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" A Detailed Lesson Plan in English

for Grade 9 Students"

September 29, 2014
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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (Grade 9-Secondary) Prepared By: Edwin E.

Jamito Jr.

I. Objectives : a)Use the unfamiliar words in a sentence to clarify meanings.

(vocabulary) b)Show appreciation for the significance human experiences highlighted
and shared during the discussion.(literature) c)Assess the relevance and worth of ideas
presented in the materials viewed. (viewing) d)Participate actively in the group

II. Subject Matter: Mother to Son Reference/s: A Journey Through Anglo-American

Literature (Grade 9) Teacher's Manual Material, pages 36-37, Liza Almonte,Adelle
Chua Soliaban,Lerma Flandez,Nedia Lagustan,Henone de Paz-Langutan, Dreamrose
Malayo, Liberty Mangaluz, Elenita R. Miranda,Lito Palomar, and Grace Annette
Barradas Soriano Instructional Aids: Marker, Manila paper, Visual aids.

Teacher's Activity and Students Activity

*Opening Prayer: To start the class asks anybody to lead the opening prayer. May I
request student A to please lead the opening prayer. *Review of the Past Lesson: Ask
them about the previous lesson. Accept vary answers. What was your previous lesson?
Do wish to ask questions about it? *Collecting of Assignments: Ask the students to
submit their assignments. If you have assignments please pass it forward. *Reading of
Objectives: In random order ask anybody from the class to read the objectives. Take
turns to others let them read the next objectives until it will be done. Before we start
our new lesson for today let us first know what our objectives are. Student A please
read our first objective. Student B please read the second objective. Student C please
read the third objective. Student D please read our last objective. *Motivation: Present
a picture /drawing of mother father carrying his / her son/ daughter at his /her back.
Both of them are laughing/smiling contentedly seem to be enjoying life. Ask them of
the FOCUS QUESTION: *What can you see in the picture? Encourage the students to
give temporary answers to the focus question. Accept vary answers. *Present a picture
/drawing of a frustrated son reaching his /her dreams. Instruct them to describe the
picture and encourage answering the second FOCUS QUESTION. Accept vary
answers. *Can you describe the picture? *Listening ( Anak by : Fredy Aguilar,
English Version)let them take turns in answering these questions. Accept varied
response and give feedback. *What is a mother? *Do you love your mother? Why?
*Introduction of the new lesson: Spotlight of the author ( show the picture of the
author) introduce a brief history/background Our lesson for today is about the poem
title MOTHER TO SON by Langston Hughes .But before we discuss the poem let us
first know who the genius behind the poem is. He is Langston Hughes a black
American and was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri. He published his
first poem in 1921. He attended Columbia University, but left after one year to travel.
His poetry was later promoted by Vachel Lindsay, and Hughes published his first
book in 1926. He went on to write countless works of poetry, prose and plays, as well
as a popular column for the Chicago Defender. He died on May 22, 1967. Now that
we have known who Langston Hughes is, lets unlock the difficult words inside the
poem before we tackle it. III.PROCEDURE/Activity : Guide the students to the
context of the poem by unlocking the difficult words. Engage them to active control in
playing the FAST AND FURIOUS where they will form a small group. Ask them to
count in number heads one to four and join with their groups using their group sign
numbers. Make them choose a group representative, reporter as well as a group yells
for the group presentation. I want you to count one to four number head starts here.
Go to your group using group sign numbers don’t make unnecessary noise to avoid
minus score. From your group choose a group representative to play in our game call
the FAST AND FURIOUS, a reporter as well as a group yell for your group
presentation. You may join to your group now Group sign number: Group 1: Group 2:
Group 3: Group 4: Engage the group representative in playing the FAST AND
FURIOUS call them to form a line in the starting point. Clarify the mechanics/
Instruction in playing the game. All group representatives please come in the starting
point to play the FAST AND FURIOUS. Instruction: Each word has its corresponding
meaning. Every score you will have will depend on the correct answers you got from
the unlocking of difficulties in our game call FAST and FURIOUS. When the correct
meaning of the word is given the group representative should ask anyone from the
group to use the unlock word into a sentence for additional points. NOTE: You can
only place and get the corresponding answer of the word under the signal "GO". One
correct answer is equivalent to one point. WORD MEANING Crystal----------- a
single grain or mass of a crystalline substance

Stair ------------ series of steps for going from one level to another

Tacks--------- a short ,sharp pointed nail,

usually with a flat board head

Splinters --------a small, thin, sharp of wood split or broken from the main body.

Torn -------------to separate into pieces

by violent pulling.

carpet ---------- a heavy fabric for covering floors.

Climbing------- to rise slowly by or as by continued effort.

After playing the FAST AND FURIOUS ask the group representative to be with their
group mates for the reading and discussion of the poem. Make them read the poem
silently (1min.) before analyzing the poem now let’s relax and read the poem silently I
will give you 1 minutes to read the poem using your eyes only after the given time we
will discuss the poem take down notes if necessary. Let’s begin. Your two minutes
starts now. now let’s discuss Langston Hughes poem--------- Mother to Son by
Langston Hughes well, son,i'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had
tacks in it , And splinters, And born torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor-
Bare. But all the time I'se been a-climben ' on, And reachin' landin's, And turnin'
corners, where there ain't been no ligh. So boy, doon't you turn back. Don't you set
down on the steps. 'Cause you find it's kinder hard. Don't you fall now--- For I'se still
goin' , honey, I'se still climben' ,

And life for me ain't been no crystal stair. Engage them to take active control in
SGDW (Small Group Differentiated Work) and perform their assigned tasks. Clarify
to them their functions. I prepare four questionnaires for the groups and you are given
3 min. to answer each question after the given time you have to pass the next
questionnaire to the next group until the last group can be able to answer the last
question. Use the marker and Manila paper in answering each question. Make them
answer the following questions. As a whole, what does the poem talk about? (3min)
What do you think might have motivate the mother to advice her son?(3min) Is the
message of the poem worthwhile? prove your point.(3min) How important is the
poem's message in your life ?(3min) Ask the students to post their group works on the
board and report to the class their group answers. Give feedback after checking. Give
one appreciation clap each group presentations. Show the rubrics to the class as the
basis of checking the group output. Rubrics: The basis in giving scores from the group
reports. Content of output------------------------5pts. clarity of the message----------------
----5pts Language used----------------------------5pts. Delivery-------------------------------


Generalization: Mother To Son is clearly saying that with perseverance comes

success. Because if you try over and over again you can get somewhere in life.
Whereas if you give up after the first time you try, then you know that you won't be
able to accomplish anything in life. IV. Evaluation: 1/4 Sheet of paper answer the
following questions. 1. What is the feeling of the writer/ author of the poem? a. sad b.
excited c. tense d. hopeful 2. What is the poem all about? a. Life b. death c. break-up
d. karma 3. Who is the author of the poem Mother to Son a. Hughes b Shakespeare c.
Plato d. Socrates V. Assignment : Make your own poem about how to face life

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