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The ROI and ROO of Building

Strategic Long –Term Partnerships

Andreea Ogararu
AA Innovation Management
Account Executive Johan Cruijff Arena
Long term sponsorships/partnerships:
-positive results on reputation an image
-educate and influence the targeted publics
§ Tells you how to improve
What is the § It is a “looking forward model”
difference § Proves impact when it’s not possible to link results directly to
between ROI and § Awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, number of
ROO and why is it positive reactions, level of Q&A engagement, networking
ROI- demonstrates the value in a financial way
§ Increasing revenue or profitability
§ Mission, vision, values
§ Culture and strategy-aligned to global market if wanted
§ Business management philosophy-global vision

Always start with § Define organizational structure

the ABC’s for § Create effective internal/external communication

healthy long term § Design classic and digital marketing strategy with
specific tactics
partnerships § Determine brand position
§ Etc….
Johan Cruijff Arena
“Best practices”
example of evolution
and development
Goals for 2020:
investments in
quality and not
Some of the latest
“Most sustainable
§ From all over Europe, more than 2,000 cases were
“Golden Sabre Award”: submitted for assessment. The Johan Cruijff ArenA has
The Oscar under the won the Sabre Award in the category 'Entertainment’.
communication prizes
How do you get there?
Work together, know all
your real and potential
Innovate !
A sport facility (as well as
a sport entity) can be a
real and important
player or even
playground for
innovation in the
Stay close to your
partners in
experience and
guide them in
their journey.
Ajax, one of the best
partners and definitely
the best client
“A real marriage”
+34,000-smallest number of
fans attending one game
The good news is that
JCA is open to help!
The only stadium that
become international
Final Video
CIO Henk van § video
Raan on
§ Thank you for having me here!
Andreea Ogararu
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