismail

4. Mazira Shani

5. Zurayu binti Baikuni

Logistic Team:

A. Transportation

1. Mohd Amirul Hafiz Bin Saidin

2. Nur Balqish Bt Azizul

B. Parking Team

1. Farhan Bin Nordin

2. Muhammad Shakirin Bin Amiruddin

3. Muhammad Aifaa Bin Muhammadzin


Special Task:

1. Mohd Irhan B Mohd Azli

2. Ahmad Fadzil B Mohd Rashid


1. Muhaini Bt Ali

2. Norazlina Mohd Salleh

3. Nurul Ezza Bt Ramli

4. Pairus Bt Md Yasin

5. Marliana Topit

6. Mohd Ridzuan Bin Ahmad


1. Fakhrul Zulhelmi B Abd Wahab

2. Siti Suhaila Bt Othman


1. Mohamad Thohir